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A group dedicated to a [currently unpublished] book series called 'Dragon'.

We have just one rule; If you want to make fan art, please do give credit where it's due, since the characters are not for free use. Thanks!
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Apr 30, 2010


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Art Collection

15 Members
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ZBrushCore - ''Kimo Krayt'' Dragon Bust by Rebecca1208
ZBrush - Kimo Head 2 WIP - Blue Eyes by Rebecca1208
ZBrush - Kimo Head WIP by Rebecca1208
Dark Prince by Rebecca1208
Concept Art
Dracon: Drake REVISED by Rebecca1208
Dracon: Christina REVISED by Rebecca1208
Dracon: Flames REVISED by Rebecca1208
Dracon: Oris REVISED by Rebecca1208
Dark Guardians by Rebecca1208
Kimo - Breath of Flame by Rebecca1208
Cave Stalking by Rebecca1208
Dive by Rebecca1208
Dark Kimo by Rebecca1208
Map of Acceber by Rebecca1208
Species 01 by Rebecca1208
Wyvern Sketch by Rebecca1208
Referance Sheets
Sarnet Bassilisk Reference by Rebecca1208
Kimo Krayt Reference by Rebecca1208
Dracon Species in Spore by Rebecca1208
Fan Art
Kimo Headshot by Groxika
Teen Zonoya and Kimo Krayt by Groxika
Kimo-Spyro Mix by Rebecca1208
Timbal-Rough by Rebecca1208
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Spore - Skull Dragon by Rebecca1208
Spore - Skull Wyvern by Rebecca1208
Spore - Skull Dragon by Rebecca1208
Spore - Blue by Rebecca1208
Crafts Models
''Insanity'' by Rebecca1208
The point of this blog entry is to give people an idea of how things started and what things were originally like. Once things are finished and published, later on, I'll give you guys the full update on everything that has changed, been added or removed, and anything else possibly worth interest. Enjoy.

    How it started

Well... Quite simple, really. I was 9, left myself in my room while everyone was busy downstairs. During this time, we didn't have Sky or Broadband or anything to get decent TV, so, I ended up stuck watching some crappy movie involving Dragons that I absolutely hated (I was a Dinosaur fangirl. I hated Dragons *SHOCK!*). I had nothing to do, I was incredibly bored, and the movie sucked.
Then... I honestly can not remember why, but I just got up, looked in my room, grabbed some paper and a pen, and just started writing. I didn't stop. I called it "Dragons" since the whole thing was about Dragons. And lol... I can still remember the drawings I did for it. I was good with drawing Dinosaurs, but Dragons? You wouldn't believe it was me XD Unfortunately I lost my very first Dragon sketch, but when I find some of the other really old ones, I plan on uploading it onto DeviantArt, as a joke ^^
So yeah... After I started writing, that's it. After I started drawing more out-of-story stuff, my interest in Dragons randomly grew. I started getting better at drawing them, I began writing more for the story. I was always a little interest in writing stories, but I was never that dedicated. My first complete story, Dragons, came up to about 70-80 double-sided A4 handwritten pages o.O
After that, I continued writing. My vocabulary and grammar improved greatly, thanks to this new hobby. As the years went by, I rewrote certain things, gradually improving, and came up with more characters, places, story-lines, the whole thing. Now, today, I've merged a few of the stories together and am nearly finished writing the first book, on a computer this time. While at first, the story was about a couple Dragons seeking revenge, it now revolves around possibly 100 characters, 4 or more time-periods, a collection of religions and beliefs, and much more. Nearly 16, and I'm close to finishing my first book, and a completely evolved world. As vain as it may sound, I'm quite proud of myself :)

    The Complete List of Story Names

- "Dragons" - This was the original title of it all, back before there was ever a 'second' story. Points to anyone who can guess why I called it that... but yeah. When more stories started coming in, I decided a new name was justified, "Dragons - The Beginning" ... not very imaginative. But the story still exists in the current series.
- "Dragons - The Treasure Hunt" ~ ...what can I say? I was 9, and therefore, started coming up with silly stuff >_> This second story was never completed, and as far as I can remember, none of it is in the final.
- "Dragons - A New Empire" ~ ...I honestly forgot this name. I think this is the third title I have made. I just remember storing it in my folder (which I went to get, while writing this) looked at the title, and the name is the exact same as the current third story, and yet, different storylines o.O Yes, this is news to me XD Atleast i think it's different storylines. I'll need to read it soon, see if I can use it in the current stuff.
- "Dragons - The Beginning" - New title, suitable for a series. Obviously the first book.
- "Dracon" - Once new races came up, and one of the endings was finalised, I decided it would be a good idea to change the name. I wont explain my reasons for this now - that can wait until it's published :)
- "Dracon - The Beginning" - Same as "Dragons - The Beginning". Just updated the name.
- "Dracon - A Twisted Fate" - Second of the series, this involves a few secrets being broken. A few surprises and twists. Main characters either changing or revealing themselves. zomgbigsupwises.
- "Dracon - A New Empire" - Completely different from the previous "A New Empire", this is focused a bit in the future. Nothing hi-tech and futuristic, though. A totally different future. It's awesome <3
- "Dracon - Kimo's Story" - Since Kimo later turned out to be my favourite character (originally it was Flames, the original main character), and so much was happening with him, but so little was told in the stories, I decided he could have a go at narrating his life. This'll include his original, more peaceful life, new experiences and events, general stuff that's happened to him, characters of interest to him, questions and mysteries answered from the previous book(s), filling in blanks, and much more. I totally look forward to writing it :3
- "Dracon - Guardians Age" - Just so you know, 'The Guardians' are like Gods. This is one of the religions in the Dracon World. I wont reveal much more information, but other than that, this book is about them and their lives. So, the actual origins of everything in 'Dracon'. I also look forward to writing this.
- "Dracon - Mortals World" - The latest time I've rewritten the stories (about 4 times now?) I decided they were too short, and that I'll combine 'The Beginning', 'A Twisted Fate', and possibly 'A New Empire' all into one book. 'Kimo's Story' and 'Guardians Age' are currently on their own, as originally planned.

It's very possible there are more titles and names. I think this is everything, although I feel like I've missed one or two out. Rage!

    List of Common Characters

This isn't the complete list. These are just some of the characters that'll appear quite often. I wont be giving out any spoilers in this, so you may find some of the information isn't 100% correct.

- Kimo Krayt - Male - Blue Horned Krait Dragon
- Sapphire Gale - Female - Blue Tamed Draik
- Sarnet Bassilisk - Female - Black Horned Krait Dragon
- Draik Soul - Male - Blue Tamed Draik
- JK (Jay Kay) - Male - Red-Brown Maned Dragon
- Flames Cano - Male - Red Cano Dragon
- Oris Horns - Male - Green Horned Dragon
- Christina Acht - ight Green Female - Horned Dragon
- 'Black Devil' - Male - Black Feral Draik
- 'Killed Devil - Male - Black Feral Draik
- Kantos - Male - ???
- Dru'zaic - Male - ???
- Acceber - Female - ???
- Volcanah - Male - ???
- Phoenix - Male - ???
- Blake - Male - ???
- Raptor - Male - ???
- Elder Odreadradon - Male - ???
- Elder Osorrowsear - Male - ???
- Aarknakh - Male - ???
- Exiζer Assassin - Male - Blue Krait Dragon
- Klide Assassin - Male - Purple Dragon-Draik Hybrid
- Blaze Drackänak - Female - Black Krait Dragon
- Ray Därsëraka - Male - White Dragon-Serpent Hybrid
- Lord Saber Därsëraka - Male - White Dragon-Serpent Hybrid
- Lord Talon Drackänak - Male - Black Badlands Draik
- Danny Jaw - Female - Anthro-Alligator
- Dean Gan - Male - Raptor
- Fang Wolf - Male - Volcanah
- Faye Din - Female - Spiked Viper
- Sanu Wereno - Female – Skelemawtile
- Zaneck - Male - Odredrah

    List of Common Races

Not the complete list - only simple results. Not all have been listed.

- Krait (Blue/Green, Horned/Common)
- Canos
- Horned
- Maned
- Eastern
- Northern
- Dracolich

- Azure
- Feral
- Badlands
- Tamed
- Fay

- Odedrah - Anthro-Big Cats
- Kedro - Anthro-Reptiles
- Volcanah - Anthro-Wolves
- Skelemawtile
- Lycan

- Phoenix
- Spiked Viper
- Winged Serpent
- Gryphon
- Raptor
- Bassilisk
- Guardians
- Draconic-Serpent Hybrid
- Humans
More Journal Entries


-- Welcome! --

Welcome to the Dracon-Artwork group! 'Dragon' is a [currently unpublished] series of stories by Rebecca1208, and the aim of this group is to collect any images and drawings based on the stories. We accept anyone as members, and don't expect masses of contribution, so feel free to join ^^ We hope you enjoy your time here!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Current Books
- Dracon I - Mortals World (half complete)
- Dracon II - Kimo's Story (in progress)
- Dracon III - The Guardian's Age (in progress)

Extra Projects
- Encyclopedia of Acceber - Complete description of lands, isles, history, idols, Gods, religions, languages, races, wildlife, artifacts and much more!
- Tonnes of artwork and designs

-- Want to Join?--

Then feel free to! Just click the join button above. If you're having trouble, feel free to contact one of the Founders or Co-Founders, or post a message in the comments. All we ask is to respect the artists and writers, and take a look at the rules :nod: Thanks.

-- Rules --

- Respect all artists, writers, members and contributors
- You're more than welcome to submit art, so long as it's relevant to this
- Please do not steal, edit, distribute or copy any of the artworks or characters
- Be considerate and wary of younger users if you're going to submit anything mature


Kimo - Hm? by Rebecca1208 Kimo - Hm? :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 6 7 Kimo Krayt Reference by Rebecca1208 Kimo Krayt Reference :iconrebecca1208:Rebecca1208 17 14
Current Display: Character: Kimo Krayt
A look at two images of one of the most notable characters in "Dracon", Kimo Krayt. Left image is a darkened, mysterious sketch while the right image is a reference sheet.


Author and Creator

Only for my closest of friends and loyalist fans



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