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Winter dawn

By dracolychee
Moodpainting for a novel. There's gonna be crowbait soon.
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© 2012 - 2021 dracolychee
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Its like the twilight of Eden-splendor that fell into shadow.
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Not sure though whether there was ever splendor at this teeny tiny village. :)
eery  and alluring at the same time
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That's what I wanted it to be. Eerie most of all. Thanks! =)
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oh jesus such a wonderful colours, love this artwork
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I want to visit that place, it looks lovely.
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Take care not to end up as crowbait, then. The fighting is gonna be ugly in the small alleys. Best wait until after the battle. :)
Maybe I'll do more pictures of that place someday.
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Is the novel going to be uploaded?.. (Pleeeease, may it be so!)
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Hi arico,

likely not, sorry! I'm writing this novel in German (which is my native language). But I hope that there will be an English version. Worst case would be that I re-write it in English myself ... and hope that a kind native speaker refines the text. :)
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Kein Problem)) Ich kenne ein Bisschen Deutsch, sonst gibt es auch Wörterbücher^_<
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Hmm, ich könnte etwas Text posten, lass es aber lieber, bis das Buch fertig ist. Die Szene, zu der das Bild gehört, ist bisgher nur geplottet, aber noch nicht geschrieben.
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Planen Sie dann es zu posten, wenn es vertig ist? Okay, dann warte ich))
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Hi arico,

English is fine :)

I don't know what will happen to the book. I hope to find a publisher, but it is far from being mainstream ... so if there's no publisher who wants it, I'll probably make a (free?) e-book. And of course I'll mention that on dA.

Anyways, thanks for your support! Knowing that people would like to read my stuff is what keeps me up writing. :)
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'kay then)) Is my German below tolerable? X-))
Yeah, finding a publisher is the hard part... or at least the unpleasant one.
I'll keep watch in case you decide to upload sketches, art, scraps or stuff which usually helps systematize the depicted world and/or the plot))
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Your German is totally OK. Just one letter: the word reads 'fertig'. It would not even sound different.

Some weeks ago I made a ToDo list for art practise, everything based on the world background. I hope I'll find the time to do it.
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Utterly awesome. I love the setting. Definitely fav'ed.
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This work has been featured in
:bulletgreen: Scenery Spotlight VIII :bulletgreen:
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Glas to see the pic in nice company. Thanks! :)
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