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Battling between Stryx is an excellent show of strength, cunning, and tenacity. While there are no battles to the death in the Arena, it is still a dangerous sport, and some injuries can be very serious. 

It is recommended to purchase or Craft Armor before you head into battle!
This is also where Breath Weapons are most useful.


Only 2 Stryx per battle!
Stryx must have completed Basic Training.
You must have an opponent that belongs to another player, or is a Group Starter!
If your Stryx is blind they must receive Blindness Training before they can compete!
Drawing the battle is optional, but will provide a better chance at rare prize drops!

Training, Ranks & Valor:

Training will help your Stryx to gain more experience, or "Valor" in between Battles!
The more Valor your Stryx has, the better they can perform in Battles, and increase their Rank!

There are 4 Ranks to Arena Battles - Razorbeak, Bloodborn, Gladiator, & Phoenix

When your Stryx finally reaches the Phoenix Rank, they will be awarded the Braveheart Pendant!

Read more about Ranks!

Battle Training

  • Draw/write about your Stryx practice-fighting with another Stryx (can be with any Stryx)
  • Draw/write about your Stryx being outfitted with armor
  • Draw/write about your Stryx practicing their fighting skills on hay bails or cloth dummies

Training entries gain 1 Valor per image/lit.
Drawings = Full body, colored (background optional)
Writing = 300 words minimum

To Train your Stryx, please take them to the Training Grounds!

Boss Battles:

To officially rise in Rank, your Stryx can not simply raise their Valor, but must also win a battle with a Champion of the next Rank.

For example, if your Stryx is a Razorbeak, and has gained enough Valor to rise to Bloodborn, they must first win a battle with a Bloodborn Champion.
When the battle is won, your Stryx will be able to rise in Rank and continue with normal battles until the next Rank.

List of Ranked NPC Champions

Armor & Breath Weapons:

All armor, no matter what kind, can only block 1 hit per battle. 
Similarly, Breath Weapons can only be used once in a single battle.
They can be Crafted or purchased at the Bauble Boutique.

Basic blocks minor damage
Durable blocks minor - moderate damage
Unbreakable blocks minor - major damage
Nothing can block critical hits

Read more here!


Every Stryx starts with 100% health.
If a Stryx reaches zero health, they will not be able to do Battle until you've healed them!

Heal damage with Mash from the Bauble Boutique, or by Crafting it for larger health boosts! Or, you can draw/write healing entries for +50 health each.

Healing Entry Requirements:
Depict your injured Stryx being cared for either by their rider, or by another Stryx (must depict injuries and a clear scene of nursing their wounds)
Entries should be colored, but do not require a background.
Literature must be at least 500 words.

To Revive or Heal your Stryx, go to The Healing Tree!


Stryx with the Contagious variant are beasts in battle, and the corrupted magic coursing through them makes them sharp and savage fighters, attacking with the ferocity of two stryx and dealing extra damage. However, with the red haze of Corruption overtaking them, they lose themselves during the battle and open themselves to attacks. With their defenses down, opposing stryx can deal extra damage in return, if they're lucky enough to get a hit in.
Contagious stryx deal extra damage in the arena and in battles, while also taking extra damage
 To read more about how corruption effects arena go here


There are 3 possible outcomes to any Battle - Winner, Loser, or a Draw.

Whichever Stryx deals the most damage in a Battle is declared the winner.
Whichever Stryx deals the least damage in a Battle is declared the loser.
If both Stryx deal no damage, or the same amount of damage, the Battle is a draw.
Last Stryx standing wins.

Rewards and Valor will be awarded differently based on the Arena levels the two Stryx are - higher level fighters punching down will receive less valor & potentially less valuable rewards, while lower level fighters battling higher level fighters will receive more valor & potentially more valuable rewards, even if they lose.

List of Potential Prizes

Are you ready to fight? Post your battles here!

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Is there a word count for arena entries?