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Character Sheet: Helena Silverstep By N647 by Draconis-Glade
Mature content
Character Sheet: Helena Silverstep By N647 :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 21 4
Romance of The Season by Draconis-Glade Romance of The Season :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 1 0
A Friend am I
I cannot claim I will never leave you
I cannot say I will always be here
These are things that I cannot promise, in goid faith
I cannot replace lost friends
I cannot equal old friends
I can only be as good a friend as I can
I can claim I am still here with you
I can say I am still here for you
And I'll do my best to be here as long as I can
I can be a friend to you
I can say your a friend to me
And I will do my best to be as good a friend as I can
In the end it may not be much
But it's all I can do,  and as such
I offer myself to you, just as I am.
By: Draconis Glade
For: Tiffany
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 2
A Gift For Loli-Bea. by Draconis-Glade A Gift For Loli-Bea. :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 1 2 Draconis Glade By Aesonis by Draconis-Glade Draconis Glade By Aesonis :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 2 2
Mature content
A Witness to Punishment :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 3
Forever Waiting
Forever Waiting
Just remember you're not alone.
I'll be here if you still want me. I'll be here until you need me.
Just remember you're not alone.
There will be sadness if you are gone.
Please believe I will miss you. Please believe these words are true.
There will be sadness if you are gone.
A friend is just a breath away.
Though the distance from you is great. Though the time be early or late.
A friend is just a breath away.
Just remember you're not alone.
I'll wait here if you still want me. I'll wait here if you still need me.
Just remember you're not alone.
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 2 2
Always so lonely, but never alone
Always so lonely, but never alone
So many names, don't remember the faces
You hear them say Hello
So many faces, don't remember the names
You see them say Goodbye
Now left alone, without names and faces
the lonelyness you now find
But now that your gone, some name and some faces
still keep you in their mind
So when you're alone, please try to remember
there's people who really care
Even if you can't see, even if you don't know
their heart and spirit are there
For: LittleBigLoli
By: Draconis Glade
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 2 2
Gift for Pascal by Draconis-Glade Gift for Pascal :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 3 Kyrie Practice V2 by Draconis-Glade Kyrie Practice V2 :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 2 5
A Day without Draco
A Day Without Draco
"So Menolly sent Draconis out on a secret assignment in the dead of night?"
"And and he left Kyrie here with us?"
"It's going to be a long day isn't it."
"Yes~." With that Jessie gives a long sigh as she puts the last glass on the shelf behind the bar. Bending at the waist, her bosom heaving at her loose shirt, she picks up the heavy wooden crate which the glasses were in and carries it out the side door behind bar that leads to the kitchen. Nina stirs the morning pot of porridge at the hearth a few more times before moving among the tables to clear and clean. The Grand Hall is sparsely populated by some early rising guests of the Lofty Mountain Inn. Some morning mountain air spills in as the front doors open and a few travelers enter from the mountain pass road that the Inn services. Nina looks up, greets them, and then places the dishes she has collected on the bar. The two travelers approach the desk in the back corner of the hall, just past the div
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 5 2
A Dragon.... Sorta.... by Draconis-Glade A Dragon.... Sorta.... :icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 5
Very Incompleat Sample Writing
A King and a Ring
"Why am I still stuck doing courier jobs? I know I botched the last serious job I was on, but this is the third one I've done with you in the past two weeks."
"Jam thinks it may be because you almost killed the client."
"I did no such thing. I just gave him a gentle push, and you know it Jam."
"Jam saw your gentle push, it sent him into a wall five feet away and broke two of his ribs."
"I didn't mean to push him that hard. I could ignore the staring and lewd comments; I even tolerated the fact that he copped a feel. When he started blatantly rubbing up against me right in front of everyone I just lost it."
The two girls hush as they approach a large gate. The horse clops restlessly as the small cart it is pulling is brought to a halt. "Ho there! We seek entrance to this town." A head in a hard leather cap pokes over top the wall.
"State your business."
"We are here to purchase supplies and take rest from the road." A few seconds of silence is broken as a shout from th
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 1 0
A poem for a friend
A poem for a friend
Morning, day, noon, and night
I'll be your friend through heaven's plight
You say best friends, soul mates , and love
I say I'll be there for you, than give a hug
I wish I was there to give you a hand
And to have you near would just be so grand
We two are alike, both you and I
We would talk all night, with out goodbye
We have come so close, yet are so far
The distance is great for heart to reach heart
We have made a connection, through soul and mind
And we have made a bond that shall out last time
And so you say to me, and I say to you
We two are friend, and our smiles shine through
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 0
The Lost
The Lost
My soul trembles,
My body quakes
I am now weary and forlorn,
My very being forsakes
Though I continue to live,
I am empty inside
But the mist of remembrance
Often floods into my mind
I still long to be with you,
To hold you once more
Did you ever have feelings
Or were they never quite there
Do I ever dare ask you,
Do I dare seek the truth
Do I risk my weak heart,
To the claw and the tooth
I don't know, I don't know
The air whispers, wind howls
I am cast in confusion,
My wall crumbles away
I still tremble and quake
I'm so tired and distraught
So I wander and wait,
For the truth to come out
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 0
A Path Found
A Path Found
No more shall I dawdle,
No more shall I dote
I shall now go ever onward,
Not even stopping to gloat
I shall do all the work,
Then more work shall I do
I shall take pride in myself,
And my word that's renewed
No more I'll out off,
No more standing still
I'll take step after step,
Till I find something new
This is my forthcoming
This is no idle vow
I shall take my first chances first,
Then second if it come round
There's no turning back now
I've set it to words
I shall do what I writ
I'll take action, and be heard
:icondraconis-glade:Draconis-Glade 0 0


Iczerman's reps by devmgf
Mature content
Iczerman's reps :icondevmgf:devmgf 390 81
Uni's big idea by AlloyRabbit Uni's big idea :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 153 12 You picked me, now I get to play with you! by TheFluffyFuffer You picked me, now I get to play with you! :iconthefluffyfuffer:TheFluffyFuffer 12 0 There's room for one more by TheFluffyFuffer
Mature content
There's room for one more :iconthefluffyfuffer:TheFluffyFuffer 43 2
Helena stomps around by AlloyRabbit Helena stomps around :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 85 5 bellydancer Compa's tiny town by AlloyRabbit bellydancer Compa's tiny town :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 417 35 Red rides through town by AlloyRabbit Red rides through town :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 244 11 Yellow Heart's massive cheer by AlloyRabbit Yellow Heart's massive cheer :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 171 8 Matildgrow by AlloyRabbit Matildgrow :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 54 10 Rikanah Solid Present comic by Primiotish Rikanah Solid Present comic :iconprimiotish:Primiotish 94 33 more of a plateau, really by AlloyRabbit more of a plateau, really :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 232 19 Matilda plays with a sand castle by AlloyRabbit Matilda plays with a sand castle :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 52 10 Gts Growth Chart by Goku-Senpai Gts Growth Chart :icongoku-senpai:Goku-Senpai 335 39 Matilda wants to replace Rem by AlloyRabbit Matilda wants to replace Rem :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 100 13 Lini surfs the airwaves by AlloyRabbit Lini surfs the airwaves :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 34 5 Suika ups the ante by AlloyRabbit Suika ups the ante :iconalloyrabbit:AlloyRabbit 44 6


by Karbo

Amazing work on the landscapes once again. Great prospective POVing. The extra dark clouds in the background seem a bit off to me thoug...




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United States
Current Residence: Alaska, USA
Figured it's about time to post something here.
First, I'd like to thank everyone that's responded to my last few journals. It really did mean a lot le me to see those responses, even if I didn't manage to respond to them. It made me feel a little less alone. Thank you all again.
I went to my father's memorial, it was a few days before Christmas, and also got to spend a few days with my mom, and Christmas eve with my sisters on my mom's side and some family. Unfortunately I had to fly back late Christmas Eve, so spend Christmas Day at home in my apartment, and worked the next day. :P
Since then I've been trying to put my life back together, or at least that's what I'd like to say. Reality turned out to be that I couldn't find much life to put back together to begin with. So instead, I'm going to do my best to get moved out of this state this summer. Don't know where I'm going yet, or what I'm going to do with myself. I do know this though. I need to get out of here. There's nothing in this place for me any more. Nothing to keep me here. I'm tired of being so far from everything, and of this cold, and this life, what ever it is at this point.
I also think I would like to start talking to some people again, the friends I've met in the last few years online. Can't say I'll be talking as much as I use to, but I would like to make contact again I think. Maybe I'll be seeing some of you around. Till than, thanks again, and be well.



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