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Longwood Gardens 45

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Jun 3, 2010, 12:55:01 AM
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The colors here are so bright and exciting, they make me think about summer! I read your usage rules, but they were very silly so I'm not sure if it's all creative commons or not, haha. I've started studying painting recently, and I'm looking for striking images to paint. I really liked your photograph and I was wondering if it was okay if I made a painting of it? This would be a new work from scratch on canvas/paper, probably in acrylic or watercolor. It would not be an edit or a manipulation.

In addition, if the painting turns out well may I  submit it to gallery shows or other public events? If I may, how would you prefer to be credited for the original reference image?

And finally, if someone buys my painting, what do you consider fair? A recommendation to your gallery? A flat fee paid to you from the profits? Or something else?

Sorry if this seems overly formal. I just recently read about a gallery artist that had to destroy many of their paintings because they did not get permission or credit the original photographer, and I want to start out my painting journey on the right foot. Your photo really inspired me and I'd love to paint it, but I respect the artist first. If you're not comfortable with people doing paintings of your work, displaying said paintings, or selling them I totally understand and respect that.

Because this is a super long message and I asked a lot of questions, I'll summarize here and you can answer easily. Or type up your answer and we can chat. Whatevers easier for you!


Read your terms and it seems like you give full permission for use provided I credit you, which is awesome. I just want to confirm in writing before I put this in my 'to paint' folder, if that's okay. There's lots of news stories about artists who have to destroy their work because they didn't get permission from the photographer before they started, which isn't fun, haha.

I give RetroOutro permission to paint a study of this work
Yes [ ] No [ ]

I give RetroOutro permission to display the painted study of this work in galleries or other venues
Yes [ ] No [ ]
and I would like to be acknowledge by...( how you would prefer to be credited )

I give RetroOutro permission to sell the resulting painting
Yes [ ] No [ ]
provided that she..... ( terms of rights to sell )


I know that's long. My intention is to be respectful and honor your feelings, no matter how you answer. Please let me know your answer whenever convenient for you! And good luck and good job on your artwork journey! You're very, very talented. :)