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The Darkness Inside Us...

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Published: June 24, 2005
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A man peers into the darkness. Malevolent gleaming red eyes gaze from the shadows back at him. Terror flows from the eyes. Encasing the man in his worst fears. His protective runes shine brightly in defense. A voice terrible and cruel, speaks from the shadows...

"We grow fat on your fear patryn. Your terror and hate is our food and drink. Chaos strengthens us."

"Who created you?" The man asks, as he tries to make out shapes in the inky blackness. His runes, flaring at danger, only make the shadows darker. It is impossible to see anything but the many pairs of eyes glowing in the dark recesses of the cavern.

"You did master, long ago... and we live to serve you." The largest pair of eyes bows down to the ground, revealing a gigantic serpent. A thick black liquid oozes from its scaly grey hide. The stench is putrid.

This timeless evil has no shape, no form. Hate, greed, anger, lust, envy, fear. These things strengthens it, gives it power. Chaos nurtures it. What is this evil? Where did it come from from? Look at this evil, it is a mirror. Born from our fears and hate. It grows and seeks to forment chaos in our lives. War is its best friend. Look at us! What do we do? We kill our brethren. We slaughter innocent lives. We take children and strap bombs on them. We occupy others lands, and take what we want by force. Men and women murder each other on a daily basis. And for what? A silly trinket? Five bucks? A new bike? A car?
There is almost no one we can trust in this world now. The hand that helps you up may also cut yours off at the wrist. We veiw each other with nothing but suspicion, uncertainty and fear. But why? Why can't we work for peace? What does it matter the slant of ones eyes or the color of ones skin? Besides...gold is gold no matter who owns it as the saying goes. And we all bleed the same blood. So why fight each other? Why form gangs to tyrannize innocent people on the streets? Why break into other peoples homes? Why invade other peoples land?
The world has truly become a corrupt place. Many people don't leave their homes unarmed. They sleep with knives/guns by their pillows. We fear our own country men and women! The same people we pass in our everday lives are the ones we are worried about. How did we get like this? Our fears....all our fears.
Confront the deepest parts of your soul. Search your heart and rid yourself of these feelings. Help some one you don't know. Stop hurting those people who are different. Meet your neighbor. Peace requires everyones willingness to take a chance.
Perhaps if we can learn not to hate we will have a better world for our children.

Patryns and dragon-snakes are copyright to Margeret Weis and Tracy Hickman. All I did was draw and rant.
Their death gate cycle is excellent reading if any one is interested. I own all seven books! :D
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aurorashareeHobbyist Writer
Love it!
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JakeukalaneHobbyist Digital Artist
It is cool!! I like this interpretation.
I will link this image in the bottom of my article about snakes of chelestra ([link])
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you're right!
sang-drax is not only a fictional monster, it is real, and the only way to destroy them is to love them...
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GodsDragonGirlHobbyist General Artist
wow, very cool! :D
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Draconic-LoverHobbyist General Artist
thanks, it was a scene I had in mind.
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GodsDragonGirlHobbyist General Artist
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