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Hello there people.

Sorry for my eternal absence on this site, but..as always, life has been scaringly ectic.

on the 17th of april, I had a car accident, only God knows how the heck I'm still here. My car was completely destroyed and I was lying on the only side which was still enduring.

the only serious injury I had was a broken femur (upper leg bone XD). I had a surgery, now I have a titanium rod in my leg (LOL WOLVERINE!)and I'm doing reabilitation, which is leading me to a full healing.

but the real healing was done by my mind, because I always stayed focused on happy thoughts and the firm will to heal. I learned a little of self control which I really hadn't before.

Thank you God. I'm still here.

I'll be back soon with new pics!

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My goodness D8 I hope that you are getting better one day at a time. We all missed you :)
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I had a feeling that something bad happened. Well your ok and that's all that matters.

I'll send good thoughts and lots of healing energies to ya x3.

May Bast watch over you!
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I too had a car accident, I know how that feels. Glad ur back.. ;D
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O_O Whoa, that's scary, was wondering where you were too. >:
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Glad to hear that you're alright and in good spirits!
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Glad you pulled through it.
Welcome back.
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Wow, DN. I am glad you are safe. That sounds like a rough time that could have been much worse.
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It's good to hear you're okay. Get better soon.
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Good to hear from you. Still if the new were not as good as I hoped for you. You seem to see the word different after the accident? I see if there will be a feed back of it in those upcoming arts.
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OH shit... does that mean that you're indestructible now and can have claws out of your.... errr.... toes...

so hot XDDDD

Anyway, glad to know you're in one piece (plus new update) ^^
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I feel for ya, real deep. Glad that you made it girl, get well reaaaal soon Laura!
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Oh my God! It's great to hear you're alright, I hope you heal up well.
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Oh god, I never thought that would be the reason of your absence :noes:

I'm glad you're OK and hope you recover soon :hug:
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Damn..! Well glad your ok and feeling better, i know you don't know me.. but sending best wishes anyway.
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:omfg:! ... :happycry:. Oh its so good just to hear that you are okay especially after all of that. I know I'm not the only one that got a little worried when we didn't hear anything from you.

Hope your leg gets better faster :hug:. Ah, its just great to hear your okay though ^^.
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Holy crap. A femur is a hard thing to break!

I am glad you are still here, darling. <3
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Glad you're all right. :)
And you did good keeping up that attitude. ^^
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good job i love your attitude <3
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Yeah, good to hear you made it through that and are doing well.
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Glad you're ok, sounds like it was a close call... :hug:
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