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[CLOSED] Heart Lure Auction: Pumpkin Pon



:iconheart-lures: (Heart Lure group in progress!)

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EDIT: Added lure image in!

Second Halloween adopt! Sorry for the delay aahh,, I conked out for a little too long after my appointments ;v;a
Like the previous auction, this one is also an Ornamental Lure! Rarity's exclusive for this one as well.

This comes with a lure image like with the previous, but it'll be edited in later since I'm a bit burnt right now! @ v @ 

Major props to whoever recognizes the name `w`

Quick Info:
Heart Lures are a fishing lure based species that are born from various lures that have been lost while fishing. 
These take their appearances from the lures they are made from, keeping very similar patterning to the original colors presented on their host item. The lure's hook most often manifests in their tail (if any), which can function as a defense mechanism, or as a tool to grip onto things. 
They also have a magic-based water core (where their lure is stored, with the attached broken line protruding from it) made from the water body they came from, and if it completely dries out, they'll revert back to the lure they inhabited and are no longer able to keep their feral form. It's important for them to revisit their area of origin so that they may replenish their water supply! 

More info on the weebly here:

:star: revampAuction Rules:star: revamp 
Bullet; White Please be familiar with my TOS! By bidding, you agree to these terms.
Bullet; White Do not edit or hide bid, claiming, or offer comments. Doing so will have you blacklisted from future sales. If any comments require being retracted or editing, please send me a message and I will hide the comment for you.
Bullet; White Please make sure you have enough when you bid! Backing out after the auction's end will lead to blacklisting.
Bullet; White Please bid in the specified chain by responding to the current highest bidder.
Bullet; White Payment can be made through Paypal or :points:. Points will be accepted at a rate of 100:points: per $1. Please specify which payment type you will be using when bidding! Combinations of the two are perfectly fine.
Upon confirming you have won the auction, I will ask for your Paypal address so that I can invoice you for payment, or set up a Commission through the widget.
Bullet; White Payment is due within 48 hours of winning the auction.
Bullet; White Do not beg, whine, spam, or harass anybody on my sales posts.

:star: revamp Auction will end on October 25, 2015 at 11:59:59PM PST.
1 hour snipe guard. 
(A bid made within an hour of auction's end must stand for a full hour being able to be the winning bid. Each bid made after will extend the auction until a full hour passes from the last bid's posting time.)

Bullet; White SB: $45
 / 4500:points:
Bullet; Red AB: $95 / 9500:points:
Min. Increment: $2 / 200:points:

Upon winning you will receive the full sized, unwatermarked images (shaded and flat colored) of your adoptable, as well as the image of its corresponding fishing lure.
This adoptable comes with accessorized, and not accessorized versions of the full sized images.

Pink Square Bullet Pumpkin Pon [BID HERE]
Bullet; Purple Restricted
Lure: Jig (Bullet; GreenUncommon)
Hook: Single (gemstone) (Bullet; PurpleRestricted)
Water: Pink Lake (Bullet; OrangeVery Rare)

Eyes: Shaped Pupil (Bullet; OrangeVery Rare)
Cheek: Double (Bullet; BlueCommon)
Spines: Wrist + Foot
Ears: Lop (Bullet; YellowRare)
Tail: Long Fluffy (Bullet; YellowRare)
Ornamental: Ribbon Line (Bullet; PurpleRestricted) + Glowing Color (Bullet; PurpleRestricted) 
Owner: :iconcrowlets: [$45]

Heart Lures are a closed species!

Still open:
[CLOSED] Heart Lure Flatsale: Batch 2 by Dracobby
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