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Miscellaneous Mammal Nr. 1

By dracontes
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At some point last year, things came to a head with a bête noire of the circles I frequent more assiduously.[1] To cut a long story short, I was threatened, namely by way of my non-existent career, over my disinclination to help this person with their pretense at scientific discourse.
It doesn't chagrin me as much as it once did to say I've been unemployed for 7 years (bar the 1-month period at that farm), and, having processed a good deal of the relevant baggage over a decade, neither did I have as much compunction as I could have had years prior in calling the bluff, knowing my hand was much better, and, among other things, reveal publicly I'm queer and a furry. Haven't had them approach me since and it's been a while. It helps that I blocked their obnoxious ass wherever it was reasonable because there's no talking with malcontents of that sort.
However this leaves me with a timeline thrown into some disarray. I've been wanting to indulge anthropomorphic character design for a long enough while and I do enjoy that fursonas can entail a personally relevant symbology. The social climate has been such I'd planned to have the furry bit come to light in a year though the queerness part was something I was more reticent about having widely known, even when the former allows reasonable inference of the latter. Gotta thank the aforementioned asswipe for providing as good an opportunity as I could wish for to sort that conundrum out.

So, with the above as succinct enough context, here's some headway into furry fare: the head of a generic mammal of sorts. I was sort of aiming for a generic carnivoran, something "primitive" and weasel-like, but private commentary suggested among other things a bat or a marsupial. Take your pick or make your own suggestion.
As some of you may be aware, furry material deals mostly with mammals and I've neglected those for the most part as a subject matter. It could however be said in recent years that I've neglected art altogether. A reason is that getting up to par in digital media with previous achievements in traditional media has been a constant source of frustration. Another is that other commitments have had me rather busy on matters other than art.
The latter has induced a sort of awkwardness whenever I pick up the stylus again, needing to get the hang of things once more after a months-long dry spell. The former only compounds on my feelings of inadequacy, knowing I can hardly get the finish I want.
This time around it seems that things clicked well enough, after I don't know how many false starts, after a year of not really indulging art as much as I wanted to, to get a good, not overly time-consuming process figured out to shade with texture. We'll see how things go on from here.

[1] I'm sure some of you know who I'm talking about, probably by having been privy to that ferment, however, even if you care to discuss their behavior, do be so kind as to not mention their name. All they seem to be interested in is attention, no matter how their struggles for relevance may cast them in the poorest of lights, so it's preferable they be starved of it. This is more about setting the stage for my own piece in these shenanigans anyway.

Many thanks to Pfunkei, Palaeofail, Albertonykus, Kiera, pilsator, Jheuloh, TheWoodParable, TyrannosaurusPrime for commentary and encouragement.

Wacom tablet on Photoshop CS3. Cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.
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