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The Crossroads

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2018, 11:48 AM

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Crossroadsedit by Aiggy

December 2, 2018 - Seeking Dedicated Artists & The Winter Season!
Seeking Dedicated ArtistsDraco Stryx is often in need of things like item art, journal art, import art and otherwise official artwork to be used in the game.
I would like to bring on a small team of artists willing to do work in exchange for credit, like how our admin team receives credits for their work. Rather than being paid monthly, however, the art team would be paid per project.
You get to set your own price! I always aim to try and match the cost of your normal commission prices with credits.
You will gain access to the Draco Stryx admins-only Discord!
Credits can be spent on semi-customs, game items, add-ons, etc. whenever a sale is taking place. Credits can NOT be traded or re-sold for USD, just as admins are not allowed to re-sell or trade their credits. However, if you purchase something with your credits, you CAN trade that item for other game items/artwork/breeding slots/etc., but again, you may not sell or trade them for USD.

DracoStryx is looking to recruit a team of artists to be added officially as admins! We will most often turn to you for the game's artwork needs, and you'll get to join the admin-only Discord! 

December marks the beginning of the Winter season, and so journals will be swapped out today! And as the Festival draws near, something new and exciting is just around the corner that might put the festivities in peril! What's going to happen?? Will the city of Daius be safe?? You'll have to wait and see! ;) (Wink)


Current Season: Winter

Winter by EyeOfGalyx

You will receive an extra +1AP if you draw your Stryx with Winter-appropriate backgrounds!

Winter Brawl: Heart of Ice

In the dead of winter, while food is scarce, two Stryx and a prey animal are released into a closed off or fenced area without thier riders, with only one goal. Kill and claim the prey before the other one does!

If you win, you'll receive a random Bauble or Item reward! 

Winter Cabin Background Pack by AlphaStryx  Mountain Tundra Background Pack by AlphaStryx

Current Challenge


As the Festival of Frost approaches, a large influx of packages has arrived at the local post office, most of them season's warming gifts sent out to friends and family far away. The postmaster has his hands full delivering them, but unfortunately several of his windhounds have taken ill, and he can't take his sleigh out to deliver all the parcels. He needs your help to make sure the packages make it to their destinations!

Draw or write about your stryx flying to deliver a sack full of packages or pulling a sleigh stacked high with them. How does your stryx fare at delivering the parcels? Are they quick with the deliveries or do they lag behind schedule? Do they get every package to the right address or do they mix up a few along the way? Maybe they carol door to door as they go. Maybe they carol badly.

Your Stryx, Fullbody, Colored or Shaded, BG, sack/sleigh of packages
For Literature 1000 word minimum
Rider Optional

Mystery Bag by AlphaStryx 
One Mystery Bag


You may only claim these rewards ONCE!

|| Post your entries here! ||

Stryx of the Month by AlphaStryx

Sequoia 10450 by EyeOfGalyx
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Dorosaury Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
how to join stryxmas?
Alriandi Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please read over the journal and it will tell you how to join.
Dorosaury Featured By Owner 4 days ago
can the wild stryx in the tributes be of your own? or does it need to be of someone else's character.

i have a tribute that has been rolled with both stryx that are mine. so i was wondering if it was misrolled :/
Wildtale Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Not an admin but yes, you can own all the birds in a tribute set, including the guide bird. ;D
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