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So I'll start with how I think you constructed this image:
1. HDRI photo
2. White ground plane
3. Layer on ponies head for the Slave brand
4. Reality render

This leads to a great image with the forest reflections on the steel balls and the shadow on the ground. Expressions and pose are good for both the mistresses and ponies, to the point where I have nothing to add.

The only thing I could offer as food for thought is the ground and how it interacts with the trees. The ground looks too white and glossy and maybe having a snow texture applied to it would make a difference? For example!/category/?pa…

With the ground and the trees look at the straight line where they meet, this is a difficult one to offer suggestions as you could just have a photo background and lose the shadow, or have a ground plane which might not join perfectly.

Did you consider using a sun light for this scene? Just a thought it might have added some good shadows? Or looked awful! :-)
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ashinperil Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Good place to begin and almost 100% correct. The lighting is via a free IBL set from HDR labs, which i found through the Reality forum. Lots of sets available for free, terrific resource. There is also a huge mesh light. not sure why, just playing around to see what happened.
Not a ground plane but a cube, no reason for this, could have been a plane just as easily. I am a novice using IBL and was experimenting where the ground ended and the image began, find that confusing still.
Slave tattoos applied direct to the texture with photo shop. Not sure if this might be illegal somehow, but as its purely for my own amusement, i hope not.
All in all i am pleased with this because its playing around with IBL and so far the results have been okay.
Thanks for the critique, much appreciated as is the group...
Dracis3D Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've never tried using IBL's, couldn't think of a use for them over a 'background' photo or 3D objects. Looked at Paolo's tutorial…
Never would of thought of a couple of shiny balls! :-) 

I'm hoping the new version of Reality will create a function where the IBL sphere can be flattened like this image…

Have you tried using the layered image editor in Daz? Could be a quicker way in adding a logo to a texture over Photoshop? It is a little primitive.

I'm planning on using IBL/HRDI lights on some reflective materials, I've had a few disasters recently but I will wait until Reality gets quicker. Nothing like rendering for 5hrs to realize your pic is not going to get better.
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