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Dreadnought by dracontes Dreadnought by dracontes
Not the Phyrexian one but perhaps influenced by it.

The prompt for this one was some recent trouble with Discord. As you may know I tried that chatting platform and found it unsatisfactory for my preferred use of them. Which is fair enough: I'm probably not its intended audience as I'm not what you'd consider a gamer. Still it's a loose end I haven't tied up yet and apparently it was at risk due to Cloudbleed. I was loathe to drop what I was doing but, all things considered, I appreciated that I couldn't delay the password change. I was in any case starkly reminded of a few reasons I don't care much for Discord.
As users of this software would know, if there is an update available when you start the program, it will forcibly be downloaded before you can do anything else on Discord. While this would be fine in itself, however, as seems to be more often the case with recently developed programs that have built-in updaters, developers somehow fail to account for low Internet speeds/connectivity: apparently everyone can be as carefree with money as they seemingly are.
Thus, finding that the Discord updater has been running for quite some time, I start sketching the above on OneNote to while it away. When I check my security program's connection viewer - because, obviously, Discord users shouldn't have to worry their little heads over the progress of the update's download - it seems as if a half hour hasn't passed. The download had failed at some point and restarted from the first byte. So I'm off to the Task Manager to kill the Discord process as nobody has time or patience for that kind of recalcitrance. I then proceed to download the installer myself from Discord's site, trying to ignore the bold chestnut on its frontispice.
Ditch Skype? Yeah, right... I'll sooner ditch Discord as the only group I'm on there as seen no activity for four months.

This drawing started as a scribble on a sort of OneNote sketchbook I started. I do have a dead tree sketchbook but I barely used it: this is the single work I've uploaded from it. Let's see how things go with the digital iteration.
In any case, as with the process in more standard software I use for drawing, I tried to figure out what it might be and develop into something serviceable. I ended up taking a fantasy approach: the critter only makes enough sense to look cool/horrific. This time around only used light gray and white to draw and erase respectively. I adjusted it appropriately on Paintshop Pro afterward to get what you see above.

Much obliged to Megalotitan and Pfunkei for commentary and encouragement.

Soundtrack: "Weird Al" Yankovic's Alpocalypse

Done in digital ink pen via Wacom tablet on OneNote 2007. Brightness adjustments, cropping and *.jpg compression in Paintshop Pro 9.
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February 24, 2017
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