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Greater Shearmaw

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I've recently picked up work on Palaeos again. Unfortunately some tasks entail a scholarly requirement of bullshitting as little as possible which leaves me at a disadvantage regarding less rigorous types' copious output. I suppose it comes with the territory: as Alberto Brandolini put it, "The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."
I'm currently going over the available literature and, as parts of the reference collection process can be automated (thankfully), I'm left with a mostly tied-up Internet connection and a lot of time on my hands. Time which can be used to sort browser bookmarks, tidy up files on the hard drive and draw. 

The above drawing results from the usual process of scribbling a few lines and then trying to see what these suggest. Something for which you need some determination (if not stubbornness) to see through. In the end, what I managed to sculpt out of the initial mess is easy enough on the eyes. The drawing's process can be found here
I figure it's some sort of alien herbivore (or something close enough in concept) that converged in some aspects with sauropods and turtles. Yes, those are sharp blades on either jaw. Mind your fingers ;)

Much obliged to Pristichampsus, Alan Kazlev and Albertonykus for commentary and encouragement.

Done in digital ink pen via Wacom tablet on OneNote 2007. Cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.
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