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Calm Morning

Just a bit of practise to distract me from reading through pages of HTML code for my new website. Procrastination is such a wonderful thing.

Copyright Stargate Atlantis -> MGM Television
Copyright Hive 53 / Castox -> Me
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Lovely pic, good to see you painting again :)
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He's lovely. Glad to see you making more pretties again.

Don't be scared of the HTML, it's pretty easy. It's the CSS stuff that's hideous and makes no sense.
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Thank you!

I know what you mean. At the moment, both HTML and CCS are pretty scary to me. Especially to decide which parts of the layout to write into the html of the individual page and which parts to write into the css. :omg: I had no idea it was so complicated!
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I guess CSS is easier to ... set paramaters across everything, but I just shy away from it. It makes me want to throw things, far far across the room lol.

I'll stick with....none of it haha.
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LMAO! I know that feeling. It usually makes me want to throw things too, out of a window. A closed window.
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Throwing things out of a closed window....that could be very satisfying!

lol, I hate CSS so much, that I gave up on trying to do a custom journal skin. Ugh.
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Same here, when I first a subscription I tried to customise my profile but then my head hit the desk once too often and I gave up. :XD:
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customizing with lots of gadgets is definitely fun though. Yay for toys.
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