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Shinerai's Flame

By Drachorn
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Random title with random flames..

I don't know why I drew this, I just love the colour scheme of Shinerai so much.. And Shinerai is such a nice guy as well, so why not give him some lovin' with a picture?

Hope you enjoy it Shin <3

Shinerai © =Shinerai
Art © Me
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That's amazziiinngggg!
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very impessive!
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aw to cool love the colors!
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Very beautiful, well balance in color and the body language of the dragon. Your going to think of me as crazy, but this is one of the best works you've done so far! :dummy: Keep it up!
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beautiful drawing
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Looks wonderful! Your art gets better with every deviation you post. Awesome job. :)
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Hehehe, I just love it :)
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Wow! You did a really good job here!!
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Whoa. Really pretty coloring and style here. You did a great job!
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this is beautiful, beb! I don't know what it is about the gradient in the BG but it just compliments shin's colors so lovely that I can't stop admiring it!! You did an awesome great job on this! I particularly love that AWESOME foot ;DD And his beautiful mullet!! But my favorite parts, for some reason, are the underside of his tail fan and the armpit/underside of his wing ;D they're just so . . soft looking XDD!! <3 I dunno why! I also like kinda the mix of the flames and snowy looking specklies CC:

thank you so much for the gift :iconblushingplz:
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|D The snowy looking dots are stars xDD But I am glad you like them! I really like that little foot too ;D I tried to make the mullet look like hair instead of fur, I kind of epic fail at hair |D; I had alot of fun colouring and drawing this one! Shin is really quite lovely <3 And again, you are always welcome for the gifts n_n

I mean, lets face it, friends are supposed to hang out and stuff, but we sort of have the internet in our way, so I draw! c: <3
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Sorry xD; one of them overlap shin so I wasn't sure ;A; but I still like them!!

<3 C: i'm glad you enjoyed it
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Oops! I will fix that xDD
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:nod: Beautiful! I love the feathers in his whole body. Also the colors are well combined with the shades. This is what I think... =D
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