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BainBain42Student General Artist
>Angry bird noises<
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eragoncat07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heichou intensifies 
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UnderTaleMettatonNEOHobbyist General Artist
Levidoingthething Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1OH MY GOD, CLEANING PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE! EREN WE GOTTA MOVESpeech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
 Eren Yeager (Serious Look) [V4] Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1bruh.Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2  
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DevennaSoriHobbyist Digital Artist
Im new with all of the Attack of Titans...

I kinda like it...
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nickythecleanfreakStudent Digital Artist
i looked at my username and i thought it said 'levithecleanfreak' 

Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething Levidoingthething 
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DJDoggzHobbyist Digital Artist
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catsteriiStudent Digital Artist
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dardarfrostStudent Artist
When you are playing a game and you're so close to the finish line but you died: Levidoingthething 
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flaminguchihaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this AHAHAHA
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NekoHermiaDrawsHobbyist General Artist
He is triggered
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speedysketchHobbyist Digital Artist
when your servants are done cleaning the entire house but they missed a spot.
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LPSHuskyHobbyist General Artist
Heichou intensifies
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Me: Levi Chill...

Levi: Who Stole...My Windex.

Me: *stares at Levi for a bit*

Levi: *Intimidation level over 9k*

Me: Hanji did it. *puts hands up in the air*
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When someone took his windex and cleaning supplies.
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KwitterPweaHobbyist General Artist
Levi no calm down
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michaelftloveStudent Filmographer
Which episode is this from?

P.S. a Titan ate his Windex..
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Violeta-AdoptsHobbyist Digital Artist
lol bf
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Queen-Berry-BelleStudent Artist
Erm..Mikasa? He ran out of Windex again..
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He got REALLY excited about the Tide bottles he got for Christmas.
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Don't forget the bleach!
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TheChaosDragonessHobbyist General Artist
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OwlWolfRavenHobbyist Digital Artist
When you can't get out a carpet stain: Levidoingthething
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