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Guanlong wucaii in pencil



Disclaimer: Unfortunately, as Science Marches On, this is no longer an accurate depiction of Guanlong wucaii.

So I finally got off my lazy ass and got a ream of printer paper to draw. Not am I only lazy I'm also rather cheap ;)
Now on my computer desk lays a package that contained 500 sheets of paper. I say "contained" because I decided to use one of them to draw this here dinosaur head shot.

Guanlong is, believe it or not, a tyrannosauroid, and makes one think if after all such primitive allosauroids as Monolophosaurus and by kinship all allosauroids aren't just basalmost coelurosaurs.

EDIT: Okay, I freely admit it. I crapped out on this one. However at ~Agahnim's pertinent critique elsewhere and a slightly different outlook on life I decided this could use some reworking and I think this version is much better in all respects. You can gander at the placeholder at this [link] .
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