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*WHEW* Wow...that was...a say the very least >.< I was SO determined to create my first real background, and, well, this came out of it. Definately by far the best picture I've made. I still need to work on shadows and whatnot, but I love how my caves turned out ^^

A little backstory: When I was first starting to write, the very first setting that I fell in love with that was my creation was the Celestial Caves. They were beautiful caves with polished gemstones that were said to have been guarded by a great dragon known as Serpentara. She protected the cavern, and long after she passed away a statue had been erected with her visage in order to keep the caves safe from dark forces. The jewels within are thought to have contained great power from the dragons themselves, and the waters within are said to also have healing powers.

Made with pencil, pen, and the GIMP program, as well as boredom...lots...and lots...of boredom XD
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