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Figured I better put up a Rules journal to make it easier on people.

1. Feel free to use my stock, but be creative and don't just change colors or use a filter on it. Put some effort into it!

2. Please credit me and link your work back to my front page or the stock itself.

3. You do not have to ask me for permission to print. All print requests are granted.

4. You may use work using my stock off site, but please ask first! I would appreciate a link to where it can be found. I only ask to be credited for off site works if a majority of the work consists of my stock.

5. Please don't smoke or pass gas while on my art or stock pages. I don't like it.

6. If I think you did your work under the influence, I may require a breathalyzer test or a blood sample.

7. Do not use any of my stocks if you are naked while doing so, and NOT female!

8. Using my stocks in an alternate universe or another dimension is strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified!

9. Send me some cookies if you'd like.

10. Have fun and enjoy life!  :-)

11. (This is an update to rule #7) If you are using my stocks while naked AND you ARE female, please send photos!...... of yourself ..... naked..... just for shits and giggles!


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Tip of the day: Everything is more fun when you're naked!.........Well,....almost everything. There was this one time ...........
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Hi. Just a quick question - when you say your stock is available for print does this include Print on Demand websites such as RedBubble? I'm thinking of doing some paintings and selling the originals on Etsy as well but I just wanted to check. I paint birds on music sheet paper - if you look at my gallery you can see the kind of work I produce, For example:  Rainbow Lorikeets by Charlene-Art