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Easter with Denki and Sakura by Dracoknight545 Easter with Denki and Sakura :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 11 15
Herald of The Fairies Re-Dux Ch 6
Chapter 6: Hiro and Erza on Trial
"MY KEYS!?" shouted Lucy as she woke up to find her keys were gone as she unaware that her apartment window was slightly open for only a small rodent could fit through.
Lucy Heartfilia was in a panic as she looked from top to bottom of her apartment for her keys. As they had mysteriously disappeared overnight after she had gone to bed.
"It has to be here, I always left them on my desk before going to bed" Lucy claimed as she continued her hunt unaware a small grey rodent with a bushy tail and a small white tip was walking down the rooftop of Lucy's apartment with her celestial keys in its tail as the jingled and jangled while the animal moved down the rooftop.
As Lucy was checking under her bed for the third time, she heard the sound of something jingle. "What is that?" asked Lucy as she got on her bed and looked out the window before saying a small grey blur leap down to the ground.
Soon Lucy saw something familiar wrapped on the smal
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 3 2
Korra and Asami's New Teachers by Dracoknight545 Korra and Asami's New Teachers :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 115 10 I will eat your soul by Dracoknight545 I will eat your soul :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 17 4 Gine Kouju by Dracoknight545 Gine Kouju :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 11 7 Someone has their wish granted by Dracoknight545 Someone has their wish granted :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 92 7
Herald of the Fairies Re:Dux Ch 5
Chapter 5: Winds of Change
Hiro, and Natsu were looking for Erigor to prevent from activating the Lullaby spell and killing the people of Oshibana, only to known to Hiro that he had sense a shard of one of the orbs on Erigor. Both were unaware that an invisible Mew had been following the group for some time since finding Hiro and following him and Cana from Magnolia to Oshibana.
"We need to find where Erigor could broadcast the spell before it's too late" said Hiro
"Yeah and kick his ass too" said Natsu just as he suddenly stopped in his track while Hiro ran past him before stopping.
"Natsu, what's wrong?" asked Hiro
Natsu started to sniff the air and said "Somethings off, I can't get Erigor's scent anymore for some reason"
"Wait he's not here, you mean we been running around for no reason" Hiro retorted as he realized that meant Erigor still has the shard with him is somewhere else until he felt something unnerving.
"Natsu, I just had a feeling that we're be
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 6
Intoxicated Love by Dracoknight545 Intoxicated Love :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 18 22
A Shocking Explosion
It was a normal day in the tropical Alola region for Ash Ketchum, today he was helping out his friend Sophocles with some experiment including figuring out why does Ash’s Electricium Z-crystal is able to transform to a special crystal for his Pikachu to use.
“Sophocles, how much longer until it’s done?” asked Ash
“ Sorry, Ash this is the first time we are doing something like this, so anything can happen and it takes a lot of time to understand why is it happening,” Sophocles explained as he worked on his computer as it analyzed Ash’s Z-crystal and it's properties.
“Fine,” Ash groaned as he sat down in a chair close while they waited.
As Sophocles was examining the data from the machine as it scanned the Z-Crystal  before Ash asked’ “Say, Sophocles, where did you get the machine from?”
“Well I made it but I got some help from someone Kalos, I think his name was Clemont or something,” Sophocles answ
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 29 6
The Titanic Queen of the Jungle by Dracoknight545 The Titanic Queen of the Jungle :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 71 25 Something that isnt Male Nidoran by Dracoknight545 Something that isnt Male Nidoran :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 8 8 A Water Bender's Wrath by Dracoknight545 A Water Bender's Wrath :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 103 2
Arkkos One Shot Story
RWBY One-Shot Commission
It had been several months since the fall of Beacon, Team JNPR and Ruby Rose were in Anima on their way to Mistral to look for answers about what happened in the previous year during the Vytal Festival as it was downfall of their academy, Beacon as it has become over-rampant with the creatures of Grimm as the result of the downfall.
Pyrrha was lucky to be alive as Ruby was able to save her friend before shot in the chest by Cinder, the mastermind of the downfall of Beacon with the power of her silver eyes as it was triggered by Ruby’s will for not seeing another close friend of hers to die in front of her after seeing her friend Penny get critically hurt by Pyrrha by accident as afterward Pyrrha had pleaded and asked Ruby for her forgiveness as she had no idea that Penny was an android and she had seriously damaged her even Ruby forgave Pyrrha before during the downfall still the silver eye scythe wielder reassurance her along with Jaune that everything w
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 7 0
Herald of the Fairies Re:Dux Ch 4
Chapter 4: The Fox and The Flame
It has been a few days since Hiro and Cana's first job together but the last few days since then it just had been Hiro doing a few simple jobs around Magnolia for Hiro not only to get a good view of the town and learn of a few locations of the city like the South Gate Park and the church called the Kardia Cathedral. The latter reminded Hiro of the similar cathedral in Hearthome City in the Sinnoh region when he was exploring the region a few years ago.
Currently, Hiro was sitting his new apartment that he was renting now, he was sitting in a chair and looking was a yellow and black Pokeball with a few red highlights on it. Hiro was in a predicament as he was challenged to a fight against the guild's hothead Natsu Dragneel after he heard about Hiro's exploits at My Hakabe thanks to Macao. Hiro was one not to fight first hand as he likes to study his opponents first but Hiro lacked any intel on Natsu other him being a dragon slayer. So le
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 3 2
Art Trade- A Darling Swap by Dracoknight545 Art Trade- A Darling Swap :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 52 19 Shiny Digrat by Dracoknight545 Shiny Digrat :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 13 4


Goof Troop: Max and Goofy (Read Description) by SereenaG Goof Troop: Max and Goofy (Read Description) :iconsereenag:SereenaG 59 9 AEGM (At the Disco) Read_Description by SereenaG AEGM (At the Disco) Read_Description :iconsereenag:SereenaG 109 14 Akame by Shinoharaa Akame :iconshinoharaa:Shinoharaa 530 47 NHC: CH244: PG4824 by mattwilson83 NHC: CH244: PG4824 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 14 9 NHC: CH244: PG4823 by mattwilson83 NHC: CH244: PG4823 :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 11 4 GODZILLA: Prepare to Throw Down by KaijuSamurai GODZILLA: Prepare to Throw Down :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,260 94 Famliy time reunite by Twisted-Persona Famliy time reunite :icontwisted-persona:Twisted-Persona 9 3 Project Goliathon Gojuras beast form by Giganticluv Project Goliathon Gojuras beast form :icongiganticluv:Giganticluv 19 7 Small Animals wants Huge Respect by Cookie-Lovey Small Animals wants Huge Respect :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 40 5 Love Bomb aka Bakugou Katsuki (w/ Export) by MissPaunchyPersona Love Bomb aka Bakugou Katsuki (w/ Export) :iconmisspaunchypersona:MissPaunchyPersona 49 1 Smile by joselyn565 Smile :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 158 11 Bring the victory by joselyn565 Bring the victory :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 296 20 Project Goliathon Gaw by Giganticluv Project Goliathon Gaw :icongiganticluv:Giganticluv 16 0
Empty Nest Chapter 1
"Sky Dragon's Roar!" Wendy Marvell cried out and unleashed a powerful gust of wind, the young Fairy Tail mage having been hired to hunt down a wild beast that had been relentlessly terrorizing a small village for the past few weeks.
"ROOAAAR!" the beast let out one last roar as it tried pushing back against Wendy's attack, but was ultimately unsuccessful and was soon knocked unconscious cold as Wendy stood triumphant.
*Haah* *Haah* "....... There, it's done......" Wendy said while panting, the battle between the two having clearly taken a lot out of the Sky Maiden. *Haah* "...... Good thing, too. I don't think I would've lasted much longer....... Now, time to head back and let Ms. Sabishi know....." Wendy said as she climbed down from atop the beast after making sure it was truly down for the count and made her way through the forest back to the village.
Upon arriving, Wendy made her way across the small village before arriving at one o
:iconsentrykid105:Sentrykid105 11 2
Empty Nest Chapter 2
"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu cried out as he engulfed his fists in flames and threw a powerful punch that knocked out a group of enemies belonging to a guild of bandits that he, Gray, and Erza had been hired to take care of.
"That's all of 'em," Gray said while looking around the room, seeing nothing but defeated thieves left and right. "Come on, let's go find their vault. That's gotta be where they stash all the goods they stole."
"Aww man, that was it? I was hoping they'd at least put up more of a fight......." Natsu groaned as he and Gray made their way to a giant vault door, neither noticing one of the bandits they'd defeated regaining conscious and slowly reach for the pistol holstered to his hip.
"Tch.... Damn wizards....." the thief hissed as he pointed his gun at the back of Gray's head and got ready to pull the trigger.


Before he ever got the chance to fire a single shot, however, the thief's gun was suddenly sliced into pieces as
:iconsentrykid105:Sentrykid105 9 0
Spring Erza 2019 by PerryWhite Spring Erza 2019 :iconperrywhite:PerryWhite 43 5


I have to say while I'm not a fan of the show but I do like the possibilities of transformation ideas that the show represents. Also I ...

Well for one I really like this pic, and the many details from the effects on the clothes to show loosen or tighten effects for transfo...

Bravo bravo another brilliant sequence. I really like how this age swap was done, a spell meant to make the user grow up but in secret ...

Another wonderful sketch done by EduartBoudewijn as usual. He was about to in vision on how Bonnie would look like as an adult and now ...

Another amazing work from this young artist. The visuals is great and well done looking it was straight from the anime series. The emot...

This is a great start though I was expecting a bit more still great work takes time. Overall the animation is great, and the idea of Ti...


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Title Card
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Sketches- hand drawn pics
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Flat Color One Shot
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Short Comics/Process 3-5 steps/panels
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1. Only Thing I'll draw are
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- 18+ or Lewd Materia
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So yesterday was Earth Day... Sorry for not making a post but here is something we should remember if you grew up in the 90's
Happy Easter to everyone 

I got some thing in the works and I’ll try to get it out soon
Alright, Chapter 6 of Herald of the Fairies is out on and I'll post it here on dA tomorrow afternoon
I’m thinking about doing a stream this afternoon, not sure if I will but I’ll make an announcement when or if I plan to have one.
I want to thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, I had wonderful time out with my family today.

I was hoping to get Chapter 6 of story out today but it seems it will be out sometime this week instead
I was practicing with my Wacom drawing tablet tonight and I think I did a decent job sketching my OC Hiro from my Pokemon x Fairy Tail story. So I might lineart it

Here is the sketch, I color coded it to help out
Sketch2 by Dracoknight545

Also here it is with the skeletal base
Sketch1 by Dracoknight545

Also yes I am working on Chapter 6, and I hope to get it out hopefully by Sunday on my Birthday.
So I had the strangest and interesting idea for a what story just like MasakoX’s What if Raditz turned good, so what would happen if the infamous Decepticon Starscream turned good?

I know Transformers Armada toyed with the idea, still what he had turned during the original series, where Starscream had enough of Megatron and went on a self-exile before encounter the Autobots.
Well got the new bed, but I’m thinking its time to get a new monitor as well as my current was part of a wall mount that we don’t own anymore. So I’ll go pick one out today after some food shopping 

Would you be in favor of Fakemon appearing in "Herald of the Fairies" from fan games like Uranium, Sage, and etc...? 

25 deviants said Yes, unless you are planning to use the fake Mega Evolutions too
12 deviants said No, keep it only official Pokemon.
Tagged by :iconpikafan09:

Answered those questions
Tag people who you guys want to tag
This is only for pokemon fans


Questions of the Pokemon Tag Journal:

1: What's your favourite and least favourite pokemon

Favourite: Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, FireRed, LeafGreen, X, Moon, and SoulSilver, and HeartGold

Least Favourite: Black and White

2: What's your favourite and least favourite pokemon

Favourite: Raichu, Donphan, Umbreon, Charizard, Zoroark, Swampert, Incineroar, Infernape, Zerorora, and Flygon... I made a top 100

Least Favourite: Several of Gen 5 Pokemon like Sawk, Throh, and the Element Monkeys (I actually like Trubbish, so it will not be counted)

3: what's your favourite and least favourite pokemon type

Favourite: Dark, Dragon, and Electric.

Least Favourite: I guess Poison, and Bug comes close but that is due to the fact, I rarely use them.

4: What's your favourite and least favourite character from anime, manga, and game

Favourtie: Selene, Ash Ketchum, Lillie, Bianca, Serena, Mallow, Red, Green, Clemont, Dawn, Paul

Least Favourite: Trip, Harley, Hau, and Cross.

5: What's your favourite and least favourite gym leader. trial captain and Kahuna

Favourite: Flannery, Lt. Surge, Korrina
Least Favourite: Claire, Wallace/Jaune (Mainly the gum puzzle)

6: What's your favourite and least favourite elite four member

Favourtie:  Drake, Flint, Prima/Lorelei, Grimsley, and Accelrola.
Least Favourite: Marshal, Karen (I hoped the Gen 2 remakes would give her a better team, why are you are calling yourself a Dark-type specialist, and yet you have a Gengar and Vilplume on your team), and Flint (Pre-Platinum)

7: What's your favourite and least favourite champion

Favourite: Lance, Steven, Red (I think he counts) and Cynthia
Least Favourite: Alder 

8: What's your favourite and least favourite evil team

Favourite: Team Galactic
Least Favourite: Team Plasma, and Team Neo Plasma

9: What's your favourite and least favourite rival

Favourite: Paul, Gladion, and Freaking Garty Oak
Least Favourite: Hau, Trip, and Cross.

10: What's your favourite and least favourite Episode of anime and chapter of the manga.

Favourite:(I usually have my favorite episodes as Arcs) The Entirely of RGBY Adventures, it will be the closest we will get to a mature Pokemon series; The Sinnoh Pokemon League Arc, Ash, and the Kanto Starters Arc, Akala Island Arc, Ash-Greninja Arc, Nebby Arc, Ultra Guardian Arc, and Jhoto Pokemon league Arc.

Least Favourite: The entire of Best Wish, not even fan-service can save this series

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E. Perez
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I'm a graphic design and I enjoy doing random things from art to story writing

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Favorite genre of music: Japanese Pop, Country
Favorite cartoon character: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the hedgehog, Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry
Favorite Anime: Pokemon, Naruto, Case Closed, Fairy Tail, Zoids, Sgt. Frog, Okami-san and the Seven Companion, Wolf's Rain, One Piece and more...

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