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Entry for a contest held by eorhythm/Xenoterrestrial for a rehash of her Drii creature concept. As usual I did not do what was asked. I'm subversive like that!

You can call him Shaggy and he'll run over to you knock you down and rub himself all over you.
You honestly don't expect to be licked, do you?
Show any semblance of fear and he'll tear out a chunk from you with a quickness.

Don't run!!
*Watches pathetically as the fleeing person is teared to pieces*

* * *

Rustlemaw is a generic name for a number of closely related species of Driiaican predatory fauna. There are species which form packs and hunt socially. Others are solitary. They are characterized by an extremely mimetic integument (Remember the drii lineage's integument is a living one. So for your own sake don't pull on the fur) which can change color instanly.
The Drii have selectively bred a few of these species together to yield something one could call a "dog" in drii terms.

EDIT: I had a disagreement with ol' Shaggy here over his sorry noisy and poor-framed state. Good thing he's just layers of graphite on a flat cellulose sheet!
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That's freaking mind-blowing!
dracontes's avatar
Much obliged for the compliment :)
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I really like this. How long did it took you to do all that fur?
dracontes's avatar
Much obliged for the compliment and the truckload of favourites :) 

As for how long I took to do this, since it was done more than 8 years ago, I hope you'll understand that I can't be more precise than a faint recollection of 8+ hours (which I may be confusing with that of some other work of mine in the same vein). 
DaVinci41's avatar
Imaginative and yet fully beliveable as a living organism. Beautifully controlled use of pencil technique! Bravo!
dracontes's avatar
Thank you very much for the compliments and the favourite :)
DaVinci41's avatar
My pleasure!Did you receive the free sample chapters from my upcoming book, "Shoggoths & Shibboleths" I sent through your Gmail account?
dracontes's avatar
No, I haven't :( I did a pretty thorough search of my Inbox so you'll have to send it again, I guess.

Many thanks in advance :D
Maziana's avatar
Wow, I love this. The fur shading is lovely, and the design is scary awesome! Your whole sci fi/fantasy folder is awesome too.
dracontes's avatar
Many belated thanks for the compliments and the favourites :D
IWannaGoblinKing's avatar
I want that as a pet.
dracontes's avatar
I'm not sure you'd be the owner for one. Bravado is a must ;)

Seriously, many thanks for the :+fav: :)
IWannaGoblinKing's avatar
No prob. I love the arts.
Py-okki's avatar
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Thank you very much for the compliment :)
Lanhudie's avatar
Nice 'n amazing creature you made. The detail n how you shading it, just awesome!
And the way you wrote the comment, quite frightening, but just so cool! Like it. :)
dracontes's avatar
Many, if belated, thanks for the compliments :D
sk0gul's avatar
That's one beastie I wouldn't want to happen across in a dimly lit forest.
dracontes's avatar
Thank you for the compliment :)

Nah, he's just rough around the edges with people he doesn't know ;) Once you get to know him he's pretty mellow.
Pristichampsus's avatar
Somehow I think the Puppeteer race would have eradicated/domesticated these eons ago...
dracontes's avatar
I was already interested in reading works by Niven. Now I'm even more resolved if it's only to understand what you're going on about.

Domesticated for surrogate womb use if I remember correctly? I'd think they'd eradicate them before that ;)
Pristichampsus's avatar
Oh, just put "Pierson's Puppeteer" into Wikipedia.
dracontes's avatar
I'd rather read the books now that you've got me interested :)
Pristichampsus's avatar

Very interesting, very cutting-edge when it was written.
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