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It started as a random doodle and ended up costing me many dear hours of my life. I needed a distraction from colouring comic pages and what would be better suited than drawing dragons?

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Pencil sketch = about half an hour
Photoshop = I stopped counting after five hours
Layout and Proportions = huge amounts of chocolates and nerves, plus one very patient husband (because I kept asking him how it looked after making only minor changes in intervals of about ten minutes)

EDIT: Over 100 favs in 10 hours?! :omfg: I've never had so many in such a short time. You guys are awesome! Thanks everyone! :love:
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A well thought out piece of art, with continues flow and detail. The shoal of fish and what appears to be a mermaid help give a sense of scale to the main focus of the piece. The colours are both serene and yet hold a sense of mystery and menace, with the flash of a brighter hue on the tail fins and spines. The bio-luminescence highlights on the lower section of the leviathan create anther layer of magic to the art. Perhaps the dragon isn't everyone's idea of what a "leviathan" looks like but it is certainly a very good interpretation and stands up on its own merits.