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As my previous journal stated, my presence here will be severely cut short at the end of the college year. After that, a day of feverish deviation dumping every two months at best is what you can expect from me.

It dawned on me that the previous journal was not the best thing to leave as a preemptive farewell so I'd rather have this new one as a bulletin board of sorts so interested people can leave pertinent advice for my artistic endeavors if they do so please. (Well, at least it beats the bemoaning I had earlier... ) It may also suffer slight updates once in a while.

I'm an amateur artist through and through. No doubt about that as I can find little in which the art classes in junior high have helped. I've read Majnouna's pertinent dA News editorials and while I mostly agree with her, I lack the financial clout to endure another academic cycle. Perhaps this situation will change in the long term. However, in the short term I'm striking out on my own in artistic terms. This will consist mainly of using pertinent references I find and maintaining a level of artistic practice that does not conflict too much with other things I do. The final goal will be to competently illustrate my works, either scientific or educational (and developing a hobby of course).

Feedback, always at the visitor's discretion,  is very much appreciated, either by constructively critiquing my deviations while perusing my gallery or afterwards, by suggesting references (sites, books, videos), artistic media, methods and subjects in this journal's comments.

At some point along this journal's writing I considered opening commissions but after some thinking I decided it was unfeasible. I do accept requests done in my sweet time and with your implicit trust in my judgment.

As always, thank for your interest in my work, the comments, favourites and watches.
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Well, then, would it be possible if I could solicit more help from you concerning the Tlaquanaru project?
The diagrams and such you've made for me concerning them always tickle me pink.