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About Your Overlord

"Friendly Fire" by Nothing More (language warning)

Hello, poor soul unfortunate enough to have stumbled across my virtual lair. Do not let appearances fool you. I may have a dark sense of humor and not give a rip about opinions, but I try hard to be a nice person. I am a Christian with some unpopular views. Before you judge me, know that I do not force my beliefs on others. And just because we might have differences does not mean we cannot get along. Respect me and I will respect you. I am a cynical introvert with trust issues. Do not expect friendship to come easy if at all. I would have to talk with you a lot and really get to know you before I even consider it. But I do like the occasional chat about nearly anything and everything. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me. I do not bite unless you deserve it. Just don't be in a hurry. My progressing health issues are very draining both physically and mentally. Most days, I lack the strength to inhabit my websites, much less devote time to my work. Meaning replies and uploads come slow. If you still want to follow my work, thank you very much! I appreciate your patience and understanding. Yet I will not blame you for not wanting to waste your time on me. I am also a silent watcher. Regrettably, I can no longer be active enough to give more than the rare comment or favorite. Just know that if I watch you, it means I really like your gallery and enjoy looking at your new creations.

My Babies

:bulletred: DF (Me/my sona) :bulletred:
DF's Ref by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Jethra :bulletred:
Jethra's Reference by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Linokiolamarutaro :bulletred:
IT'S ABOUT TIME! by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Takumi :bulletred:
Takumi's Reference by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Ardeg :bulletred:
Ardeg's Reference by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Koyukuk :bulletred:
Koyukuk's Reference by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Marleena :bulletred:
Marleena Ref WIP by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Abby Mae :bulletred:
No image yet

:bulletred: Xilani :bulletred:
Demon Deer by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Renzuteshinomarucatu :bulletred:
Renzuteshinomarucatu Concepts by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Kamiki :bulletred:
Kamiki's Ref by DracoFlameus

:bulletred: Morghul :bulletred:


Commissions and Terms of Service

Thu Mar 8, 2018, 9:06 AM
Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

:bulletyellow:Examples and prices (USD):bulletyellow:

One Very Happy Dragon by DracoFlameus
More detailed than line art; traditional only; colored digitally.

Line art
More than a Queen (Line Art) by DracoFlameus
For you to color.

Smile by DracoFlameus
Colored but not shaded; transparent, single-color, or gradient background.

Fully detailed
Yellow Light by DracoFlameus
Complete picture; transparent, single-color, gradient, or simple painted background.

Fly, Cinder, Fly! by DracoFlameus (with detailed shading like in bust example)
Comes with or without drawn background.
$15 (+$8 for each additional character)

Line art
Winged Deer Line Art by DracoFlameus
With or without drawn background for you to color.
$20 (+$10 for each additional character)

King of Darkness by DracoFlameus
$25 (+$13 for each additional character)

Fully detailed
Let's Take over the World by DracoFlameus (transparent or single-color background) or  Magical Moment + Videos by DracoFlameus (detailed background)
$40 for transparent or single-color background (+$20 for each additional character); $65 for detailed background (+$20 for each additional character)

Green Dragon Speedpaint + Video by DracoFlameus (bust with white background),  (full-body with white background), or  (full-body with detailed background)
$10 (or 800 :points:) for bust; $15 (or 1,200 :points:) for full-body with white background (+$8 [or 600 :points:] for each additional character); $20 (or 1,600 :points:) for full-body with detailed background (+$10 [or 800 :points:] for each additional character)

Nothing but Darkness Left Here by DracoFlameus (bust) or  Krypton Silhouette by DracoFlameus (full-body)
Any one color; transparent or single-color background; not for watermark or other uses.
200 :points: (+100 :points: for each additional character [full-body only]) (dollar equivalent accepted only in person or if bundled with other commissions)

Pixel icon
Pixel Deirdre by DracoFlameus (not animated)
Bust only; transparent or single-color background; symmetrical dimensions in any requested sizes.
200 :points: (dollar equivalent accepted only in person or if bundled with other commissions)

Doodle Dump 10 by DracoFlameus (like any one of these)
Quick, unrefined drawings; amount of detail depends on how much I want to add.
100 :points: for each separate drawing

1. Prices subject to change any time. If adjusted while your commission is in progress, the price for that piece won't change.
2. For a commission type not shown here, we can discuss pricing and if it's doable. Beware my limits, for they determine what I accept. Look through my gallery to get an idea of what I can do.

:bulletyellow:What to expect:bulletyellow:
3. I won't accept work depicting sexual content, fetishes, or hateful images. Other mature content depends on the case.
4. My experience with human and anthro is limited but I may attempt drawing them depending.
5. I won't draw copyrighted characters from books, movies, games, comics, and etc. unless you're the owner or show proof of the owner giving permission for you to pay for work of their character.
6. After you've sent a detailed description of your commission, I will give a price quote.
7. Be aware that while I try to complete works in the order I receive them, I sometimes finish easier ones quicker. Wait time depends on difficulty and preceding orders. You can check my to-do list on my front page for progress, or you can politely ask when you feel it's necessary. Also be aware that I am sometimes slow because of life circumstances. However, I give business utmost priority and do my best to complete works in a timely manner.
8. If desired, I will show WIPs. You can request adjustments as long as they're reasonable. Unreasonable ones involve changing my style, entire pose, character, or whatever else involves redoing a major portion of the work.
9. You will receive the full-sized, non-watermarked version when your commission is done.
10. Poor communication or inappropriate behavior may lead to me cancelling your commission. In that case, your refund amount will be either 100% or 50% depending on how far I got (read #15).
11. Your commission is unique and will never be reproduced for profit.
12. At this time, I am not mailing original copies.

13. Accepted forms are PayPal and checks. :points: are accepted if listed for your commission type. Cash is only an option if I see you in person.
***14. You are required to pay the full amount before I start, but do not send it until I say.***
15. If you cancel before or during the sketch phase, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel once I have moved on from the sketch, you will only receive 50% of the original price.
16. If I can't finish your commission for my own reasons (besides the one in #10), you will receive a full refund regardless of the progress.

17. I hold the right to recycle art from cancelled commissions.
18. I have the right to display your commission where I please. If it's time sensitive, I won't upload publicly until you're ready.
***19. The owner of the character in an image has the rights to that character, but only I have the rights to the image itself. You are not allowed to re-upload, alter, distribute, sell, or otherwise use the image without my permission. Even if I allow use, credits must remain intact wherever possible unless I give you the full rights. You do not need my permission to use the image as a desktop background or printing a single copy to hang in your room. For all other uses, ask me.***
20. I have the right to refuse or cancel business for any reason.

By sending payment, you automatically agree to the terms of service above. Violating any of the rules (enclosed in "***") could result in legal action taken against you and/or a refusal to do business with you. You're encouraged to review the terms and ask any questions you have.

Art Status, Commission Info, and etc.

:bulletred: To-do list :bulletred:




Bust speedpaint: not started


:bulletred: Adoptables :bulletred:
Sea Dragon Adoptables -- Batch 3 by DracoFlameus: #4 available.
Random Designs for Sale by DracoFlameus: #2 & #4 available.

:bulletred: Originals for sale :bulletred:

All sold out for the moment.


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    Hallo there! My name is K-Goddess - yes, I know, it doesn't match the username ^-^ I plan on changing that later! :3
    Anyways, I'm a beginning fanfiction writer - I hope to do it professionally someday!
    My only problem is this: I have no requests to answer! :/
    Please, feel free to ask me for anything you'd like to see in writing - I do both fandom and OC fanfiction! I am extremely open-minded, too, being very much okay with writing most fanfics, no matter the sexual orientation/gender/religion/etc of the characters, or the type of fanfic, or anything for that matter! (I haven't found many limits yet, let's say that much ^^) And even if I don't know about a fandom, I can look up what I need online :3
    Of course, it's perfectly okay for you to ignore this little advert (or to tell me to eff off, haha), I'll understand!
    Feel free to check out my profile for a few short little one-shots I've done, just to give you a taste for my style and what I can do. Thanks!
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