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Eye Lines by dracontes Eye Lines by dracontes
A program on the list for the compatibility/stability check is rather involved: it uses a specific language, thus I need to go over the documentation first so I can have a better grasp on its capabilities. In the meanwhile, the breaks from learning will consist of either doing the check for a more straightforward program or revisiting programs already done. Thus you have a revisited theme: a generic tetrapod eye in detail, done on the OneNote sketchbook I mentioned here. This time around I did it all in black and white ink.
Incidentally, an initial impression that I probably would have been better off using the note-taking software for a digital student's notebook instead of a combination of Photoshop and Word is belied by OneNote's idiosyncrasies (and probably wouldn't be helped by the low-end laptop I had at the time). While resolving conflicts with the security program helped to some extent, it is still unintuitively particular about how you do things and as a result I spend way too much time cleaning up after myself. This drawing for instance was started about a week ago but inbetween salvaging notebook sections on my main one, I only managed to finish it satisfactorily today.
And speaking of Comodo Internet Security, it's starting to wear thin on my patience.

Done in digital ink pen via Wacom tablet on OneNote 2007. Cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.
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March 15, 2017
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