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Month of Pokemon 2021- Attack of the 50 ft Dawn


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Month of Pokemon 2021- Attack of the 50 ft Dawn


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Month of Pokemon 2020 Day 30: Looking Forward

Month of Pokemon Sketch Challenge

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CM- Attack of The Evil Titan


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Art Trade- Press Switch Mother Daughter Body Swap

Art Trade Request Contest Entries

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Lillie and Lusamine Age Swap


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Dracoknight's PKMN Profiles

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The Ethereal Fairy

Herald of The Fairies + Ethereal Fairy

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Pokemon: Delta Storm Cover

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Me and Family

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Pokemon Expression Collage

My Sketches

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Warrior 5- Evil Returns Poster

Warrior 5

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Tsunade's Test Part 1

Tsunade's Test: Sonic and Shadow's New Journey    One day in the hidden leaf village, Sonic and Shadow were being called forth by the Hokage. "I wonder what it is this time, Shad" asked Sonic as he stretched his arm. "It seem to very important or she wouldn't call both of us" said Shadow as they continued towards the Hokage's office. Then, Sonic and Shadow heard some footsteps coming from behind them; they turned around and saw it was their friend Sakura who was in a hurry. "Hey Sakura, what's up?" asked Sonic. "Hi guys, I have to give Lady Tsunade something very important so I can't stop and chat" said Sakura and continue on

Sonic Adventures Series

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The Arcs of Naruto: Monster Tamers XD Part 1

 The Arcs of Part 1 of "Naruto Monster Tamers XD"   Intro Arc Description: The Begin part of the story, which in we meet our Hero Naruto beginning his journey as a shinobi and user of the Uzumaki Bloodline of the summoning art of Uzu-Kemono as a member of Team 8 with his teammates Hinata Hyuuga and Shino along with their sensei Kurenai Pokemon/Uzu-Kemono Obtained-      Naruto- Pichu, Oshawatt, Pikachu, Seviper (Anko), Gligar, Weedle, Treecko, Poochyena, Zoura, Meowth*   The Roar of Thunder Arc Description: Strange sightings of large beast in a village near the border of the land of Fire and land of lighting, odd enough they worship as

Other Works

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Amphibia Pokemon Style


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