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Godess Nokt By Memuii-dazuuym by ashenantlers
Nokt - A goddess said to be an enormous black owl, whose silver face is the moon. People who align themselves with the moon live a primarily nocturnal life, and believe that they receive Nokt's blessings when they ride her children, the Stryx, through the night sky for her delight. They attribute their dragons' night-time prowess to these blessings. Followers of Nokt are called Noktus.

God Of Sun Daius By Memuii-dazuuyx by ashenantlers
Daius - God of the Sun, a phoenix-like eagle whose shape can not be discerned for all his brightness. People who align with the sun live a diurnal life, and believe Daius' blessings are the strongest. He is the bringer of light, giving warmth and beauty, aiding his children and subjects with the hunt. In daylight, Stryx and rider both have clear vision, and are easily able to survey their territories and fend off enemies. Followers of Daius are called Daiuses. 

God Of Stars And Universe Galyx By Memuii-dazuuyh by ashenantlers
Galyx - God of the stars and universe, Galyx is an enormous moth, said to have eyes on his wings, which see all that happens in the universe. Galyx is referred to both as male and female interchangeably. It is an entity, beyond gender or description, and is the all-seeing architect of everything. Whether Noktus or Daiuses, all people on Wyvera submit themselves to the power and authority of Galyx. They do, however, differ on the nature of this god, some believing it to be chaotic and wrathful in its methods of creation, while others believe it to be a peaceful and loving guardian of all creation. Actual moths are said to be harbinger's of both good and bad omens from Galyx, depending on when and where one sees them appear.



Nokt and Daius are husband and wife, and both are charged with the protection of the planet, their child. They are the grandparents of all other life which their child gave birth to in order to please them. But as the number of their grandchildren swelled, it occurred to the pair that guardians were needed to watch over this life, and so they made the Riders, who were smart enough to be gifted with language. Some believe this dominion over the planet means they are meant to control and own all they survey, as the inheritors. Others hold to the belief that we are merely caretakers, with no right to own what they don't see as being theirs; these are usually nomadic people who make a point never to stay in one place too long, so that they never affect one area of the planet too greatly when hunting and foraging.

It is believed that Riders were formed out of starlight and moonlight, and when they die, they return to the universe to form new stars and moons, transcending to far-away new worlds, where they may come to be made into new forms of life. However, those who reject or displease the gods are said to become part of the Void, the great blackness swallowing up the universe, with no chance of reincarnation.

The First Frost



Noktus - Followers of the goddess, Nokt. They are generally a peaceful people, who value family and fertility, and will protect their peers at all costs. Very likely to lead nomadic lives. Their society is Matriarchal.

Daiuses - Followers of the god, Daius. Most often, those who follow the sun are warrior-like, and also have a great preoccupation with beauty. They value strength above all else. Socially, men and women bear equal power and command respect from their peers.

Voidrae - Those who do not follow any religion and, according to those who do, have committed themselves to the Void. They are a highly studious people, who value curiosity and knowledge above mystery and mythology. Social structures are widely varied.

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TheLadyRaincloud Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019   Digital Artist
Can we choose to completely ignore the religion/lore in our own stories of our dragons and handlers for the most part?
Angel-arpg Featured By Owner Edited Sep 18, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
May I ask how extensive our interpretation of the lore can be? I want to make a rider who could be one of the Voidrae - a human with a few cybernetic augments that she got to fix the body after a serious chronic illness and at the same time to get the better control over the mind and the body to explore and research the world without limits. No super powers, transcendental knowledge, magic, reviving from the dead, lasers from the eyes and things like that - just a combo of technology and biology, the power of science and knowledge that may be even possible in the real world in 20-30 years max. Is this allowed or only fantasy world characters are acceptable? Thank you!
DizzyMountaineer Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We play pretty fast and loose with the lore. You don't have to follow it if you don't want to. We require the prompts to be completed within the guidelines that come with them, but it's pretty much no holds barred regarding everything else. Most people stick with fantasy, but so long as your rider is humanoid-ish (i.e. bipedal, not too tall/heavy or short/light, and has thumbs) we let pretty much anything pass design wise. There's not many people who do art and lit with a sci-fi bent to it, but it's definitely not against the rules to the best of my admin knowledge.
Angel-arpg Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Great to know this, now I can start drawing my rider with my first Stryx :) She is definitely a human and looks like human.
dumbcorn Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
pst, link doesnt work. 
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