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The Cold loses its bite upon meeting spring, doesn't it?

A bit of an adjusted version of the lines I drew for the Holi colouring contest. :D Just for fun. I'm not quite sure why it's so clear for me that winter and summer have to be dragons, but I can't imagine them in any other way~. :D

Traditional media, markers and watercolours, with a bit of acrylics for the white, on Fabriano Bristol Paper, a bit bigger than A4, but not by much.

The Festival of Colours Contest*✧・゚: Best viewed by clicking on the journal :・゚✧*,Every year, as the Winter snow melts away in the warmth of Spring, we're blessed with a whole gamut of colours. It's a time when people in various parts of world celebrate this transformation in a Festival of Spring Colours, Holi.Though mainly Indian, Holi is celebrated beyond the subcontinent and has inspired many festivals and events in other parts of the world. People come together to spend time with loved ones and play with colours.This year, many of us are still under some form of lockdown or the other, and perhaps won't get the opportunity quite yet to go out and experience playing with colours. But not to worry, we've got your back!Join us in celebrating the Festival of Coloursby participating in our Colouring Contest!,Line art by the incredible @drachenmagier Lines digitized by the wonderful @mondscheinsonateHow to ParticipatePlease help us spread the word by sharing this journal in a post (journal / status) or tagging those who might be interested in participating. (Not mandatory, but highly appreciated)Download and extract the image pack using such software as WinZip or WinRar. (If you encounter an error that claims the files are corrupted, please either individually download the file, or refer to this link.)Choose the filetype most suitable for your use and colour it either digitally or by printing it out (up to A3) and using traditional media of your choice.If you are using traditional media, make sure you scan or photograph your work clearly so that it is true to the colours you've used.Upload the finished submission to your gallery with a link back to this journal and the hashtag #holi2021Post a link to your submission in the comments below. (Since there's no gallery folder to submit to, this step is an absolute must for your entry to be considered.)And that's it!Important DatesStart Date: Monday, March 29, 2021End Date: Friday, April 30, 2021Judges PrizesThere will be 3 winners in total:1st Place4000 200 from @wolfwoofa 2000 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff 2nd Place2000 120 from @wolfwoofa 1000 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff 3rd Place1000 80 from @wolfwoofa 500 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff We are accepting prize contributions. If you'd like to contribute a prize, please comment below or send a note to @AlexanderPaupoff If you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.#communityrelations #journal #news #contest #challenge #colouringcontest #colouring #holi #dol #drachenmagier #lineart #color #colorcontestCover image: @drachenmagier + Canva...

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Your art is just so awesome and gorgeous! I love it!

The colours here and shapes, it's so impressive

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Thank you very much! :heart:

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"The Cold loses its bite upon meeting spring, doesn't it?"

Yes I can see that, very well done indeed!

Another exquisite piece of details with graceful linework and smooth colour transitioning!

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Thank you very much~! :D You went on a commenting spree, eh?

Hand-Sam-Art's avatar

I have left these for too long, so I may have missed the chance to comment on a few uploads of yours, which is why I was making up for lost time.

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I was so sad that I couldn't join the contest because your lineart is absolutely awesome!

Hopefully I'll soon find the time to do it still for fun.

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The lineart should still be up and if not, I still got a copy of all the files. ^^ So, while it can't be done for the contest anymore, you're free to go full rainbow on it any time you like~! :heart:

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I love this color palette so much. :love:

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Thank you very much ^^

Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar

That looks so enchanting :love: :rose:

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Giger magste ganz gern, oder? :flowerpot:

drachenmagier's avatar

Geht so. Technik? Spitze. Motive? Ewwwwww. d:

Absolutely beautiful. Every time you make art, the symbols, the line work, the color, it's all amazing. Every time.

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yes yes all of the yes

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Thank you! X3

Ah, with your username, I can guess you do approve of the choice of colours. d:

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Yes I do :heart: it's so pretty

DarkIsHeartsTruNatur's avatar

Man, that's gorgeous! How long did this take?

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Thank you! :D The lines were a bit of a back and forth, since they were created upon request and that always takes a bit of time to discuss them. :D Once that was done, I redrew them for myself and coloured that. So, while the lines should not have taken more time than the colouring, they definitely did. :D Colours took a bit more than a day afterwards.

Omg! This is so beautiful! It also describes my inner most feelings! GREAT JOB drachenmagier! I love it!

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Really interesting!
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