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20180329 143107 by DracoLumina 20180329 143107 :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 5 0
Walking in darkness
I walk this world alone,
by my own choice this has been.
I held my heart back,
For I was afraid to feel.
Always holding myself beyond everyone,
I look down on this world as if from a star.
Afraid of being hurt,
I never let anyone fully in.
But I made a mistake,
I dared to dream.
That this world could hold more for me,
That I could be part of the warmth I saw.
But my fears held me back,
Never letting my soul show.
I let slip of my strenght,
and someone came in through a crack.
Now that is gone,
Possibly never to be found again.
Forgive me my love,
I never wanted to cause Pain.
We have had some good times,
for which I would never give up.
And once again,
I walk this world alone.
This time is diffent,
For my soul has been bared.
This time I cannot hold back my heart,
For I have felt the pain of love.
My body might seem cold,
but my heart watches over you.
I realize that it was not a mistake,
But to love is the greatest of goals.
The cold in my heart,
is the part of me that I lost.
As teh
:icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 0
The Future
What remained after the hope has died,all the shattered dreams, the forgotten plans.
After Life, Death, Joy, and sorrow all faded.
After the forgotten past, and the present.
After everything in this forsaken word went away,
Was of all things,
The Future
:icondracolumina:DracoLumina 2 0
Scale flower with chain stem by DracoLumina Scale flower with chain stem :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 2 0 Second scale shirt. by DracoLumina Second scale shirt. :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 0 Chainmail dice bag by DracoLumina Chainmail dice bag :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 0
in pain
Here I sit,
day after day.
body pulsing,
feeling like,
its tearing,
falling apart.
Here I sit,
day after day.
everybody around,
happy, laughing,
while I
sit painfully.
Here I sit,
day after day.
people looking
through me.
never understanding
my pain.
Here I sit,
day after day.
tears inside
sliding down
as always
never seen
:icondracolumina:DracoLumina 1 1
the kiss by DracoLumina the kiss :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 0 Naruto and Hinata by DracoLumina Naruto and Hinata :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 1 Euro 4 in 1 with celtic vision by DracoLumina Euro 4 in 1 with celtic vision :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 2 Celtic Vision star by DracoLumina Celtic Vision star :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 3 3 Persian 3in1 by DracoLumina Persian 3in1 :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 3 Interwoven Euro 4in1 by DracoLumina Interwoven Euro 4in1 :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 2 1 frozen love by DracoLumina frozen love :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 1 0 inverted Box necklace by DracoLumina inverted Box necklace :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 1 0 inverted spiral chain earings by DracoLumina inverted spiral chain earings :icondracolumina:DracoLumina 0 0

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Lonely by Nesskain Lonely :iconnesskain:Nesskain 225 17 Lost by Nesskain Lost :iconnesskain:Nesskain 43 7 Kindred spirits by Ironshod Kindred spirits :iconironshod:Ironshod 9,671 643
Lead to Our Beating Hearts
I feel hurt
I feel ignored
I am repressed
I am lonely
I can be mad
I can be sad
But no matter what I am,
It always ends the same.
You feel confused
You feel scared
You are worried
You are wounded
You might be okay
You might be alright
But no matter what you are,
It always ends the same.
He feels confused
He feels constrained
He is not satisfied
He is not well
He may be there
He may be home
But no matter what he is,
It always ends the same.
:iconlaughingbumblebee:laughingbumblebee 1 0
Goodbye by Nesskain Goodbye :iconnesskain:Nesskain 74 9
i just dont know how......
i wanna call you
but i dont know how to.
whenever i pick up the phone
i keep thinking you wanna be left alone
its hard not to think about you
its hard just to let you go
i think you'll always stay there
and it sucks that you'll never even know
i wonder if you ever think about me
if you ever pick up that phone
and wonder what i will be doing
and if I am the one who wants to be left alone
but who am i kidding
i know thats not true
to believe that for a second
you'd even think about what i do
because life holds wonderful things
and i dont know why
it just dosent want me to have you
no matter how hard i try.
so its okay
ill keep you my secret
my regret.
no one has to know
that i still love you.
:iconmalfie:malfie 1 0
Don't Be Afraid, Angel by CyanideSara Don't Be Afraid, Angel :iconcyanidesara:CyanideSara 2 0 Soul Mates by Ironshod Soul Mates :iconironshod:Ironshod 5,424 360 Kurenai by ChuMasu Kurenai :iconchumasu:ChuMasu 12 27 Smoking on a Dragon by deviantetienne Smoking on a Dragon :icondeviantetienne:deviantetienne 11 11 Dragon design by WhispersDreams Dragon design :iconwhispersdreams:WhispersDreams 10 11
Your Name
Your name
Is etched into my heart
But you will not love me
And you never will
So I moved on
But your still in the background
Like an annoying bug
Never going away
Buzzing in my ear
But I found someone else
To dream of at night
To look at and imagine of
Its a Strange Life
Buts It's Mine
:iconbird-lauren:bird-lauren 3 0
Life Change
You brought it on yourself
I will not cry for you
You are not worth the time
The past is past
I look to the future
You're not worth it at all
I cannot hurt for you
To Break down's not my thing
I broke your heart
Hurt you really bad
You hurt me worse
Did you know that
Breaking down
Hurting more
You can't fall
Through the door
Life Change____________
Taking my time down the road
I try to find the fork
I know the obstacles are hard to go over
Sending a message to the little world
Telling you that it's over
Saying you can't go on
Bullshit, I don't believe you
You said you thought of me
But you know I wanted to be friends
You acted different.
You brought it on yourself
I will not cry for you
You are not worth the time
The past is past
I look to the future
You're not worth it at all
I cannot hurt for you
To Break down's not my thing
I broke your heart
Hurt you really bad
You hurt me worse
Did you know that
:iconbmwysp:BMWYSP 1 0
seclusion 2 by timmehxcore seclusion 2 :icontimmehxcore:timmehxcore 2 0


voices in their heads
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20180329 143107
Well decided to pick up the pencil and do some drawing again.  Got to get back into practice, so here is my first drawing of an eye.
So things didn't pan out very well for me over the last few years and I am now in a position to work on me and to get some things in my life strait.  I had thought about drawing again and doing some digital art, but well I have so many things I want to do I don't have time for it all.  Still wanting to do the chainmail thing and do it as I have time, but its slow going, the whole I got to have money to live kind of thing.  So what I am doing now is tying to pick up web design contracts.  So if anyone needs a web designed shoot me a message and mayhaps we can work something out.

  • Listening to: Behind blue eyes ~~ The Who


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cweitat Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
i can fund the remaining amount. 
cweitat Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
but how can u assure me? :)
not-klayman Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
Was it really you who applied for this Bitcoin loan under your credentials? Here:
DracoLumina Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
NikidaEve Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
You have a marvelous gallery.
The shirt is fantastic! I hope to make mine here soon.

Thanks kindly for the :+devwatch: and attention to my gallery. its greatly appreciated. Enjoy a llama! :w00t:
DracoLumina Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
I actually have a second one that I have made that I wore to MTaC this past year, just haven't posted any pics of it... I'm guessing I should.
DracoLumina Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
heh thank you
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Aiden-Ai Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
---> [link] [link] [link] <--- All photos of you... and your boyfriends XD
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Happy Birthday? lol says on you hehe. :D^^
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