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Forbidden Kiss: Xeno girl

Alien is property of 20 TH Century FOX

This piece I made with mixed media. The background is watercolor, gouache and graphite, The characters are done with watercolor and some slight touches of gouache.
I wanted to add color to this popular series.
The human guy looks very passionate here and the xeno girl is in love with this so new feeling.
Hope you like it.
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She protect for me with three xenomorph

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Oh absolutely yeah

She said for Three xenomorph queen xenomorph not kill me he my boyfriend

Imagine xeno girl kiss me she not angry for me she angry for xenomorph

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What would she do to me

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Hum...that could be up to both of You...hehe

She said for me

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Maybe she could be please...she is nice girl, no matter her appearance

If Three xenomorph come at me what would she do

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Well...hope the other two are as nice as the first one...if so, then you could have a wonderful time.

How wonderful it is when two different species reach this level of understanding and sympathy.

When you don't even need words.

Well, I think we'll leave them alone. They need some privacy to enjoy each other.

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That's really true

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Me at Area 51 when I find out alien women are more loyal than these Earth-hoes:

A long stay in captivity caused them acute Stockholm syndrome.

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Hehe you got a point

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Hehe...sure they are. This is a viral trend,huh?
 What does a xenomorph tongue feel like?

It feels like your teeth and tongue are rotting out from acid, of wait they are......

I think they took care of the safety.

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Hmm..not sure, but really Will be such an experience
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Not gonna lie, I'm jealous of him :)
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