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Not all those who wander are found.[citation needed]
The subject of this autobiography is used to being addressed as Portal or Dracogriff in online circles and will be addressed as such for the majority of this autobiography.

[Autobiograph last revised 2017-07]

Pronouns: They/Their, He/His, She/Her

Locus: The Laniakea Supercluster; the Virgo Supercluster; the Local Group; the Milky Way; the Orion-Cygnus Arm; the Local Bubble; the Local Interstellar Cloud; the Sol System; Sol III "Earth"; the North American Plate; Canada; [FURTHER ACCESS DENIED]; probably interacting with a digital device, hopefully with an Internet connection.
I live somewhere in Eastern Canada at UTC-4h.


Ardor is often considered to be Portal's shadow self, referred to as their 'fursona' or their 'main OC'. This shapeshifting dracogriff represents her artist quite often when they are in need of a relatable visual manifestation of self but does not always directly represent her artist.

Functions: Artist, traditional and digital; Worldbuilder and Writer, of fantastical and scientifically-speculative genres and of roleplaying pursuits; Totally not a furry, no wayyy

Comics: Coming sooner or later.

Speculations: It has been said[by whom?discuss]that Portal is probably some sort of bird or cat or other similar ethereal thoughtform that has learned how to type that has taken to interacting with the Internet's denizens to further its goals, whatever they may be. This has not yet been verified nor disclaimed by any surviving sources.

Contrary to popular belief, Portal is able to verify their way through "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHAs without non-robotic assistance.
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