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Fast Food

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Another tasteless Wraith joke :XD:
They just keep popping up in my head. Maybe I should stop that before I start thinking like a Wraith. :psychotic:

Copyright Stargate Atlantis / Wraith -> MGM Television
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It tastes better than what they usually serve.
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This is great. The look on that Wraith's face just screams "TOO MUCH CAFFEINE!"
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Thanks! That's an apt description! :D
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Hahahahahahahahahahahah! Good one!
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Well, SECOND best. Nobody can beat Teal'c's joke.
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This is very true. ;)
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i'm lovin it XD good work!
You are not alone! I also think like a wraith. hungry ... :hungry:
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Thank you! :aww:

Yes, thinking like a Wraith does something weird to your mind. :psychotic: :hungry:
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On another really need to share this pic with :iconmcslave: . He'd get a good laugh out of it. And the sad part'd be surprise how some of the "nightlife" in Bellingham resemble the Wraith...

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Great! I was laughing a lot!
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Made me choke on my mocha.
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Hope you have recovered. :lmao:
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I should probably feel more sympathetic towards the McDonald's guy, but right now all I want to do is laugh in a rather sadistic way.

These are not tasteless jokes! At least in my opinion... They make me laugh, and that is a very good thing. Keep 'em coming!
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