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Fighting With Passion! - DBX

Location: Outside of The Happy Avocado, Toronto 

A young man wearing a blue puffy jacket and X patch on the right would be walking out of The Happy Avocado where he had been working, this was Scott Pilgrim. The 24 year old prep cook and part time bassist was heading home, his phone buzzing on the way there. It was from his girlfriend Ramona Flowers, taking a peek he'd text back saying 'I'm on my way home, Rammy. See you soon.'
Silence was filling the air as Scott made his way home, feeling a sudden urge of unease that was nearing towards him, looking quite nervous and on guard for some strange reason. But otherwise would keep his composure and keep a smile on his face.
However, Scott's night would not go as planned as there was a man on a rooftop sporting a lion's mane style haircut would be watching him. This was Akuma, Master of The Satsui No Hado and he had bee
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 3 1
DBX Claim: Scott Pilgrim vs Akuma  by DracoSparda26 DBX Claim: Scott Pilgrim vs Akuma :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
Draco Sparda slays Death Battle!
Name: Draco Sparda
First Appearance: Deviantart (2016)
Species: Cat/Nephilim Hybrid
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 pounds
Age: 29

Aliases: The Grandson of Sparda, Drakey, DracoSparda26

Occupation: Demon Hunter/Leader of The Astral Slayers


- Can ignore all but the gravest of blows; for instance, reacts quite casually to being impaled by his own sword
- Mastered the use of Devil Trigger
- Constantly completes jobs with flair and style
- Completely unfazable, no matter what threat presents itself
- Has fought in and out of the Leviathan

- Slew Mundus, the Prince of Darkness
- Defeated Agnus
- Could kill demons with only normal human pistols before he made Ebony and Ivory
- Effortlessly destroyed several hell jailers with little combat experience
- Bested The Savior
- Considered a major threat to law enforcement despite being a h
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 0
Fallout 4 OC: Ryan Adams
Name:Ryan Adams
Title(s): N/A
Nickname(s): Crazy Bastard With A Gun
Race: Cacausian
Gender: Male
Occupation: Soldier (Former), Vigilante (Currently)
Home: Boston, Massachusetts
Location: Boston (Post-apocalypse)
History: Born into a large family of seven children, Ryan was the middle child and was eventually forced into the military by his drunk of a father. Soon after,
Ryan would meet the love of his life. Skip to Vault 111, after waking up in the Cryo-Pod and seeing his wife dead, his personal quest of vengance begins
Personality: Loud, cocky, brash and mouthy
Strengths: Good person in general despite his personality, physically fit, amazing aim and deduction skills
Weaknesses: Not all that good with science, but makes up with mechanical skills. Easily provoked. Cannot handle his booze
Likes: Nuka Cola, Sugar Bombs, his bat, making friends
Dislikes: Raiders. Being called a nut job. Mirelurks.
Family: Three brothers and three sisters
Friends: The people of Goodneighbor, Diamond City a
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 0
Mature content
Case Umbrella: Nemesis - Fight :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 7 0
Case Umbrella: Nemesis - Prelude

Draco: *Dressed as DMC4!Dante* "Oh, Halloween. How we love you for the shit load of candy, costumes and pretty awesome or shitty movies. But you can't deny the classics like zombie flicks."
Zeke: *Dressed as Ryu from Street Fighter* "You're right Draco, from the very beginning with George A. Romero who revolutionized the zombie genre itself with Night Of The Living Dead in 1968."
Draco: "To honor the movie and genre itself. We're doing a human vs zombie fight. However, this is a special one. These two are from some of the most recognizable series of all times. Such as Frank West, photojournalist and hero of Willamette."
Zeke: "And the Nemesis T-Type, the near unstoppable, regenerating mutated zombie with a hate boner for S.T.A.R.S"
Draco: "We're gonna analyze their weapons, abilities and feats to find out who will win."
Both: "A Death Battle!"
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 11 10
It's Time To Kick Ass In This Madworld! - Fight

Draco: "Alright, the combatants are ready, the stage is set and fodder is on the way."
Zeke: "It's time to settle this once and for all!"
Nukem Mansion, 5:00 PM
It was a typical day for Duke Nukem, well as typical as it can be for a man who's done nothing but kill aliens, party, drink, smoke and have sex for fourteen years straight, who was just lounging in his main room with typical hot blonde women surrounding him while he watched TV, smoking a cigar with a slight smirk on his face "I dunno which one of you babes is the hottest, maybe we can have a contest!" him saying this caused the women to laugh
That was soon cut off by a loud noise coming from the front door which caused Duke to
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 9
Mature content
It's Time To Kick Ass In This Madworld! - Prelude :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 10
Duke Nukem has balls of steel in DEATH BATTLE!

About Duke Nukem
Name: Duke Nukem
Aliases: The King, The Duke, The Ultimate Alien Ass Kicker
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Height: 6’4
Weight: Roughly 400 pounds
Occupation: Hero of Earth, Alien-Ass Kicker, U.S. Army soldier (formerly), C.I.A. Operative (formerly), Occasional Businessman
Supposedly has balls of steel
Was crowned the undisputed king of PC gaming in 1996 for his groundbreaking game Duke Nukem 3D
Has been listed on many "Best Characters of all time" lists and even managed to be ranked at number one on a majority of them
-Served in the Lebanese Civil War
-Continuously kicks the asses of alien invaders
-Bested the Alien Queen
-Defeated clones of himself, as well as cyborgs
-Fought Dr. Proton twice and killed him
-Destroyed the entire Cycloid invasion force on the Moon
-Killed the Cycloid Queen and the Cycloid Emperor
-Went back in time to kick the asses of aliens and Nazis
-Constantly scores countless hot babes
-Wrote the book
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 15 20
Mature content
Ow, The Edge.... - Fight :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 8 19
Torgan Blood-Lust by DracoSparda26 Torgan Blood-Lust :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 4
Ow, The Edge... - Prelude
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 6 9
Mature content
DracoSparda26 vs The Writer Slayer - Fight :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 4 53
SR2 Draco #1 by DracoSparda26 SR2 Draco #1 :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 1 21
Mature content
CHAINSAWS MOTHERF***A! - Fight :icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 7 69
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 2 1


"I Don't wanna hurt you but if I have to be it
Name: Hazel Hills
Title(s): A Gentle Psycho
Nickname(s): Haz
Race: African American
Gender: Female
Occupation:Tank Chicks
Home: East Boston Preparatory School
Location: Boston, Massachsetts
History: She'd live most of her time in Diamond City before she found the Tank chicks.
Personality: Gentle, Sweet, Lovey Dovey, Bitchy *If pissed off.*
Likes: Nuka-Cola, Mentats, Blood/Gore
Dislikes: Super Mutants.
Family: She has family but it's unknown if they're alive
Friends: Other Raiders, Vault Dwellers...?
Karma: Evil/Good *50/50* 
SPECIAL: Strength ( 3) Perception ( 3 ) Endurance ( 5 )  Charisma ( 5 ) Intelligence ( 2 ) Agility ( 2, Yes she's clumsy ) Luck ( 5 ) 
Level: 22
Perks: Awareness, Hacker, Pickpocket
:iconsarakristenspeed:SaraKristenSpeed 1 0
Raider Leader of my New group.
"Wanna play that way? Fine, lets go!~"
Name: Lynn Jackson
Title(s): A bitch with a attitude
Nickname(s): Psycho bitch 
Race: African American
Gender: Female
Occupation: Raider, Leader of Tank Chicks
Home: East Boston Preparatory School
Location: Boston, Massachsetts
History: She grew up in Boston her whole life, Grew up in a abusive home so her attitude grew with the way she was raised.
Personality: Bitchy, Rude, Self-centered *Sometimes*, Psycho. Sometimes a Sweetheart if you get on her soft side.
Likes: Psycho, Jet, Buffout, Any kind of Chem, Blood/Gore, Cursing
Dislikes: Vault Dwellers, Super mutants, Synths*Institute*, Railroad anything good.
Family: Family? Please..
Friends: Other Raiders
Karma: Evil/Good *50/50* 
SPECIAL: Strength ( 4 ) Perception ( 3 ) Endurance ( 4 )  Charisma ( 5 ) Intelligence ( 3
:iconsarakristenspeed:SaraKristenSpeed 1 0
Asian dresses by dishwasher1910 Asian dresses :icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 3,908 109 S'mores Milkshake by theresahelmer S'mores Milkshake :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 964 44
Megas XLR: Love at First Figh
Love at First Fight.
*The episode starts in Jersey City and Megas on line at the Taco bar.  There is also a car in front of it and 2 cars behind it.  Inside the car, Coop is licking his lips and rubbing his hands in a satisfying way.*
Coop:  It's taco tuesday and everything's half price!  I'm so hungry!  *The car in front drives away and Megas walks up to the intercom*
Intercom: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Can I take your order?
Coop: Uh yeah....Give me 200 hard tacos, 200 soft tacos, 100 taco pizzas and 50 nacho supremes!
Intercom: That will be $543.83 please. *Coop pays the man and gets the receit through the car and has the tacos in Megas's hand*
Man: *Looking at the giant robot and counts the money, then sees Megas walk away from the window* Man they don't pay me enough for this.  *We are now in the middle of the city and Megas is just standing there.*
Jamie: Man Coop, don't you think you went a little overboard on t
:iconxerrooreborn:Xerrooreborn 9 9
RWBY: Stretching by Exvnir RWBY: Stretching :iconexvnir:Exvnir 259 26 Dracin Sparda by SaraKristenSpeed Dracin Sparda :iconsarakristenspeed:SaraKristenSpeed 5 0
Mature content
Frank West makes the Dead Rise for Death Battle! :icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 43 36
Yandere Chan will do anything for senpai in DB
First Appearance: Yandere Simulator
Aliases: Yan-Chan, Ayano Aishi (Real name)
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

- Gets away with murdering the students and staff of her school on the daily
- Has stalked Senpai successfully without him knowing
- Manages to kill her rival
- Wins Senpai’s affection
- Was a guest character in the game Crush Crush
- Killed some people in a movie theatre (Crush Crush)
- Has stabbed a cosmic being and was laughed at (Crush Crush)

- Spooked Dark Mio, the embodiment of evil, when she stared into her eyes
- Managed to escape from Fumi, a highly intelligent woman from the future, when she was detected by her sensors (Crush Crush)

:iconmajin123:Majin123 25 18
Hellboy Gives DEATH BATTLE Hell to Pay!

-Real Name: Anung Un Rama
-First Appearance: Dime Press #4.
-Species: Humanoid Half-Demon.

-Has protected Earth from all kinds of threats several times.
-When he was eight joined the B.P.R.D.  
-Became adept in many supernatural and paranormal subjects.
-Fought several supernatural beings.
-In 1952, was granted honorary human status.
-Slayed the Saint Leonard worm.
-Tracked down the infamous Countess Ilona Kakosy and killed her.
-Killed Grigori Rasputin.
-Denied his own fate of being an evil being.
-Found a man that bought Liz back to life.
-Killed Ualac.
-Stopped The Conqueror Worm.
-Went on several other adventures.
-Teamed up with Batman at one point.
-Beat Brainiac (Non-canon).

-Possesses superhuman strength.
-Should be able to lift 2 tons.
:icontrident346:Trident346 76 31
Jack Cayman adds some red to DEATH BATTLE!!!

Jack Cayman
Alias: Deathwatch champion, Chaser-man Jack

Age: 35 MadWorld, 42 Anarchy Reigns

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 233lbs

- Slaughtered his way through hordes of foes and skilled(?) contestants of DeathWatch, which include mutants, cyborgs, werewolves, more or less a Jedi, a giant alien mecha, and the prince of blood and carnage The Black Baron
- Has won four Deathwatch tournaments
- Defeated Leo in a one on one fight
- Defeated Big Bull and his entire gang by himself
- Took down a Kraken the size of a battleship, a Mecha Cthulhu, and a psychotic electricity shooting Russian
- Survived a encounter with what was basically the Grim Reaper
- Able to fight on par with Bayonetta (Non-Canon)


- Easily throws heavy objects (full oil drums, subway seats, etc.) with ease
- With a single pu
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 22 16
Akira Fudo unleashes Devilman in DEATH BATTLE!

Devilman 1972 = DVMN
Shin Devilman = Shin
Neo Devilman = Neo
Amon: The Darkside of Devilman = Amon
Devilman Crybaby = CB)

Akira Fudo
Aliases: Devilman, Amon, Crybaby
First Appearance: Devilman (1972)
Age: Teenager/Young adult
Birthplace: Japan
Species: Human merged with a demon
Height: Varies
Occupation: Student, Athlete (Crybaby only), Devil Hunter, Leader of the Devilman Army
Backstory: Forced to live separated from his parents, the young Akira Fudo was adopted by the Makimura family in Japan. Known for his tendency to cry about nearly anything remotely negative, Akira suffered a notable amount of bullying and discrimination when growing up, with his only support coming from his foster sister, Miki Makimura. One fateful day, Fudo reunited himself with Ryo Asuka, a childhood friend that had become quite a prodigy in several scientific fields. Kno
:iconnocturnbros:NocturnBros 53 27
Gordon makes DEATH BATTLE a Free Man!

First Appearance: Half-Life (8th of November 1998)
Full/Real Name: Gordon Freeman
AKA: One Free Man
Height: 5'10" (1.78 m)

Weight: Unknown
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: The G-Man, the Resistance
Occupation: Formerly Research Associate / Scientist, currently Resistance leader
Attack Potency: Small Building to Building level
Durability: Small Building to Building level
Speed: Supersonic to Hypersonic
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 33 3
Ramona Flowers Glows In DEATH BATTLE

Ramona Victoria "Rammy" Flowers
AKA: Rammy
Age: 24; 25 (Scott Pilgrim Volume 6)
Occupation: delivery girl
First Appearance: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
-Assisted Scott in defeating Gideon
-Held her own against Knives, Roxie, and Envy
-Took control of her mind after casting Gideon out
-Snapped a metal pole and used it as weapon of her own
-Dated 7 guys in high school
-Is the only known Canadian to have mastered use of the Subspace Highway
-Defeated 8 clones of illusionary Winifred Hailey’s using Scott as a puppet
Kneed Gideon in the groin, allowing Knives enough time to take his sword away
-Survived being impaled by the Power of Love
-Is so good with roller skates that she can skate through snow

-Snapped a metal pole and used it as a weapon
-Can lift and swing her Large Hammer with no issues
-Used a large plant as a weapon
:iconstrunton:Strunton 36 57
The Hive hunts for hosts in DEATH BATTLE


Physical Characteristic: 
- Smooth heads
- Dorsal Tubes
- Barb-tipped tails
-7 Feet tall
- Acid Blood
- Usually black with a bit of gray
Hive Role and Tactics: 
The Drone Xenomorph is the worker of the Hive and tends to the hive and captures hosts to create more xenomorphs. They are the most common Xenomorph in the Hive and prefer to sneak about and ambush their prey. While it is possible for their kind to coordinate a plan together, they usually operate alone. They are calm and patient, unlike the other types of Xenomorphs, and will blend into the background until an opportunity presents itself. Though despite being more stealth orientated they are not above a frontal assault i
:iconmajin123:Majin123 24 23
Yoshimitsu spins into DEATH BATTLE!

Aliases: Space Ninja, Mechanized Space Ninja, The Inheritor of the Demon Sword
First Appearance: Tekken (1994)
Birthplace: Japan
Species: Human/Cyborg/Nobody fucking knows anymore
Height: 1.78 m (5′10″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Occupation: Leader of the Manji Clan
Backstory: The name Yoshimitsu has been carried by many warriors throughout history, but the most notable bearers of that mantle are the Yoshimitsu of the Manji Clan. Said clan was a group of chivalrous thieves that has existed since before the 1600s. The story of the first Yoshimitsu commenced when Oda Nobunaga attempted to ally himself with the Manji Clan. The elderly chief of the clan, accompanied by his strongest warrior, Yoshimitsu, visited Nobunaga but declined his offer in order to keep his organization hidden. Infuriated, Nobunaga decimated Yoshimi
:iconnocturnbros:NocturnBros 38 18


2 deviations
ScottvsAkuma by DracoSparda26

Dbx By Pokesega64 Dagk2ug By Epiclinksam-dbva551 by DracoSparda26

Location: Outside of The Happy Avocado, Toronto 

A young man wearing a blue puffy jacket and X patch on the right would be walking out of The Happy Avocado where he had been working, this was Scott Pilgrim. The 24 year old prep cook and part time bassist was heading home, his phone buzzing on the way there. It was from his girlfriend Ramona Flowers, taking a peek he'd text back saying 'I'm on my way home, Rammy. See you soon.'

Silence was filling the air as Scott made his way home, feeling a sudden urge of unease that was nearing towards him, looking quite nervous and on guard for some strange reason. But otherwise would keep his composure and keep a smile on his face.

However, Scott's night would not go as planned as there was a man on a rooftop sporting a lion's mane style haircut would be watching him. This was Akuma, Master of The Satsui No Hado and he had been searching for a long time to find a worthy fight. Remaining nearly oblivious, Scott heard faint foot steps as it began to rain but chose to ignore and continue walking. In a near instant, Akuma would jump out of the shadows and aim to hit Scott square in the jaw.

Scott would turn around in a near instant and block with his elbow, perfectly parrying the attack from Akuma. "Dude! What the heck was that for?" Scott nearly shouted in surprise at his assailant, who seemed incredibly nonchalant about attacking him.

"Who are you, exactly?" Scott would question his attacker, the man would address the younger and clearly experienced fighter "I am Akuma. And I will teach you the meaning of pain! Are you the one named Scott Pilgrim?" Akuma said as he pointed at Scott who was genuinely confused at this point about what was even going on. "Uh...Yeah, that's me. Why do you ask?" Akuma would cross his arms and soon get into his fighting stance "I have heard claims that you are the best fighter of this province. Is that true?"

Looking on and visibly shocked at was going on right now, but calmed Scott then answered "Yeah. I am, why do you ask?" Akuma then shifted his stance slightly in preparation to fight. "I'll tell you why Mr Pilgrim. I challenge you to a fight to see if you are worthy of that title. I am going to give you a chance to prove yourself."

Scott then sighed, shaking his head slightly and got into his stance awkwardly "Alright, let's do this. I'll show you what I'm made of."


Both fighters would charge towards one another in a near instant, fists colliding and creating a shockwave that shook the ground quite hard. However, Scott would shake his hand slightly in a comical fashion "Man, you hit hard.." Akuma would cut Scott off by shouting "GOSHORYOUKEN!" the powerful uppercut would send Scott flying into the air a decent ten feet, soon landing hard on the ground. Shaking his head, Scott dashed forward and grabbed Akuma by the arm, slamming his fist right into Akuma's gut multiple times and then kick him away.

"Hmph, not bad...But prepare for this! GADOUKEN!" Akuma would shoot out a blast of purple ki towards Scott who'd roll out of the way in a near instant, dodging the attack. Rushing forward, Scott pulled his arm back and slammed his fist into Akuma's cheek, sending the Satsui No Hado Master across the street.

Following up, Scott would jump and slam his foot into Akuma's stomach and knocking him straight onto the concrete, cracking it slightly. Quickly, Akuma would perform another Goshoryouken, although Scott would luckily block it and parry, hitting Akuma in the stomach with his foot...Which failed miserably as Akuma grabs Scott, throwing him in return and sending him into a stop sign. Groaning and shaking his head, he'd stand up and take his stance once more. Rushing forward, Scott reared his arm back and slammed his fist into Akuma's chin, performing the Shoryouken and knocking him high into the air.

Landing on his back, Akuma would then jump up and rush towards Scott, aiming to punch Scott. Quickly raising his arm up to block, Akuma would instead instead jump and grab Scott by the shoulders, throwing him a fair distance and onto the concrete. Then jumps up and began firing a barrage of Gadoukens at the downed Canadian "ZANKU HADOUKEN!" thinking on his feet, Scott would stand up quickly, though unfortunately got hit.

Scott was sent flying straight into a street lamp and upon impact it had broken. Firing another Gadouken at the downed Scott, in time he'd raise his fist into the air and create a massive field of energy around his body that would completely dissipate the attack. In a moment of slight surprise, Akuma was genuinely impressed. "Well done...You've proven yourself worthy so far, but prepare yourself!" Akuma raised his leg slightly, his body phasing as he'd teleport past Scott and kick him straight in the back and perform another Goshoryouken into the air, keeping his flow with the combo, Akuma would then kick Scott an a downward angle into the concrete.

Rolling backwards and recovering, Scott would get run towards Akuma and slam his fist into his stomach, performing a series of punches that'd connect in a near instant, ending with a Shoryouken to the chin sending him straight into the air. Following up quickly, Scott would hit him a total of sixty four times then end by knocking Akuma hard into the ground and creating a solid hole.

Both fighters would dash towards one another and extend their legs out and perform their own versions of the Hurricane Kick. "TATSUMAKI ZANKUKYAKU!" both attacks would connect with another and create a shockwave and managing to separate both fighters from one another. Scott, taking advantage of Akuma's current state, would grab him and proceed to apply more punches in his stomach, the impact increasing each time he'd be hit. "TAKE THIS!" Scott would then shout out, slamming his fist right into Akuma's face and knocking him away a fairly large distance. Scott would sigh softly, wiping his forehead in relief. 

"Very well then Mr. Pilgrim...You have proven yourself quite worthy and strong, you shall face my true power now! And I WILL show you the true meaning of power!" Akuma would then take a stance, separating his body apart as a dark and powerful aura would fill the air.
D9akaw2-0b7eddef-6a16-4162-9804-5e267f11940c by DracoSparda26
As the dust settled, Akuma was shown to no longer be his true self, instead his hair would be colored white, his gi a much darker coloration of purple and giving a much more terrifying presence than before. "What the...?" Scott would look on in both shock and slight fear, having seen how changed Akuma had become in this new form. "My name...Is Shin Akuma! And now you will perish!" Akuma had given in to the Satsui No Hado, representing a demon more than ever, ready to destroy Scott.

Shin Akuma would leap high into the sky, beginning to fire a shower of Goudokens "TENMA GOU ZAKU!" the barrage of energy projectiles would be making quick contact with the ground, creating crates on the street as Scott would be barely managing to get out of the way in time by running. Thinking quickly, Scott would grab a small pebble off the ground and throw it at Shin Akuma, which made contact with his forehead and somehow managed to throw him off balance.

Taking advantage of Akuma's stunned state, Scott would dash forward and headbutt Akuma, sending him skidding across the street. Rubbing his forehead in annoyance, Akuma began to fire a barrage of Goudokens towards Scott who bravely ran through it, managing to actually punch the final one away and into Akuma, sending him back with slight surprise.

Closing the distance, Scott would perform another Shoryouken which sent Akuma high into the air and Scott followed, standing on top of him. Beginning to slam both of his fists into Akuma's chest who would in a near instant raise his arms to guard the attacks, grabbing a hold of Scott's arms, Akuma would throw him off and straight into the concrete and creating a small crater. Landing quickly, Akuma would lift Scott by his collar and throw him across the street once more, making him bounce slightly across the ground.

Standing up in pain and holding his forehead, Scott stumbled around a bit before regaining his balance and shaking slightly. "Alright...Round two it is.." Scott would wipe the blood left on his cheek before cracking his knuckles and taking his stance once more to fight back. Scott would then slide under Akuma's legs before sweeping them out under and uppercutting him right into a steel bar.

"I'm not fighting to just get stronger, I'm fighting for the girl I love!" Scott would declare and point at Akuma, who'd seem definitely annoyed by Scott's sudden positive energy "Foolish boy, the only thing that means in this world is strength and power. You WILL be destroyed by me!" However, a sudden burst of bright energy would form from Scott's chest and nearly blind Akuma. Pulling a katana from his chest, it would have a heart on the bottom of the handle, with a slightly curved blade. This was The Power Of Love "And I'm going to fight for who I love."


Guts +2
Heart +3
Smarts +1
Will +1

"Love is meaningless against me, you'll soon fall." Akuma would claim before rushing forward and performing the Messatsu Gou Shoryu, performing multiple Goushoryoukens and hitting Scott a total of three times, each one knocking him into the air, before ending with another Goudouken that would be immediately sliced in half by The Power Of Love's blade, impressing Akuma.

"Impressive...But let us see how you fair against THIS!" Akuma would then cup his hands together, slowly charging a large amount of ki into his palms before firing off the Messatsu Gou Hadoken. A large beam of purple energy firing towards the Canadian who'd slice upwards and barely manage to stand his ground against the powerfully charged blast. The blast would finally end as it was completely blocked by Scott's sword and now was charging towards Akuma and began his onslaught of slicing left, right and up then ending with a powerful kick to the gut.

Caught in the attack, Scott would stab into Akuma's chest as the blade would pierce straight through and make the warrior grunt out in pain with his eyes shooting out slightly. Pulling the blade out quickly, Scott then would perform a sideways slash that created a slight gash in Akuma's stomach as he clutched it.

Swiping away the blood off of the blade, Akuma would raise his hand into the sky as ki would've formed into it before he'd exclaim "KONGOU KOKURETSUZAN!" before slamming his fist right into the ground and creating a massive explosion of ki that would look similar to a lightning bolt, knocking Scott from the sheer force of the attack right into the nearest brick wall and making it crumple slightly on top of him. He'd groan, stumbling around in a dazed state, nearly dropping The Power Of Love from his grasp.

Falling onto his right knee and using the blade as support, Scott breathed heavily and would see Akuma slowly walking towards him. "You were quite the worthy opponent for some time...But unfortunately this is where our fight ends." Scott would now stand up, clutching The Power of Love with both of his hands tightly "I'm not done yet...You're not getting me down yet, I promise that."

Scott would then raise his arms into the sky before swinging the Power Of Love down at Akuma who would punch upwards, breaking the blade in half from his sheer might. Akuma broke The Power of Love! What a dick! LEVEL DOWN! "How did..." Scott would look in shock and slight fear, looking down at the shattered pieces of his sword and then quickly collected himself before aiming to punch Akuma in the face, hitting him in the balls instead. Falling onto the ground, Akuma would seethe in pain before standing up and lifting his leg up slightly and teleporting at Scott.

"SHUN GOKU SATSU!" Akuma would grab onto Scott, performing the Raging Demon and inflicting a massive amount of pain onto Scott, leaving him on the ground and in a badly hurt state completely unconscious. "You've been defeated. I have won."

Location: Dream Desert

Groaning to himself, Scott would soon stand up and take a look at his surroundings, noticing he was back in the Dream Desert from when the first time he'd met Ramona and had died previously. "Here again.." He'd begin walking in a slow pace forward and recalling all of the memories he had, all of his break ups, his drunken mistakes and life in general. "Am I going to stay down and just let him walk away like that? I mean, I don't even know if I have anyway of getting back up from that..."

"But, I have to get back to Ramona. There's no way I'm letting myself go down like that." Scott would exclaim with pride and turn around to see that there was a sudden burst of light coming out of seemingly nowhere and was shocked at first, but then it turned into a slight smile on his face.

In front of Scott, there was a smiling image of his face on it that would be glowing brightly, it was a 1UP. "What am I doing? Oh yeah, getting a life..." Scott would then grab the 1UP and shortly gained a glow after affect on his body in the Dream Desert. Soon enough there was another large flash of light in front of him as he began to walk forward to a door and proceed to open it. "This time, my life isn't going to end just like that." Scott would then open it, walking through the door with a confident smirk.

Back In The Real World

Akuma would be staring down at Scott's seemingly unconscious body and would rear his fist back, aiming to finish Scott off by punching him right in the head....But that was all soon stopped by Scott grabbing his fist, now back to the world of the living and completely back at full power.

"Impossible! You were supposed to die at my hands from that!" Scott would stand up completely and crack his knuckles with a look of slight anger and annoyance on his face "You know, I just realized something about us Akuma, you and I aren't that different from one another. You wanna know why?" Scott would walk towards the now surprised Akuma, something slowly forming in his right hand "No matter, I'm going to defeat you in combat. Even if it means attempting to take your life again."

Scott would stare Akuma straight in the eyes, showing fear no longer and instead it was a look of determination on his face to fight for the ones he cared for the most. "Your pathetic reasoning will not get through to me Pilgrim, it does not matter what you'll say. Because the Satsui No Hado will remain supreme against you!"

Akuma would exclaim and throw his fist out forward towards Scott who'd slam his own fist against Akuma's, creating a massive shock-wave between the two and knocking them back a short distance from each other. Running forward, Scott began to punch Akuma in the cheek, stomach and finish with a Shoryouken high into the sky before continually pummeling him for a total of sixty four hits then kicked him right into the concrete and managing to break it upon impact.

"I'll show you what I mean by that I understand now." Scott would shift his feet apart ever so slightly and clasp his hands together in the form of holding a sword, something actually forming in it. "You're going down Akuma, this is the last time we're gonna meet." Slowly but surely, a large and powerful looking blade similar to Cloud's Buster Sword had formed now, The Power Of Understanding.


"No matter of your new found power, I shall reign supreme over you and win our fight!" Akuma claims before charging at Scott who'd already taken a stance, keeping himself steady and still, ready to finish this fight. "SHUN GOKU SATSU!" Akuma would shout out and teleport quickly towards Scott who managed to intercept him this time and completely slice off his arm in one fell swoop as it fell onto the ground, leaving Akuma with out a right arm and a look of anguish on his face "Game. Over." 


Akuma would be slashed a total of three times by Scott, the blade piercing through him each time as he would've been cut into literal pieces and fall onto the ground slumped over and suddenly exploded into a shower of coins which Scott would soon begin collecting.


Fighting With Passion! - DBX
Whoo! Now that was awesome, alright. Who do you think will win this DBX? Scott Pilgrim? The Canadian Fighting for Ramona's love. Or Akuma, Master Of The Fist.

Scott Pilgrim (c) Bryan Lee O'Malley

Akuma (c) Capcom
DBX Claim: Scott Pilgrim vs Akuma
Who do you think will win? The Canadian who won Ramona's heart and defeated her evil ex's? Or the Master of the Satsui No Hado?

Scott Pilgrim (c) Bryan Lee O'Malley

Akuma (c) Capcom

I want to thank :iconjjsliderman: for this TN.
Question of the day. Who is your favorite Achievement Hunter member?

Mine is Michael.


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