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  • May 19
  • United States
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My Bio

An autistic, easygoing dragon man & a humble viewer of art.

Roleplay is optional: While I would usually recite lines from some shows, games, or internet videos, I am pretty much on & off towards the actual subject myself.

Video Game Info: I'm known as DrgnGmr93 on Switch (Friend Code: SW-2817-4774-5297) & DraconicGamer93 on PSN (PlayStation Network); I may bear a volcanic temper in some circumstances so, fair warning about that.

My (Not so little) Secret: While I may be a normal guy in most circumstances, there's something I need to confess. Beneath this on and off facade, I may have an unusual liking for women with big bellies, either stuffed with food/drinks, around the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, or even inflated with air. While I have this fetish, the action I intend to do is actually very subtle. The action in question is mostly rubbing the woman's belly, maybe with a few hugs & kisses, and I actually would ask 1st before doing so. While anthropomorphic ladies are pretty in their own right, I usually prefer the human ones a little bit more.

With this in mind, I shall provide groups on the artist types I'm watching. They'll be listed in 1 of 4 different categories. These listings are subject to change depending on comments by the artists themselves, myself browsing their galleries, and/or with new faces added to the watching list. (Watchers here are a bit like Subs on YouTube and Followers on Twitter if I can recall.)

The 4 Types of Deviants I Watch:

1st and foremost are the SFW artists. They are the most wholesome of the bunch, featuring simple fan art of existing and/or original characters, with a few light-hearted jokes mixed in: AmytheRaytendoFan, Aso-Designer, BenTheFox1996, Blackrhinoranger, Blue-Paint-Sea, CelmationPrince, CHCHcartoons, ChelseaKittyGirl, cmara, DarkDiddyKong, darkfairy1999, Daycolors, DelightfulDiamond7, diuky, Dragonith, DrChrisman, DrQuack64, EarthGwee, Epic-Mia, GlassesGator, gpwlghr123, greenlittle, HiKazeDragon, ian2x4, ianrex499, JamesTheReggie, JJSponge120, joltzen, kira-vera, Kosperry, Mast3r-Rainb0w, Mickeymonster, Nintendrawer, pvzfan26, Ra1nb0wK1tty101, RayDango, rmgraphics1, rogelis, rongs1234, SailorRaybloomDZ, SammyD-Productions, Shenaniganza, Sigyoshi, SomePkmn-LovingDude, starstruckmana, superkeegan9100, TamarinFrog, TaylorSwitch64, teacupballerina, TheBourgyman, thegreyzen, Turquoisephoenix, UltimateSonicART, UnknownArtistML, yogelis, and YoshiMan1118.

The 2nd group featured are the SFW/Tamed Fetish artists. They feature some expansion-based works along with the wholesome ones, but they're usually made for comedic purposes. That should be able to separate them from the 2 lists that follow: Dragonus-Prime, funnytime77, JuacoProductionsArts, Lengieal, LuigiStar445, NinjalaFan101, NoahTigerDragon, rabbidlover01, sulfer-kokegitsune, and tanasweet123.

In the 3rd group are the Mature Fetish artists. Most of their works almost primarily appeal to specific or multiple kinks, like mine for female bellies, usually around (where else) the mature side if not entirely (For examples, 18+ and/or POTENTIAL NUDITY). If you were to accidentally stumble into their galleries, you only have yourselves to blame for the mishap. Though if you are brave enough to enter said galleries, I highly advise that you to treat the artists listed here with respect, for they are as human as the rest of us: a022412, ajiklo, AltzEgoz, AshamedScreen, Axel-Rosered, Blueberry-shortcake, bo-the-sno, CobaltReverie, Cookies-Cat, CreativityMaster, Cross-Crescent, CutiePopBlue, D1G1TALF4CE, Darkatios, DJ-Bapho, EnigmaticEnvelope, Funble, Hexalt, Hikusaa, HimitsuDragon, HMSM, Jake--Jaccobus, jishintai, Kagsoba, Marrazan, Metalforever, MilkyBody, NasuOkaa-san, Nomopolitainia, PlasticExtreme, Puff-Knight, PutinforGod, Ribimi28, RoyalOppai, SaitoYang, Semi-Stick, Shadowbonnie5, SharkBubble, shydude, SlickPens, Snow-chanDA, SongOfSwelling, Space-SeaCow, SPOOKY-GH0ST, SquishySofty, StrangerBoy420, Strangest-Danger, SuperSpoe, Susfishous, TheKairii27, TimaeusArt, Vale-city, vanBOOP, Verdazin, Viper9000, and ZeroGhostRei.

And in the 4th group are the Hybrid artists. They actually dabble between both sides of the spectrum, around half SFW and half light/heavy fetish, to my knowledge at least. A few users would even have 2 separate accounts for some circumstances. They should deserve to be treated with just as much respect as the 3rd group listed above them: Angry-Signs, Comical-Weapon, deviantbuu427, DLeagueman, Dr--Worm, Jeetdoh, Luney-Lunic, MachineQueen, MEGATRON-RETURNS, MetallicaFanGirl, NastBag, nerdsman567, OctopusSteak, ParallaxTheDarkOne, Patdarux, PrincessCallyie, PunishArt, richsquid1996, Riff-RaffProductions, Silryan, Silryantish, Space--Rift, SpaceBlimp, TheMultiverse101, and TRC-Tooniversity.

Favourite Visual Artist
There's so much potential, it's hard to pick just one
Favourite Movies
Mostly the Animated, & a few Live-Action (The Good Ones)
Favourite TV Shows
Usually the Animated ones (Reboots & Spin-offs are hit-or-miss)
Favourite Books
Sorry but I rarely read some story books
Favourite Games
Smash Bros., Platformers, Racing(example: Mario Kart), Hero-shooters
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

My Potential Persona

0 min read
Here's how I would imagine my persona, Draco(Short for DraconianGamer93), for this site. I got most of the inspiration from mythical dragons, and maybe some from a few video game baddies for base references. Physical Appearance: Picture one of the Kasplats from Donkey Kong 64, but his scales are a slightly darker shade of blue, with his snout & underbelly being a mildly deeper yellow. He would be around 6 feet tall & appear slightly more muscular. His eyes would be blue, around a shade lighter than his scales, while his hair would be around hot pink, the same color as Galacta Knight's body, and slightly spiky compared to other Kasplats. Depending on art styles, he could be depicted with either 4 or 5 fingers on each hand, same thing will be said with the number of toes on his feet. His fingers and toes would all end with white clawed nails that look, but are actually not very sharp. He'd have a pair of pointed ears, similar to those of fantasy world setting elves. He would also have a
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Happy Father's Day to all! :D
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Today is my birthday! :D
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Great wanna start?

I think so. Saw my Discord info?

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Yeah, still here. Also will reply to note soon.