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"to see, you need to look."

...This is going to be one of those drawings where people call me on the phone to ask if I’m ok, isn’t it? d: Also, SO looking forward to the “what a nice tree” comments. <3
Critiques of any kind as always greatly appreciated~! :D

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what a wonderful tree

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It's pretty amazing how you captured the texture of the plant in such a two-dimensional, storybook style. It feels luxurious - I just want to run my hands through it!

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Thank you very much! :D

Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

GRAND PATTERNS in the Foliage!!

And the hint of figure looks just like the one from "Space"!

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Everyone talking about hangedmen' while my first reaction was to mentally flip the picture upside down to see a jellyfish feasting on a mushroom cloud over a fairytale-futuristic city.

I'm definitely overthinking things.

drachenmagier's avatar

... I like your approach. XD

Zorbonaut's avatar

Might be seen as a hanging. But my first thought was that the person's ascending.

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Might be both? d:

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Bist du ok? Mein ja nur, mit all den Unmengen an Penis-Symbolik hier... :dummy: ;P

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well played. xD

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This tree is so beautiful! As for me, personally I see this figure flying up into the tree)

drachenmagier's avatar

It is a nicer association than most others. d: Thank you!

jellybugz's avatar

What a nice tree! Also is that figure floating or hanging?

drachenmagier's avatar

Thank you! And who knows...?

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What a nice tree! Seems like a great place to hang out ;D

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You're savage.

My kind of savage. :heart:

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It's so amazing!!! I love art that boggles my mind!

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*looks at image*


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