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A Hunt In The Kunbal Jungle



Watercolours, tweaked a bit in PS because my scanner sucks.

More Kaleesh art. :)
Young Qymaen looking for trouble in the Kunbal jungle - and finding it in the form of a Mumuu that is not only hungry but definitely not amused about the trespasser in its territory.

Please note that my version of the Mumuu creature already had six legs right from the beginning when I drew it first in 2006, it is not inspired in the slightest by the six-legged critters from Avatar. Only mentioning this to be on the safe side in case people want to accuse me of plagiarism, no offense.

Older drawing of a Mumuu: [link]

The Kaleesh and Qymaen jai Sheelal aka General Grievous are copyrighted to Lucasfilm and Warren Fu.

This concept however belongs to me.
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General Grievous kicks ass