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Stern Allosaur

By dracontes
New year, new resolutions. Let's see how getting maybe one artwork submitted per week goes. This on top of everything else I have going on...

So here's a generic allosaurid, a default of mine as I've said before, thus, wholly unreferenced. The large lacrimal horns were inspired by an old story of mine, since lost to digital oblivion, that tracked the ecological succession associated with a wallow in Tendaguru. The view was predicated on a year-and-a-half-old challenge on Twitter to draw Camptosaurus in something other than a sideview to... show you're not a plagiarist? Honestly, I think plagiarism is more a matter of opportunity than of lack of skill, so such a challenge in the end becomes a bit self-congratulatory. No one with a clear notion of being in the wrong and little skill would come within a mile of it and for someone who plagiarized and is skillful enough it'd only prove they wanted to cut corners. Is it not the analysis of the works in question that allows you to determine whether there was plagiarism? 
Perhaps these considerations are why, as I developed this, the depiction took on a decidedly unamused countenance though admittedly there have been many more things to happen recently that left me sour.

In any case, herein is also another attempt to emulate that printing offset color effect I've seen done elsewhere. You tell me how successful I was at that. 

Much obliged to pilsator, Eriorguez, Pfunkei, Albertonykus and Palaeotaku for commentary and encouragement. 

Wacom tablet on Photoshop CS3. 
Cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.

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