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Light Texture Tutorial for PS

By draconis393
I was requested to post this here. I was lazy and just took screencaps of the tutorial on my livejournal and matched them up.

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Where is the tutorial? :(
draconis393's avatar
download image.
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Really sorry for my stupidity <3 Thanks, very helpful tutorial :D
kpopgifs's avatar
AMAZING! now i can make my own textures XD
thegodmachine's avatar
Hey, Thanks for the tutorial. I totally used it here, [link]
Gloria-Gypsy-Designs's avatar
Featured in "Texture Tuesdays" new article [link]
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Sweet been wondering how to make lighting with out hours and hours of tons of painful layering and getting lost.
Great tutorial. Thanks!
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thanks (:
graphicavita's avatar
thanks for i can make light's wonderful! i gave you credits [link]
graphicavita's avatar
WONDERFUL! I love you! Now i can make light textures!
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Thank you for the tutorial!
It's very useful.
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SCRATCH THE LAST ONE it's here. (sorry!)


And thanks again. :D
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Thanks for this, it was a GREAT help!

I used it here [link]

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hi just another note... i use this tutorial by making this [link]

thanks a lot :3
V-Cantabile's avatar
coool!! exactly wut am looking for... thanks for the share and great tutorial!!
christine326's avatar
i've tried it...but it doesn't look so good ^^u
i dunno where went wrong D8
btw, awesome tutorial
beautifurockprincess's avatar
OMG!! Great!! this is what i want. thanks u so muchhhhh faved!
pixie-dixie-rulz's avatar
I always wanted to know how to this.
thank you very much!
: D
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thanks for the great tutorial!
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