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AoS Lore Pamphlet (non-pdf)
Age of Starmetal: Lore Pamphlet
“The Horrors that we fight require you to learn this simple truth: Your actions matter, even if the stars don't think you do” - General Shannon, Commonwealth Army 3rd Battalion, 96 A.B.
The Age of Starmetal  takes place in a future version of our Earth after a mysterious meteor storm hits it, causing a strange and corruptive magic to take root. Most people have hope for the future. But the world is messy, complex and, in places, horrific. This is a place where humans struggle to survive while looking for their place and identity amongst the ruins of the old world and the strange magics warping reality.
   The role of the player and party in The Age of Starmetal  is not that of the legend, but that of the common hero that subtly shape the fate of the new world and may be called to take actions they think are far beyond them. You don’t have to be a “good guy” - you
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AoS Lore Pamphlet by Draco-Aroace-the-1st AoS Lore Pamphlet :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 0 AoS map 1 by Draco-Aroace-the-1st AoS map 1 :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 0 AoS map 1 by Draco-Aroace-the-1st AoS map 1 :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 0 Talso 2.0 Map: Regions by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Talso 2.0 Map: Regions :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 9 1 Talso 2.0 Map: Nations by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Talso 2.0 Map: Nations :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 11 3 Talso after the Great War by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Talso after the Great War :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 2 0 Talso Before the Great War by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Talso Before the Great War :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 0 Map of Talso and the Northern Forgeland by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Map of Talso and the Northern Forgeland :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 3 0 Broken Seal Title Page by vickey1993 by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Broken Seal Title Page by vickey1993 :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 1 0 Broken-Seal Map by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Broken-Seal Map :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 2 Argicola Valley (Broken-Seal: Alpha) by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Argicola Valley (Broken-Seal: Alpha) :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 0 0
CB: Ares' Kingdom 'Acts'
Ch.1 Welcome to our Last Hope
This should be a great day for me; It is what I've worked for 20 years to do, it should be great, but it is not.
"Eden one and two, and Alexandra one and two have landed on Mars with no trouble sir."
Cheers rang out in the room as the men and women of mission control got out of their seats to to congratulate each other. I left the room. I should be happy, this is the first real step the colonizing Mars, my dream, but it has turned in to a nightmare.
"Still worried about getting the Arc ship done it time, Ace?  
I turned around to see a young man with short brown hair and a cold but comforting stare.
"That is Director Freeman to you Sanguis, we are still at work you know, and of course worried! Every day Equestria grows larger, soon it will consume the whole earth. If the Arc is not finished soon, the human race will be gone."
"Well expert for the ones that went through the Bureau"    
"Nigel, you know what I think about the Co
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Deviation in jail by Draco-Aroace-the-1st Deviation in jail :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 5 0
The Weirdest Reincarnation part 1
"Darkness is not evil, it is the mind; darkness is your most wonderful dreams and most horrible nightmares. Light is not good, it is realty; light can save you from nightmares but it can destroy your dreams." – Tenebrae

Prologue: Tenebrae's Theory

I've died a lot of ways; drowning, burning, getting stabbed, getting crushed, getting chopped, falling, etc. I even had my own reincarnations kill themselves before the merge between me and the active mind of the reincarnation was finished, but this death takes the cake; I literally had a inter-dimensional portal form from within my own body ripping me apart (it was a wizard thing -- don't ask). It matters not, death is … inconvenient but not the end. Nothing now to do but talk to the empty void of space. That brings me to a little theory I've come up with. I think there are beings listening to me from beyond the void. This in mind, I'm going to do something I never done before, I'm going to talk to
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One Week Later by Draco-Aroace-the-1st One Week Later :icondraco-aroace-the-1st:Draco-Aroace-the-1st 1 0



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Cristalin Knight
United States
I'm Sir Aroace of the United Republics

Current Residence: Pensacola, Fl
Favourite genre of music: Celtic
Favourite style of art: black and white pensel
Operating System: Linix
Personal Quote: I can't spell if my live depended on it. Urbs Populi
Link Current Version   (80% done)



Following a major oil crisis, the world entered an era of economic and social reform which lead to a boom in science and technology. This period would later be called the  “Age of Technology”. It is mostly known for its scientific advancements including efficient fusion energy, mass processable stem cell shots, M.I. (Mechanized Infantry) Armour, Lunar and Mars bases, bio-cybernetics, sustainable oil substitutes, and other technologies that helped move humanity forward.

This changed when Ares 1, Humanity’s long range Mars colony, detected a dozen unidentified asteroids bursting through the inner asteroid belt, dragging many more with them. While the asteroids missed Ares 1, there was nothing they could do to stop them from heading for Earth. It would take three years for the asteroids, later called the Starmetal Asteroids, to hit Earth.

During most of the first year, the governments of the world attempted to keep the asteroids’ course a secret while trying many different methods to stop them. By the second year, “The Descent” started as both the asteroids and the failure to completely stop them became widely known. During “The Descent” riots broke out, nations went into martial law, and both governments and civilians tried to turn anything - old bunkers, metros, mines, deep basements, etc. - they could into shelters, with varying degrees of success. The U.S. government started the “Haven Project”, a series of large self-sufficient bunker towns.

Finally the “Starmetal Bombardment” started and lasted for three days. When the bombardment had ended, much of the world had been scarred and the sun was blocked out by all the ash and dust. For 20 years after “The Bombardment ", the world experienced a perpetual winter called “The Silence”, during which the strange metal and crystals from the asteroids began to warp the world with the power of Stella and a mysterious static jammed all wireless communication. 

A century has passed since “The Bombardment ”, and The Silence has long been over. New human nations like the Commonwealth and UNA (United Nations Authority) have begun to retake the world, but they are no longer alone. New races like the shape-shifting mutant octopuses (called the Mimics) and the utterly Alien Star Blooded have taken hold.

It is an age of death, an age of life, an age of monsters, of ruins, of new nations, of change, of magic, of Starmetal.



Age of Starmetal is a post-apocalyptic, low fantasy roleplaying game. This is to say that Age of Starmetal takes place in a future version of our Earth after a mysterious meteor storm hits it, causing a strange and corruptive magic to take root. Age of Starmetal did not start out this way however; it originated with a game idea call After Bombardment . After Bombardment  was to be a hardcore, realistic game set in the aftermath of a meteor impact and was to be base in a d100 system model after the game Dark Heresy.  This version was dropped fairly early on at the behest of a good friend and current co-writer. The second version of the game, called Starmetal Wasteland, retained many of the core ideas and systems of After-Bombardment  but added fantasy and science fiction elements. With the third version, Starmetal Wilds, the game was changed to a d6 system, and the game streamlined, with some elements like food, thirst, and sleep bars as well as segmented health (heath bars for each body part) being dropped. The current version, Age of Starmetal, adds a new sanity and social combat system, as well as refinements to the core of the game.

    The current version of the game draws inspiration from many sources including the scientific community, the games Fallout and Metro 2033, the pen and paper RPG Fate, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu).  Some core ideas that form the foundation for the game are that the races in the game should be dramatically different, not just humans with pointy ears or furry feet, as well as making humans have identity of their own in that game and not just be the generic everymen. Another core idea is that magic should not be just be a normal or throwaway thing but be something strange, powerful, and costly.

    My vision is that it is our normal world, 50 or more years ahead of us technologically and socially, dealing with not only the end of the human era, but with strange powers, materials, and beings that were never meant to be on this Earth. A world where magic and the things spawned by it are at best only a century old at the start of the game.  A world where humans struggle to survive while new beings look for their place and identity in our ruins.

  • Sir Aroun

Author's Notes:

Blocks to Beta:

  • Chapter 2, Traits

  • Chapter 3, Spells

To Do:

  • Flesh out NPCs and Enemies

  • Flesh out Lore

  • Finish GM’s guide

  • Cleaning and editing

  • Listening to: Random Music
  • Watching: Steven Universe / Youtube
  • Playing: Exalted


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