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tropical swallow tail

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My take on the tropical swallow tail moth. :D

Have some more insects
rhino beetle by drachenmagier  Orchid Mantis by drachenmagier  Ground Beetle and Shield Bug by drachenmagier 
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So what do you use, pencils pens and watercolor?

white guache?

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I think here it was mostly markers and watercolour. Not entirely sure anymore. Though no guache, I'm not fond of paint that dissolves again. :D

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Oh so then you have like copics or something and probably one of those little white gel pens

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Copic fineliners are great, but I have not encountered a single decent white gel pen. :) I use a quill and white airbrush acrylics. ^^

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Of course you freakin' use a quill you moth-loving cottage witch

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A good quill is way easier to use than a pen or a paintbrush. XD

Also, not a feather, just a drawing quill. XD

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I know lol I have one

although sometimes I wonder, for the smaller nibs, if I can find a feather that can hold onto it

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I had to try out a bunch of different nibs. Most would release too much ink for my liking, so at first, I used a paintbrush instead till I found the nib that works for me. Like many other things in traditional art, it's a lot of trial and error. Same goes for the perfect white ink for me: I tried 10 different kinds before I found one that is working for me. :D

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:star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

Ok, fist of all I am WUI (writing under influence for you baka gajins)
Second, the character is awesome, some aspects could be considered such as moths are fluffy and soft, the gown works here as soft but chitin armor isn't, consider adding some fluffy elements indicating that she is soft and cuddly.

Second and arguably more important.
Here is the thing that been bugging me for long in your drawings.
Lots of them are placed in void, same with fire sprite and this moth and some of your dragons and the space ship with nothing going on.

They are all just artist bragging about awesome concept he had (as an fellow but amateur artist I can relate)
You cheapen them, the ship is empty, just a nice background and a ship, the fire sprite, dragons and tons of other characters are just placed on a while background.
They are awesomely detailed and nice to look at but not interesting.
They lack back story and character, because you wanted to showcase your awesome idea and couldnt wait to finish it.
Thats right, they are unfinished drawings to me.

Those characters are concept drawing.
The moth could have a tea party with some other bugs wearing royal drag.
The space ship could have some space pirates making someone walk the plank toward space shark.
The fire sprite could play with water sprite or something but, they all trapped in a white background with nothing going on.
You cheapen them this way and just waste a good character.

Please consider re-drawing them in some interesting setting that would place them not on the white background but in the middle of their own story because you do have talent and imagination, just lack patience to use them to their full potential.
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You make some interesting points in your critique. :D And some I definitely see as a good thing to point out. But on the other side, concepts is just what I'm doing. I'm not a story teller.

Or... better said, I give people an option to tell their own stories. So, when I tell my version, they will have no choice but to stick to that one version. But if I leave the story out, each person will be able to come up with their own idea of a story.

In my eyes, that makes it the choice between one single story existing now and uncountable possible future ones. :) I prefer the second.

And while I do have drawings that tell my stories, I don't tend to do that all the time. :D Well, mostly because it's a lot of fun to just draw a concept during a morning instead of spending hours on a big setup.

So, I hope you won't be disapointed that I will stick to my way of telling no stories. d: Thanks for pointing this out though, I never really thought about it till yesterday.
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Well, glad I gave you something to consider.
I mentioned it only because there was a time when I was drawing cool looking characters (to the best of my ability anyway) and looking back I consider those drawing to be wasted.

No matter how good the characters were, in the end they were just that, no purpose, no point just hours spent on shading and tracing and nothing more.
I recently rewatched my old drawings and decided that I wont do this again because I would like my drawing to be something more.
I consdier it a mistake on my part, the one that kept me from improving and wanted you to think about it but, I can see your point as well.
Your characters are good looking enough to be a centrepiece, show off of techniques and ideas.

You can leave the story to the viewer but as a viewer I certainly appreciate the story that comes from the creator, when I look at someone else work its because I appreciate their imagination, humour and ideas that goes with the skill to showcase them.
Story that is canon coming from the creator will usually fit the drawing better anyway.

In any case, my fav drawing are the ones that tell a story.
Owl guardians standing on the bus stop, surrounded by translucent silhouettes which hints at their nature.
The mouse knight fighting centipede, mice in a duel on snails, reading wizard.

I would love to see the moth doing something interesting like helping a lost child find his mom in a busy market or something but in the end, you are the artist.
So I wont tell you how to do things but I will try to give you something to think about.

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Even here I dare to disagree: You spent your time drawing and then realised how you can do better in your eyes. :D If you had not drawn those characters the way you did, you might not have gotten there. :) So, I would not call it wasted.

And you see? You already came up with stories and ideas. :) You already decided on a personality for a moth, even though I haven't even hinted it. :D That's what I like the most about drawing. Sure, I might make a bigger drawing eventually, but for the moment, I'm pretty happy with what I got. :D
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You might be right here, the only reason I try my every drawing to be something more than concept art is because I drew without purpose before and grew to dislike it a lot.
I consider them to be drawings without essence but thats my thing.
My way of doing things and certainly not the only way, I'll try to mind it in the future and not force on anyone.

As to the Moth Paladin, she looks nice and huggable, of course she would have kind personality and would do nice things.
But I will take this discussion into consideration and whether character has a background or a story wont influence my rating in the future.
(btw, I think I mis-clicked vision because no way I would rate it two stars, 3 maybe but, not 2)
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Again, all the story you interpreted into this drawing so far? It's from you. I haven't said a thing. I might draw her going all Inquisition on an ant hill, crucifying every ant she sees, turning the whole thing into a bloodbath. ;)
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the princess is here for the party. nice job
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Thank you very much. ^^
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Looks awesome ;o
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Absolutely sublime! Your colouring skills are incredible! I adore the character design too! Phenomenal work! 
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This one is so so beautiful <3
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