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Journal Entry: Tue May 19, 2020, 1:07 AM

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Crossroads Edit by Aiggy by EyeOfGalyx

Current Season: Spring

Spring/Summer by EyeOfGalyx

You will receive an extra +3AP if you draw your Stryx with Spring-appropriate backgrounds during this season!

Brawls are currently closed

Current Monthly Challenge

Monthly Challenge (April 2021) by EyeOfGalyx
Fullbody of your stryx 
finding, chasing, or bringing back a paint-stained stryx chick to the loft colored or shaded, with a background
800 words minimum for literature
Rider optional

x1 Loft Voucher
This will not count against your one free loft adoption and if you have already adopted, you will be able to adopt again!

Entry must be completed within the month of April 2021.
You may only claim these rewards ONCE!

||  Post your entries on and submit via the ARPG queue button on your artwork's page!  ||


None right now, but stay tuned!
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ShadowInTheOblivion Featured By Owner Edited Mar 26, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know where to post this, but it seems my transfer comment was skipped in the thread and it's been a month :/
Ownership Transfers [Open] - PaperDemon
Rainy-Frog Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
I want to retire some of mine and change them into normal bird/other animals characters, but I won't be joining the paperdemon site since I am quitting. How can I do this aside from using the import page there?
ShyAdventures Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2021  Student General Artist
You don't need to retire imports in order to recreate them elsewhere. You own the design as long as you own the stryx! Retiring the import and just leaving it alone has the same effect, unless of course you decide to come back later. You would not be able to sell, trade, or reclaim imports that you retired.
Rainy-Frog Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
thanks! :D
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