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:bulletgreen: Who?
   I'm a skilled amateur artist looking to earn some pocket money from his work. Thus I'm putting this up for people who like my work enough to spare a pertinent amount for a new piece.

:bulletgreen: What?
   :bulletblue: Art: Works commissioned should have both general subject and technique already present in my gallery. As I will not snail mail originals let alone sell them, you will get your choice of a 300dpi *.psd/*.png/*.tif file uploaded to, the link to which will be subsequently sent you and will be valid for 3 months. You will obtain the right to display and modify for display the aforementioned work and I'll at least retain those rights. I will have full rights to the work, if it includes no copyrighted material including likenesses.
   :bulletblue: Science: You can hire me as your consultant within my areas of academic expertise, Biology and Geology. As best as I can and as the references allow, a list of them will be provided along with a distillation of the knowledge they contain. Acknowledgement of my work for you will be required but otherwise you may disregard my advice as you wish.

:bulletgreen: When?
   There will be only one commission/consultancy slot open at a time. If more than one person applies, it's settled on a first come, first served basis. My schedule priorities are commissions/consultancy and personal work by that order.    

:bulletgreen: How?
   My standing rate is (Euro) € 5 per hour of work. Final prices will be agreed upon when the work is finished and will be payed via Paypal to . The details of the progressing work may be discussed as the commissioner/consultee wishes. If privately, preliminary work will be uploaded via and linked to in the private messaging venue of your choice.  

:bulletgreen: Why?
   In short, I am between jobs and I'd like to have a source of revenue on my own terms and doing something I like.    

:bulletgreen: Where?
   The money I earn with the commissions will be used to, among other things:
    :bulletblue: pay the bills and put food on the table
    :bulletblue: support finishing my graduation and in the near future a Masters in Geology and a Doctorate in Paleontology
    :bulletblue: upgrade my desktop computer and the installed programs and buy a new laptop

The commission/consultancy slot is closed.
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i cant do anything online with money at the moment, sorry :( if i could i'd help out