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Gonna give this a try and see how it goes, full commission info is located here (please be familiar with this and my TOS before posting!): [Commission Info]

I will be going down this list one at a time whenever I am ready to take a commission again; this is basically for a more 'guaranteed' way of getting a commission slot out of me, although it may be a bit of a wait for me to get through everyone! I will likely alternate between taking waitlisted commissions and opening first-come-first-served slots on my default commission journal.

★ To be waitlisted, please reply to this comment with the provided form. Comments located outside of this thread will be voided since it would otherwise be hard to keep up with, please be mindful of this when posting! You may submit multiple forms if you are interested in multiple pieces, but please put each as a separate reply in the thread.

Once your spot is reached, I will note you about what you would like to order! Please note that all commissions taken here will reflect the most current information provided in my Commission Info journal at the time of contact. If I want to work on a specific type of art I may choose to prioritize commissions with the specification(s).

If you are no longer interested, you may hide your comment at any time and/or eply to my comment again if you would like to be bumped to the bottom of the current waitlist. Alternatively, I can simply revisit your inquiry at a later time. I don't really mind if you are no longer interested by the time I contact you, but if you are still interested please respond to my note within a 48 hour period or your waitlist spot will be passed.

I will feature comments of posters I have contacted for their waitlist spot so there is a definite idea of where anyone stands in the current waitlist. If a waitlist inquiry needs postponing, I will unfeature the comment and return to it at a later date.
However, if you find that your comment has been featured and no note was received (DA's note system is really unreliable adfasdf), feel free to contact me and we can discuss what to do from there.

Thank you for reading!
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Please reply to this comment with the following form to sign up for a slot! This isn't a 100% commitment so you're not exactly locked into the commission type you specify, it's just for personal records of interest.
Character Type: (feral, anthro, humanoid, etc. you do not have to provide a character/reference at this time)
Commission Type: (fullbody shaded, lineless pixel, etc.)
Payment Type: (paypal, points, both)