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:bulletgreen: Who?
   I'm a skilled amateur artist looking to earn some pocket money from his work. Thus I'm putting this up for people who like my work enough to spare a pertinent amount for a new piece.

:bulletgreen: What?
   :bulletblue: Art: Works commissioned should have both general subject and technique already present in my gallery. As I will not snail mail originals let alone sell them, you will get your choice of a 300dpi *.psd/*.png/*.tif file uploaded to, the link to which will be subsequently sent you and will be valid for 3 months. You will obtain the right to display and modify for display the aforementioned work and I'll at least retain those rights. I will have full rights to the work, if it includes no copyrighted material including likenesses.
   :bulletblue: Science: You can hire me as your consultant within my areas of academic expertise, Biology and Geology. As best as I can and as the references allow, a list of them will be provided along with a distillation of the knowledge they contain. Acknowledgement of my work for you will be required but otherwise you may disregard my advice as you wish.

:bulletgreen: When?
   There will be only one commission/consultancy slot open at a time. If more than one person applies, it's settled on a first come, first served basis. My schedule priorities are commissions/consultancy and personal work by that order.    

:bulletgreen: How?
   My standing rate is (Euro) € 5 per hour of work. Final prices will be agreed upon when the work is finished and will be payed via Paypal to . The details of the progressing work may be discussed as the commissioner/consultee wishes. If privately, preliminary work will be uploaded via and linked to in the private messaging venue of your choice.  

:bulletgreen: Why?
   In short, I am between jobs and I'd like to have a source of revenue on my own terms and doing something I like.    

:bulletgreen: Where?
   The money I earn with the commissions will be used to, among other things:
    :bulletblue: pay the bills and put food on the table
    :bulletblue: support finishing my graduation and in the near future a Masters in Geology and a Doctorate in Paleontology
    :bulletblue: upgrade my desktop computer and the installed programs and buy a new laptop

The commission/consultancy slot is closed.
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i cant do anything online with money at the moment, sorry :( if i could i'd help out
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No problem :)
For now it's more having things set up just in case. Can't feel too comfortable with the day job the way things are.
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oh as long as i have you here now, i have a question about T rex: do you know where the whole chicken/t rex evolution thing came from? like the saying that chickens evolved from t rexes, cus i know birds evolved from dromaeosaurs and deinonychids, so how do people get the idea that chickens came from tyrannosaurs?
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Poor science reporting mainly: the only thing most people writing the news can come up with as an example of a non-avian theropod is T. rex. For that matter the only thing people writing the news can come up with as an example of an avian theropod is a chicken.
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ohh so its just reporters not knowing enough about dinosaur evolution, makes sense actually cus the average person knows too little about dinosaurs (hell, most people have never even heard of spinosaurus)
for a long time before i knew about the proper avian evolution i thought all birds were descendants of a different type of theropod, so i thought maybe a loong line of t-rexes gave us the chicken, and i even started to design a t rex with feathers and a rooster comb crest :P
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Nor an uncommon misconception ;)
It's true that by being a domesticated animal, chickens have a lot of pertinent scientific work done about them. As such they do get brought up a lot when scientists discuss extinct theropods. However no scientist worth their salt would claim that there is a direct line of descent between Tyrannosaurus and Gallus: different lineages and all that.
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yea, it would just throw people off more and make em forget about the dromaeosaur thing, but i guess maybe it wouldnt hurt to design a little bit of the t rex with inspiration of some galliformes
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