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Suumar the dancer



This is the Kaleesh woman Suumar. Her tribe originates from the ocean-people who are known for their slender build and their graceful movements. They earn their living by swimming and diving for fish and shells. They are also excellent ship-builders.

Suumar is a princess and lives at the court of the Kaleesh regent as a representative of her tribe. She is also a brilliant dancer and shows her skills on various occasions such as banquets. She is ambitious and always looking for a way to increase her power so it is no wonder she sets her eyes on a certain Qymaen jai Sheelal who happens to be a hero and richly rewarded by the regend. She will become his second wife which will be a source of constant dismay for Tornaree his favourite wife. Suumar is an opportunist and true love is an unknown concept for her.

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Qymaen's second wife?,I feel bad for him.She seriously looks like a villain to hate