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I've always liked this image a lot and added it to my favourites. It has recently been added to another group gallery and I noticed the critique request so here goes.

The image conveys a scene where a human expedition has captured an Elf alive, a great triumph for a hunt and the human Lord is displaying his prisoner in his castle. The great touches are the Elf's facial expression, running eye makeup the daggers thrown into the shield and the nipple piercings (kinky elf or done to her). The camera angle is excellent and makes the captured elf the heart of the scene. Onto the more technical elements props & materials, lighting and pose realism:

1. The props & materials are good quality and I believe a mixture of DM products (I recognise the shield). Nothing more could be done here.

2. Lighting. It looks to me that the main light is coming directly from the left of the scene and is a direct light. It illuminates the scene nicely but is maybe a little too bright for a room with a candle. The light looks good though and produces good shadow affects, it is just when you question where the light is coming from (large window etc)

3. Pose realism. The pose is excellent, feet on shield horns, wrists leaning on upper shield horns and it is hard to pick fault or offer criticism. The only bit I could pick out were the chains. They are not taunt and are fairly limp. This means all the weight of the elf is on her toes and the bottom shield horns. I reckon she would be holding onto the shield upper horns or chains to support her weight. This is just being picky though and I appreciate chains are very hard to pose!

Love your work.
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cyanthree Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the critique , the chains were hard to pose, I've got a bit better at doing them now so maybe if I do a new sequence in this series they will look better, the idea was for the elf to be in the lords hall so there are other light sources out of shot, the candle in shot is to add a little less comfort for the poor elf 
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