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Eight (8) Original Character Facts

:iconsketchpenwriter: has tagged Ardor for me in this meme.~

It's been quite a while since I did much on DeviantArt. The summer is almost here so I think I'll be around here much more often.

If one participates in this challenge, one should:
1. Reproduce these directives.
2. State eight (8) facts about an original character of your choice.
3. Tag eight (8) original characters that belong to other people.

Name: ⊕ Ardor ⊕,
ID: E-19440
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them, He/Him, E/Em


Ardor On Hold by Dracogriff-art

Conspectus: Ardor is a highly adaptive narrative entity with a high Persona potential (Subtype: ███████). She most commonly manifests as a quadrupedal draconic/avian/feline pseudo-mammalian quadruped creature or as the nearest equivalent of such.

8. Nyms: Ardor's full name is often said to be Ardent Cadency; Ardere Cadence; the Phœnix of Hyperborea, among other names. In most narrative branches, 'Ardor' is merely a self-assigned nickname.

7. Iterative Identity: Ardor presents a challenge to catalogue in many narrative realities due to a recurring Type-INFRARED ("Noetic Regeneration") Character Aspect wherein, upon the brain death of the current instance of Ardor, their memories and personality begin to appear within a person possessing similar morphology (parabiochemistry (usually terran CHON) and clade/species (draconic/avian/feline)) to the original instance. New instances typically form from those experiencing the late stages of Stage-III Cognitive Development (mid- to post-puberty) and start self-identifying as Ardor over a period of anywhere from a few days to a few years. Ardor's identity is typically merged with that of the pre-Ardor entity, resulting in minor to moderate personality alterations over the course of each new iteration.
Iterative identity changes tend to occur in thematically-similar ways.

6. Design Evolution: The first depiction of Ardor, classified as Ardor-G1 from U-720 ("Earth's Shadow"), was a small beaked griffin with brown plumage and feathery wings. She was around the size of a medium-to-large domestic dog, not counting her wings. She possesses an unseen noetic halo.
The current version of Ardor, classified as Ardor-DG as a metanarrative entity, is a shapeshifter of intermediate size that prefers to assume a quadrupedal dracogriff morph. Ardor-DG is predominantly light-grey in colouration, has a muzzle, and occasionally possesses draconic wings.

5. Notable Narrative Adaptations:
Ardor-DG: A metanarrative entity that currently acts as the primary author/artist avatar for the Creator PortalHunter, also known as Dracogriff.
Ardor-G1: A small, noetically-talented griffin from U-720 ("Earth's Shadow"). She frequently engages in telepathy and mental hacking and is known to associate with a powerful ai-spirit.
Ardor-AM: Similar to Ardor-DG, but bipedal.
Ardor-TV: A medium-sized pseudo-dracogriff from U-2022 ("Transversal"). She is used to space travel via skip drive and adjusts well to unusual situations.
Ardor-SW: A small griff from U-1000 ("Skyward"). She is an uncertain voyager with a penchant for exploring zero-g ruins.
Ardor-SK: A character type based around maintaining a paranormal Masquerade of normalcy.

4. Communication. Ardor's communication quirk is characterized by a lack of contractions whenever possible [can't ➝ cannot | shouldn't've ➝ should not have]. When Ardor communicates telepathically, their speech is often enclosed within angular brackets and/or guillemets ( <Hi!>, «Hello.» ).
Ardor's speech is often considered to be stilted in its pronunciation (when applicable) and its word choice. They are good at saying things very quickly and will often go off on tangential conversational topics.

«I am Ardor. It is very good & nice to meet you!»
«Testing, testing, one (1), two (2), three (3). "Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow." Hey, that should be an OC.»
«I am confused. [QUERY]. Explain, please.»
«I CAN CERTAINLY PULL OFF CAPS LOCK BUT IT DOES NOT FEEL AS COMFORTABLE, to say the least. It is akin to shouting, but… telepathic.»
«You wish of me to say  the words & & |? In orthographic form, understood. "And and or." Is that adequate? I can also say + & /, though it does not feel quite as… smooth.»
«Үου αre foяsakən»
«Hugs?» owo

3. Likes: Friends; art; mainstream mythologiae; talking; physical comfort; dragons; warmth; food (meat and sweet things); flight of ideas; cute creatures (that may or may not be pettable); noetic manipulation; and sleeping, probably.

2. Dislikes: Extreme silence; loud noises; bad memories; being lonely; the dark; dissociative states; big scary creatures; feeling lost (socially, physically); being impulsive but not knowing it; and having memory problems.

1. Origin: I needed a name for a cute griffin character. I searched up synonyms for "fire", for "passion", for "enthusiasm" – and got just what I needed. The earliest date of her first being officially written into a story, her birthday, was on the 18th of June, 2014. That's in a little over two weeks.

Reciprocal Tagging:
If you see this and want to do it, feel free to say I tagged you if you want.
If you wish to join in and I have tagged you with no specified character, you get to choose.

1. :iconfarsidejr: — [draco massa] — Beving, peck peck. ovo

3. :iconsora-senshi: — [chromaticTeddyBear] — What starts with "K" and ends with "estral"?

2. :iconbluedragonsoup: — [Blue] — Oooh, maybe Kuroe?

4. :iconniightowls: — [gaybe] — Hey there, it's been a while – got any characters in mind?

5. :iconmaximum4543: — [Max] — *does fingerguns* eyyy I don't really know you that well but you want sum meme?

7. :icontasiravvolf: — [Emilia] — Hiii, wanna try this out?

6. :iconpopcorn-noodle: –– [Toni] — Heya, do you feel like doing one of these maybe?

8. :icondracogriff-art: — [Dracogriff] — I dare myself to make more dA memes.

wow that was probably too much effort put into a simple meme, ehehehe



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