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The Red Clipper by dracontes The Red Clipper by dracontes
This artless interlude was brought to you by Trying To Get A Life™.
As usual, your mileage may vary in these matters, and my choice of place to work at may not have been the best considering how many red flags that farm raised in retrospect (and while I was there). Here's a useful navigational warning: if a place is always hiring and says so via a sign bolted to the wall by their main entrance, consider that might very likely, even dare say overwhelmingly, entail a working environment disagreeable enough to not hold on to most workers for particularly long, regardless of their experience (and I admit my experience wasn't much), hence that investment in permanent signage being worthwhile. Your call if you want to avoid this type of venue, but I know what I'll be turning my nose at from now on.
It wasn't all bad, I did see animals I hadn't seen before even if they were dead, to wit: a badger and a genet. I also got some experience driving a tractor. The money was nice as well.

As for the above drawing, it started as a struggle four months ago with the limitations of OneNote, first regarding the brushes' usefulness in color work, second in the program's responsiveness after enough of it was laid down, trying to sketch by blocking shapes with larger brushes to then refine them with smaller ones. Between that and my own misgivings about the whole concept, I decided at some point to set it aside for a while as I've noticed my outlook regarding a piece of artwork I've done tends to improve with time away from it.  
It didn't help that the above shenanigans as a farm worker got in the way of picking it up again.
Having recently found time to do so, and after some wrangling familiarizing myself again with OneNote's idiosyncrasies, I attempted to improve on its responsiveness by splitting drawings into their own pages. Fortunately the way I did it, didn't have them scrambled. However trying to work on the accumulated brushstrokes, as detailed on this Facebook post's comments, did, among other vicissitudes, inevitably shuffle them around. I had to start over enough times that I realized in the end that it was impossible to continue in this fashion. So I traced the important details and copied the result to a new page. This time, to avoid OneNote having a tantrum over keeping track of things, I used the eraser instead of a white brush to develop a line drawing and then after duplicating the page it was on I laid color upon it trying to be economical in my brushwork. Afterwards I redrew some of the line work to add visual interest. Fortunately during that whole process, OneNote failed to act up.

In any case what you see here is a generic ornithopod with a colorful head not unlike those of many ground birds. The limited number of colors available on OneNote ensured that :P

Much obliged to Midiaou, Pfunkei, Megalotitan, pilsator and Alan Kazlev for critique, commentary and encouragement.

Done in digital ink pen via Wacom tablet on OneNote 2007. Cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.
KirbyniferousRegret Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Nice job! And good to see you back :)
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August 5, 2017
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