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Blue is part of the Jurassic World movies. Could say she is property of Amblin Entertainment.
I have no idea why it took me so much time to make my own Blue rendition, since I absolutely fell in love with her since the first time I watched her on screen. Whatever, I was sketching a sexy know thats how I envision monster girls, or furries...or more appropiate on this case...scalie.
Hope you enjoy my graphite and you may a bit more Blue in the future, because Im absolutely ready to make more pieces of this exquisite babe...I know this may sound weird for some, but Im sure many will understand me. Hehe...enjoy.
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Wow 😃👍🏻 can you color it someday

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Cool thanks. Long time it took me to make a rendition of this babe. Finally it's done, but hope to make more in the future. Blue rocks!

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Some say raptors like blue look similar to humans
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In a way they do...particularly in emotions and my style I add great sexy legs...hehe

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You’re welcome
Yeah I know she does
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really cool work

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Thanks. Loved Blue since first sight

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I’ve seen all but the last jurassic park films as a kid. Did you know there’s a cryptid that resembles a dinosaur in the Congo?

it’s called a mokele mbembe

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Yeah, I think that would be wonderful to discover it... however, maybe would be best no one knows, because the human greed could endanger it more

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well damn. nice job. 
let me tell you that you've done a really nice job there with Blue posture.
I also really like the nice shading that you've achieve there as well.
~awesome job and keep it up ;) 
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She looks so awesome
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Thanks a lot. Really loved this babe since first time and had to make my own version at some point. Will try and do some more with her in the very near future. She deserves it.
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hey! my pleasure.
that is really cool to read so. can't wait to see more ;) 
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Can you do one of granny goodness putting wonder woman in a headlock? Or just any one of a strong older woman putting a hot athletic girl in a crushing headlock!

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Yeah, great idea. Have some plans to make muscular heroines under older women total control. Like the headlock idea
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I just felt it inside me that sometime you would do a muscled sexy anthro version of the velociraptor from Jurassic World.
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Yup...I was late about that, hehe...and hope to do more in the mear future. My first attempt was with Tracy Rex...oh those legs.:D (Big Grin) 
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Cool thanks, my friend. Hope to do more with this babe
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Wonderful art, Draco!  Another lovely lady.

I have to say, you rendered her very well, and she has a soft, slick look, but not slimy.  I like how you rendered her hips and behind a little less human, almost merging with the tail.  She looks very real, and that she could stand and balance without issue.
Another thing I like, is that you drew her without breasts, but still made her feminine.  Again, true to life and science, but done very well and beautifully.
Her face is also emotive, and I would LOVE to see you do a sheet of her with expressions and movement.  I could see her moving with very flowing movements, almost snakelike, but beautiful.  Her having such a thick, long tail would make drawing such flowing, sinuous movements easy.

Draco, you did another fabulous job, and deserve all the kudos for it.
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Thanks a lot, my friend. Long time I was waiting for a rendering of sexy Blue and time finally came. I know I adrede breast to my xenobabes, and they looked Cool, but Blue, definitely, needed another treatment. Never ribbons or frilly clothings, thats a NO for my monster girls. 
So happy you like my rendering...and nice to talk to you again.
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