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A Cold Arctic Whisper
A cold night sky hangs silently above
Reflecting all below
Majestic glow
Crystal shimmers all around
A canvas not short of perfection
So sharp
So dangerous
So fragile
A million stars fall from the sky
An angel cries from up high
Blessing this lake with countless tears
The angel whispers past my ears
"Can't you see?"
Not too big
Not too tall
Stands a tree drowning in an ocean emptyness
Have you ever seen a tree with veins?
Such beautiful deep blue veins
You are the last
My palms do hunger
Let me taste I pleed
Frost glazed cheeks stretch
I pull my rust covered hands away
You cold
I feel...
A flame inside ignites
The lake glows so bright
"It's over now"
As we embrace
Engulfed in flames
We are one
It's over now
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 1 2
Mr self destuct by dracolithe Mr self destuct :icondracolithe:dracolithe 2 4
A form with no meaning
Let loves light wings do justice unto me
Let those frail forms lift and guide me
I am but a flightless bird
A form with no meaning
Take me to my true loves arms
Let me touch his soft loving palms
I am but a faulty machine
A form with no meaning
Let his soft caress speak without words
Let me live the stories I have heard
I am but an expired soul
A form without meaning
Let us travel near and far
Let us kiss upon a shooting star
I am but a slave
A form with a meaning?
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 4
Tranquility 'Version' by dracolithe Tranquility 'Version' :icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 2 Tranquility by dracolithe Tranquility :icondracolithe:dracolithe 1 7 That Sinking Feeling by dracolithe That Sinking Feeling :icondracolithe:dracolithe 1 7
The Transformation
Transform translucent transfigurement through an exostentional perspective
Render my gender, you're just a bender.
Calculating conclusions and uncontrolable confusions
Confess leads to distress leads to mess leads to stress leads to less
Oh why such denial and dispise, now it's time to run and hide
Laugh and point and glare and stare, why can't life just be fair?
Why do I wear a costume? What will everyone assume? My heart, my dreams, my life they consume
Lick around the edge and earn a taste, see the tears form on my face, such a disgrace
Lie, cheat, steal, anything just to get a feel, feel of feelings, forefill the meanings
Greedy and selfish, hidden away like a shellfish, hiding the shining pearl
Pushing further everyday, leaving behind him, her and they
Lost and alone
You threw the first stone
If it's one thing i've been taught
All this mess trouble and stress
Is all my fault
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 0
Mature content
A mothers love :icondracolithe:dracolithe 1 0
Storm by dracolithe Storm :icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 2 Dream Of Armagedon by dracolithe Dream Of Armagedon :icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 1 Armagedon by dracolithe Armagedon :icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 2
The Long Burning Road
I thought I had it all figured out
The meaning that is
To keep you happy
And I tried
Tried so hard
So long
Prehaps too hard
Prehaps too long
And im sorry
Walking down that road side by side
And I lost the keys to your cuffs
The gravel burns our weary feet
Can we go on?
The sun scorches our blisters
Can I go on?
I've fallen my love
And I can't have you dragging me no more
And im sorry
For what it's worth
Im sorry
I thought I had it all figured out
The meaning that is
To keep you happy
But I was wrong
Silver feels your eyes
So long
Too long
My tongue craves your life
Let me taste you
Let me indulge you
Your sorrowful tears quench my thirst
Your pain brings me life
My life brings you pain
Lets keep walking
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 5
Alone In The Dark by dracolithe Alone In The Dark :icondracolithe:dracolithe 2 11
I can smell it
Face folding in
Head like a rock
Your chisiling words
Cracking, scraping, penetrating
Flesh bleeding black
Heart like a sack
Temporary baggage
...Room for one more
They've made a hole
You keep slipping through
I cannot catch you
...I'll never have you
Arms growing tired now
Hard to keep them up
Hard to keep them open
Skin fading away
I'm a ghost
and you keep falling through
I cannot catch you
You're going to fall
I feel so small
As they grow tall
A flower in their shadows
Leaves cracking and falling
Petals frozen and stalling
Im withering away
Where is my light?
Please find me
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 2 6
Paranoid Parasite :Part1:
I dislike people who try to convince me i'm worthless
Because i'm worthless enough to believe it
I dislike people who say that my life is wrong
Because I know they're right
I dislike people who critisize my life
Because they make my life feel critical
I dislike not being able to help people
Because I remember I need help myself
I dislike my truth
Because my truth requires a lie
I dislike my lie
Because it's cold in the shadows
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 1 11
Forgive Not Forget
I know you are
You said you are
but what am I?
Just what am I?
Just what the fuck am I?
Am I dead?
I feel it
This is worse than death
What are you?
You're my saviour
My only hope
Our only hope
I feel it
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I didn't see it before
I was trapped
In darkness
I see it now
Shinning so bright
But it burns...
Burn's from the inside
It hurts so much
I can't breathe
I dont want to breathe
The more I breathe the more it hurts
The more it hurts the more I cry
The more I cry, the more you cry
...But I don't want you to cry
I want you to forgive
Forgive yourself
I'm sorry
I can't hold it much longer
I can't hold it in much longer
It's coming
Spazmic contractions from within
Tears, pain and guilt
Flowing free
Free from me
Poison squeezed from a wound
But it still burns
Burns from the inside
When will this go?
Please forgive yourself
Im sorry
:icondracolithe:dracolithe 0 18


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~~ |<455`/ |<177`/ ~~
United Kingdom
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Favourite genre of music: Any kind of rock, mostly metal or goth
Favourite photographer: X-horizon
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Personal Quote: And We'll pray that there is no god
I had one weird dream last night...why are thwe weirdest all ways the coolest ones :D
Anyway, for the long as I can remember, all of my dreams consist of me being chased in a world thats been overun by something and im all by myself, most of the time its zombies.
Well I had a dream last night that I was in leicester with my boyfriend and my brother and his friends showed up, now my brother doesn't know that I have a boyfriend nor does he know im gay so I tried to hide but he found me anyway and we ended up in my b/f's house. Whilst in the house I found some photo's in his mum's wardrobe of him...weird photo's and I questioned him about it and he couldn't tell me why they were taken or who took them. The next thing I remember was being in a world full of monsters and I was with a group of friends and my b/f. I had just been captured by some people and we were gonna be locked up, knowing this I slipped a knife in to my sock. Suddenly as we were ebing made to go inside a building there is this big banging over and over, like footsteps. All the people agree to become friends again and destroy what was coming. I ran down smoe stairs and on to a field to find nothing but a little girl who told me "they're coming". I looked behind me to find lots of monsters wearing white masks and then everyone started fighting them. I pulled out the knife from my sock and I wasn't fighting monsters, they had all disappeared. I was slicing up my friends chests and stomachs.

Anyone else had some weird dreams lately?


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