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Decisive Battle: History and Notables- Esperell
At first, one would assume that such a small country, composed of a tiny peninsula and a chain of rugged, occasionally volcanic islands, would be rather forgettable in the grand scheme of things. It is a good deal away from the hustle and bustle of the Hodanese Empire's activities, and not even the massive Kingdom of Moctiva shares a border with it. It is, indeed, as far East as one may go without being stranded in the endless ocean.
Of course, that's a good deal of why it is so important.
Long ago, Esperell was divided into twelve regional governments, which would occasionally bicker with one another over this and that. These twelve regions were highly different in how they governed themselves, their approach to military matters, and their level of respect for the various creatures they shared their land with. All that truly united the Esperellians was a language and a religion, and even on these matters there would be arguments. Their independence was fierce, and while ther
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Chessmen, Move 7
Ms. Parkinson's class was a bit of a wash- Dylan was the only lead Laura had had in this class, and he was being . . . uncooperative, thanks to the argument from this morning. Laura had Anne to chat with, but she figured that the less she knew the better, at least for now.
So Laura was left to the drawing board at lunch, peering over her list of potential suspects while idly munching at an unidentifiable substance that was most definitely not chicken.
Imagine her surprise when one of her suspects actually came and talked to her directly.
"Laura. Hi. Need a favor," Carter mumbled, fiddling offhandedly with a small set of shears. The boy was filthy as per usual, fitting to his self-appointed role as the school's resident landscape artist. While not the first person one would associate with the extreme perfectionist Knight, Laura knew from talking to the young man that he had an absurd case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, to the point where he could do complicated mathematics in pen wit
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Decisive Battle: Creation Myth
The Universe did not come into being on its own.
In the beginning, all that was was the nine-headed Chaos Serpent, Ochiphion. This monstrous beast's smallest teeth stand higher than the tallest mountain, and it knows naught but to move freely. In boredom with the emptiness of existence, it cast off its skin, creating the stars, the planets, and the Gods.
The Gods, new to their roles, quickly decided that if they were to accomplish anything, the monstrous Serpent must not be nearby. Aperas, Goddess of the Sun, convinced the Serpent that it could sate its boredom by traveling across the cosmos it created. As the Serpent hurtled away, the Gods quickly found an place stable enough for them to begin creating. This was Earth.
Each of the varied Gods and Goddesses created a form of life to populate the barren Earth, from fish to birds to bears to trees. However, four noticeably did not contribute.
The first was Hetaya. She was rather disappointed in her brothers and sisters, creating dumb bea
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The Time Attorney
Hello there.
I won't be taking long with this, but there are a few things I need to clarify. The lot of you have been . . . annoying, to say the very least.
I must make this absolutely clear- people only naturally live 85 years. Any more than that and you're living off found time. Not borrowed time, FOUND time. There is a difference.
You see, when a person just dies before that point- we aren't involved in EVERY death, you know- all the time they had left over just gets scattered to the winds. We pick up some of it, you humans pick up some of it, some of it winds up in space or the ocean or somewhere. I don't account for where all of it is.
Now, you're probably wondering where we come in. I am one of about five . . . I prefer the term "time attorney", but that's just me. I say "about five" because, last I checked, there were five of us. Somebody might be out of time by now. I don't seriously care. What I don know is that I'm damned good at my job, and I have about four thousand
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Grayson Center, Anecdote 6
-^This next story happens three days after that last one, on the final full day of the trip to Hawaii.Remember me mentioning applicants of other species? Well . . .^-
"I'm not interested in only women, you know," Yuri said flatly.
Marcus shrugged. "I've approved male applicants. You just have't liked any of them."
Yuri glared at Marcus in disbelief. "Between you and the Lawyer making somewhat arbitrary rejections, I've seen four male applicants. There was the one who took me into some weird church, the one who wore a mask the whole time, the one who insisted on a date to a sauna, and the drinker."
"That last one doesn't sound too bad," Marcus bleated.
"He got so drunk he vomited on my lap, then he drove off leaving me on the opposite side of the city," Yuri drily responded.
Ashley took the applicant paper from Yuri's hand and looked it over. "This is the second non-human applicant you'll be seeing, though- that's something."
-^Oh, hindsight, what a cruel mistress thou art.^-
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What Lies Within, Chapter 9
"Okay, just in case Nova's on the loose, the girls- excepting Shock- should stay behind. We're going to help out the new Captured."
Flare shakes her head. "Bullshit. I'm coming."
Collar nods. "I'm with Flare on this one. You'll need as much help as you can get."
Needle raises a hand. "You may need us, considering that, well, my abilities and Medic's are potentially the most useful."
Medic sighs. "Why am I getting dragged into this?"
Eros smiles. "Alright. We have work to do."
The whole group fills the hallway, quickly beginning a forward march. It becomes apparent that Eros knows the hallways better than anyone else, so everyone follows him.
Suddenly, you all spy a group of the guards from earlier, dragging a passed-out woman behind them. She wears the same midnight blue that covers yourself and the other Captured, and her choppy, shimmering black hair obscures her face. Bringing up the rear are four people- a little girl with black twintails, a rather uninteresting man with a brown mi
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What Lies Within, Chapter 8
You feel as if you need to comfort Collar, and give her a light hug. "You sure you're okay after what happened with Nature?"
"Y- yeah, I'm fine," she stammers, blushing a little.
"Collar and Proto, sitting in a tree," Flare cackles.
"Sh- shut up, Flare," Collar shoots back lamely.
Eros grins from his corner, and Spook is absorbed in what he's reading. Noise and Glacier are playing a game of War, with a deck of cards you didn't see come out.
You decide to read over Spook's shoulder.
Poltergeist's Files
Designation: Converted
Original Name: Sam Baker
Sex: Both
Ht: 4'9" // 7'7"
Wt: 95 lbs. // 285 lbs.
Notes: Split got his/her codename from having Multiple Personality Disorder, with two split personalities- personalities so different that they have differing forms and abilities. Split's female form is tiny, that of a six-year-old girl- however, female Split is highly intelligent and manipulative, and that's ignoring her ability of mind control. Split's male form is an absolutely mass
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Grayson Center, Anecdote 5
-^This next little tale isn't actually all that relevant- I'm not even involved in it until the very end. However, suffice it to say that it was extremely memorable to me, for more reasons than one. It all started two days after we got to Hawaii . . .^-
Ashley leaped over Allison's plush couch.  "Get back here!"
"Never!" Nephela shot back, sidestepping Ashley's attempt to tackle her.
"You need a damned shower, or the mosquitoes will get you!" Ashley was increasingly out of breath. "Can I get a hand here?"
Allison lounged in a deck chair on the rear balcony. "Nah. I need to work on my tan- gotta look my best, you know."
Tamaric chose that moment to go for a jog. "Just wait for Yuri to coax her into it, like always," the platinum-haired amazon suggested on her way out.
"Yuri's gonna be gone all afternoon, and Nephela's got a smell to her," Ashley whined.
Elizabeth simply watched the whole fiasco from against the wall, eating mango slices. "Man, I'm loving this."
"You shut up," Ashle
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Grayson Center, Anecdote 4
-^The following Saturday was my birthday, and my mom decided to celebrate in the most merciful way possible: telling the applicant I had to meet that day to hold off, because there was something I "needed to attend to". Of course, most people remember that day for a completely different reason . . .^-
"Surprise!" The loud yell filled Yuri's bedroom. Yuri opened her eyes and sat up- only to bump her head on Nephela's, who had been leaning down.
"The thing you're supposed to say is 'Happy birthday', Neph. 'Surprise' is for when you're surprising them," Yuri mumbled sleepily.
Nephela pouted and snapped her fingers, a gesture she had most likely learned from one of the older movies Yuri's mother had shown her. "Rats. Happy birthday, Darling!"
Yuri smiled. Nothing could keep the bubbly redhead that had moved in out of a good mood for long. "Thanks, Nephela. Hey, where's everybody else?"
Nephela laughed. "Sleeping, silly! I'm the only one who wakes up at 4:00!"
Yuri's eyes bulged, and her vo
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Outlands, Segment 7
Myra, Alyssa, Connor, and the twins all sat in a small entry room in the old man's home. Decorations from the royal era hung on all of the walls.
That girl really needs to learn to stop being such a pushover, Myra thought.
The old man returned to his home with a small pot of tea. He spoke the same gibberish language that apparently Alyssa understood, and the two conversed.
"I'm guessing you can't understand a word of this either, huh, Knight-boy?" Myra whispered to Connor.
"Not in the slightest. What confuses me is when she had the time to learn the language," he responded.
Myra shrugged in response, and poured herself some tea. It wasn't exactly her cup of tea, but she figured it would be better if it were sweetened.
Alyssa looked at Myra. "He wants to know if you know when the next Imperial Patrol will be coming by."
Myra thought it over, and shook her head. "They've started changing up the schedule. The routes have been changed, the numbers of Patrolmen have changed, they're
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Chessmen, Move 6
Laura moved on to her next class, still trying to figure who Knight could be.
This would be so much easier if this wasn't a Laureate Magnet school.
Laura stood with a small notepad, with a small list of names of people who were shorter than her and intelligent enough to have built something like a suit of AI-assisted armor that could fly and shoot plasma blasts.
It was much longer of a list than Laura would like, with twelve suspects that Laura could think of, and quite probably many more.
That was when she spied one of the main candidates for someone to fit the suit- Aaron Lucien.
The older student was, as per usual, riffling through a deck of playing cards. His math scores were unrivaled, and many people thought his willingness to bet on games of Blackjack, Hearts, and Bullshit came from some math-based superpower that let him count the cards without being caught- and his near-impeccable 108 wins to 3 losses seemed to back up this theory. What he shined in, however, was writin
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Grayson Center- Anecdote 3
-^This next one is about a month later. My mom hired a lawyer to help us go through all the applications from potential marriage partners. Marcus and Ashley were, are, and hopefully always will be just two people, and with quadrillions of apps from members of all different species, there were just too many to review in a day and be done with it.^-
Ashley came up to Yuri with a sheet of paper. "Marcus and the Lawyer couldn't find any issues with this one, although we are getting nada on a background check.
Allison was bouncing a super ball against the wall, and slowed her rhythm (which she specifically matched to her latest chart-topper) to better participate in the conversation. "Maybe the ID's a fake," she suggested.
Ashley shrugged. "The person exists, there's name filing and everything, it's just . . . the name was only registered 3 months ago."
Allison frowned. "So the ID wasn't created in response to Yuri."
Yuri cleared her throat. "I'm still here, you know."
Allison caught the ba
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Outlands, Segment 6
Having had their breakfast, the entire group moved onward. Alyssa took her spot at the front, Connor at the rear, Myra in the center, and the twins stood at either side of her, murmuring comforting lullabies.
Alyssa would have found the whole thing rather nice, if not for the prickling she was getting in the back of her neck.
"Does anyone else feel like we're being watched?" Alyssa asked, first in Standard, then in the Athenian merchant language.
"A little," the boy twin answered. "It's probably nothing. What really matters is that those bad people from before are gone."
"Yeah," his twin agreed. "They were all kinds of bad. They attack our friends for no good reason."
Connor, however, had drawn his sword. "The scoundrels! I will run them through, Princess, worry not!" He turned and tried to face all directions at once. "Show yourselves! Fight like men!"
Myra chuckled. "It's probably nothing, soldier boy. Relax. Enjoy the woodland air. Breathe deep."
Alyssa sighed. "I just don't know, i
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Chessmen, Move 5
Laura walked the halls with a sense of self-consciousness. Since Knight had heard her here, perhaps he was somewhere in the walls. Maybe he was a teacher.
Maybe he was another student.
It would make sense. Knight is shorter than me, his voice is all scrambled, and a student can pretty much be anywhere.
The thought that Knight could be the same age she was sent a bit of a thrill through Laura. She decided to meet with Anne as soon as possible- that girl had even more of an obsession over the armored anti-hero than she did, and presenting the theory to Anne might let the true identity get out faster than it normally would.
"I don't think so, Laur. How could he have time for both homework and hero work?" Anne crossed her arms and raised one eyebrow, in her classic 'make-me-believe-you' expression.
Laura fidgeted- she couldn't reveal to Anne what had happened as evidence toward her theory, but if she left the question open-ended, the diminutive conspiracy theorist would po
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Travel Chronicles, Chapter 8
Upon stepping out of the hospital, Isabel flinched in the bright sunlight.
The woman who had asked to be referred to as Green chuckled. "Sorry. Forgot to mention that you suffered a bit of eye damage. You and bright light won't be friends for a while."
Isabel slid Anthony's sunglasses onto the bridge of her nose. "Now you tell me."
Green shrugged. "Hey, better late than never. Guessing by your expression, you want to join the World Tournament."
Isabel jumped back a bit. "Y-yeah . . . actually, I do. It would be the best way to see what this new Team is planning, right?"
Green chuckled. "I knew it. Well, to participate, you'll need to get to the Dragon's Den, and seeing as you don't have a flight-capable Pokemon . . ." she pulled a battered old ball from the small bag that dangled at her hip. "You may want to hold on." Green threw the ball vertically. "Fearow, to the Dragon's Den!"
A reddish light escaped the ball, releasing a fully-grown Normal/Flying type Pokemon. "Fearow!" it cawed.
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Familiar- Second Event
I'm telling you, U, there's nothing in my power to do this. I would say that X did it, but he's not here, and I don't exactly see anyone I'd peg for a master of nothingness.
Well, the way I see it, you've got to tail this Louise girl anyway, ye. So, we keep close to her, and maybe find out who did this.
E looked at the comfortably sleeping Louise, and was hesitant. He remembered just how little people like being roused from sleep. E didn't understand the attraction himself, but V had said that sleep was the ultimate restorative. Perhaps Louise had done something yesterday that had drained her to the point where she needed sleep.
Or maybe she's a normal human, like Vasquez, and literally cannot function without sleep each day.
That still makes no sense. Most of the others do require sleep every week or so to stay at their best, but every day seems a bit much. Ms. Vasquez probably just has an extreme need for sleep.
While E and U argued over the required amount of sleep of
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Hasn't it?

Guess what, everyone- I have a functioning laptop again, and when I'm not swamped with classwork, I'll be posting story material again! Woo!

In the interim, I began learning not only how to code, but how to draw. These two fit together better than you'd think, and I'll make a post soon (within the next week) detailing what this means. However, note that I'll only be providing background information on this project. As of now, most of the details will be kept under wraps, and I'll release what I feel is necessary when I can. Be warned that this is a good deal of teaser info, and is designed to generate mild interest. If it doesn't, I've failed. Hopefully it does.

As we are, I have to get to updating "Familiar", "Chessmen", "The Oddball Academy", "Outlands", and "Grayson Center", and I believe someone suggested he next chapter to "Travel Chronicles". I'm pretty sure that "What Lies Within" has remained immobile, though. Good thing backlogs exist.

As a side note, I've watched quite a bit over the past . . . what's it been, 8 months? . . . and my style is constantly being impacted by things I generally like. Notably, I've enjoyed Disney's treatment of the Marvel movies, I watched Cardcaptor Sakura on a recommendation, I'd have gotten further into Black Lagoon had I been able to find Episode 13 online, and I've watched a few hammy and overacted horror films. Oh, yeah, and my interest has been piqued by Scorpion, a show that manages to make a cast full of characters that share my general dry humor consistently interesting.

So, with all that said . . . I resume the mantle of Draconus. Turning to you.


United States
Hello, everyone. I admit, I'm not the EASIEST person to get along with, but I'm generally an OK guy. In case you have arrived here without reading my Gallery first, I'm primarily a writer. I do all this from a very temperamental phone, so please forgive any delays.


Travel Chronicles
Concept source: Pokémon
Status: Hiatus
Basic information: the various adventures of a homeless trainer named Isabel and her unusual Pokémon.

What Lies Within
Concept source: Original
Status: Fully Active
Basic information: People with great powers have little memory of who they used to be, and are locked away.

The Oddball Academy
Concept source: Original
Status: Fully Active
Basic information: basic school drama, with a dash of conspiracy thrown in.

Concept source: Original
Status: Fully Active
Basic information: a grand quest to reinstate a monarchy in a land with no contact with the outside world.

Concept Source: Original
Status: Fully Active
Basic Information: Watch Laura, one of few people with a high-tech AI-assisted powered suit of armor try to be a hero- key word is "try".

Grayson Center
Concept Source: Original
Status: Fully Active
Basic Information: A harem story with a female lead and a predominantly female harem. Need I say more?

Concept Source: Zero no Tsukaima -AND- The Troop Agency
Status: Fully Active
Basic Information: In true ZnT fanfic fashion, Louise summons a different familiar to kick off the adventure. A very different familiar, in fact- one who doesn't take too kindly to being called a "familiar".

The Drive
Concept source: Original
Status: Practical Death
Basic information: trapped in a flash drive, the protagonist must survive among a massive collection of fictional characters for a month until his friend returns.

What Does it All Mean?
Fully Active: It may move at any moment. Be Prepared.
Hiatus: Until further notice, it's not going anywhere.
Practical Death: I've lost too many of the plot related notes, and thus can't continue the story. As such, it's stuck.
Pushing Daisies: It's over, deal with it.


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