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Year of the Pigbin

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I love the decision to lavish all this attention on this subject... and it works!  Well done!
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This is really beautifully good artwork. Just lovely. You are amazing.
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A dream come true!
Great work :)
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Great work as always :).
Say Drac., remember months & months back I asked you if you were interested in showing your work at a convention in Houston Clear Lake, and you had a lot of massive things going on at the time I asked? Now that it's getting closer to March, when the convention is ..reconsider :)?
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oops sorry I didn't reply earlier.
I'm really behind on my messages.
I won't be able to go.
Right after I got back from Gally I had to pay someone to cut down a big dead tree next to my house, and now I'm flat broke.
I couldn't afford the gas to get to Houston, I can't even afford food for the next week! :)
Thanks for the invite though. Hope you have a great time.
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It's ok, sorry for the late reply myself (latest journal explains).

Bummer but I fully understand, I'm almost constantly having money issues. Hope you at least had a good time at the convention.

Welcome, and I had a blast at the con., fun money tip for the next convention you go to, this is some thing I did at Con-Jour. If no one is interested in flat out buying your work and you can't afford the dealer's room. Offer autographed prints of your work for trade. I had a hay day losing my prints that way :).
Absolutely wonderful! and you are clearly quite insane, but in a nice way.
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